Chapter 5: The Adventure Draws to a close 2014 edition series 4 episode 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Adventure Draws to a Close

Series 4 Episode 4

(2014 EDITION)

Chapter 1

The small group of both bandits and slave traders who are being led by two people a man called Tristan and a woman who is known as Isolde, are currently leading their four new prisoner’s who they have only just captured who goes by the names of Lily and Razz Kevins, Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson into a small busy market in a popular town in the enchanted forest.

The small town is in the kingdom of George. Lily, Ryan, Matthew and Razz have all been chained up together. Both their hands and feet have been chained up with thick metal grey chains. Lily is being roughly dragged at the front of the group by a wagon. Chains are connected from her two white skin coloured hands onto the wagon. Tristan is pulling the wagon on the back of his black scary looking horse. Razz is walking directly behind Lily his newish wife; chains are connected from his hands onto her. Matthew is wandering behind Razz his new friend into the small popular town ready to be sold, with chains connected from him onto him, and Ryan is strolling along behind Matthew, with chains connected from him onto him.

The town in King George’s kingdom is just so incredibly busy. Citizens have gathered here today from all the neighbouring kingdom’s, that are in partnership with King George’s own kingdom, ready to buy themselves a handy good serving boy or girl today.

The wagon that Tristan the fairy-tale slave trader horse that he is riding on the back off pulling the four scared prisoner’s who know that they really should be feeling brave in a situation such as this, pulls up just before a wooden platform in the town. Tristan now takes to jumping down from his horse. Lily when the wagon pulled up to a stop was made to suddenly halt in her tracks just before her new enemy’s wagon, and so were her three male companions.

“It’s alright my friends do not be afraid for whichever kingdom it is that anyone of us is sold into, and no matter how far apart we all are from one another we will find a way of being together again!” Lily makes a vow to her men.

Isolde now appears directly before Lily her new prisoner smiling coldly at her.

“Save your breath darling for you’ll need it for all the long spooky nights you’ll have while being at the mercy of your new master, when you cry out for a any new sign of hope in your life which sadly will never ever come to you!” She tells her as she takes to unchaining her from the other prisoner’s.

Isolde then takes to leading Lily firmly by the arm up onto the wooden platform. Lily is the first to be encouraged to be sold out to people by both Tristan and Isolde and their people. Lily stands upon the wooden platform, beside her captive Isolde, facing the crowds upon crowds of many people who have all gathered here in the market today, in the high hope of buying her. Isolde smiles out at all the people who have grouped in together today with the intention of buying themselves one of the four prisoners.

“Just look at this lady who you may believe to be quite pretty standing beside me, but I personally however don’t see anything in her at all, but don’t let her looks put you off buying her! You can see that she appears to be looking both quite fit and healthy, and that is off course a very fine quality to have in a woman! Who wishes to buy her off me then?” Isolde calls out at the people who have all gathered before her in the small market town today.

A man’s hand who is standing not too far away from the wooden platform shoots straight up into the air.

“I’ll give you a hundred pounds for her darling for no amount of gold or jewels would equal a night with her in my bed!” The well built man shouts back at the slave trader in response to what she has just called out at both him and the other citizens.

A young lady with long brown curly hair who is stood quite some distance away from the well built big tall man in the market, seems pretty determined to buy Lily off her new captive.

“ANY IMPROVEMENT ON A HUNDRED POUNDS?” Isolde yells out at the people.

The young lady’s hand then fires straight up into the air.

“I’ll give you one million and two thousand hundred pounds for her sweetheart!” She sings out to her.

Isolde suspects that there isn’t going to be much improvement on that price that the Princess from the North has just promised to pay out for Lily, and she is right to suspect that, because after the Princess called April sings out there is no further price offered out to Isolde for Lily.

“GOING ONCE! GOING TWICE! SOLD TO PRINCESS APRIL FROM HER FATHER KING RICHARD’S NORTHERN KINGDOM!” Isolde screams out before stamping her foot down hard onto the ground.

Princess April has only just bought Lily Kevins. Isolde then places a great big sign with the word sold on it down on Lily’s neck. Lily takes a look back over at her three men who are still Matthew, Razz and Ryan. None of them have been sold out to people yet. Lily exchanges a sad little smile with Razz.

“I’ll find you!” She calls out to him in a promise.

Isolde overhears what Lily has just whispered out to Razz, and she shakes her head in anger at her.

“That might prove to be quite difficult for you to do!” Isolde the slave trader snaps sharply out at Lily in a tone of disgust as she pushes her roughly off the wooden platform, and then Lily falls sharply into Princess April’s grasp.

Lily is at the mercy of the evil Princess now!

Chapter 2

Princess April stands facing smiling coldly at the young lady who she has just paid up and bought from her captives in the small market town.

“You will do just nicely as a serving girl round my father’s castle!” The cold toned Princess tells her new serving girl in a tone of hatred.

It seems that April has taken an instant disliking to her brand new procession Lily. Lily rounds on April.

“Just so that we’re clear Princess I’ll never ever-

April places her hand firmly over Lily’s mouth to silence her from talking.

“I don’t actually care about anything at all that you have to say to me!” The Princess explains to her new belonging

Lily was going to say that she’ll never ever belong to either the Princess or to her father. April withdraws some rope from her long black robe, and she uses it to tie Lily’s hands firmly together. April continues to smile coldly at the young lady who she is intending to make her life a living hell.

“Come now my father’s castle is awaiting you for it needs an awful lot of things in it both cleaned up and dusted by you!” The Princess snarls out at Lily as she grabs her firmly by her arm, and April begins to lead Mrs Kevins roughly through the rather busy town.

The Princess’ men take to following both their mistress and her new slave on their way through the town.

Chapter 3

The slave trader called Tristan while standing with him on top of the wooden platform sells his prisoner called Razz Kevins out to both an ogre and his donkey. Razz discovers after the ogre has roughly made a grab for him that the beast’s name is Shrek. Shrek hitches his new slave called Razz up onto his wagon before getting into the wagon himself. Donkey has now been attached to the front of the wagon by his master called Shrek, and so now Donkey takes to pulling the wagon that now has both his master called Shrek and his master’s new serving boy inside. This donkey is different to all the other kinds of donkey’s in the world, and the reason to that is because this donkey can talk to people.

Matthew is sold by Isolde to a reprehensive from the kingdom of Midas.

Ryan is the last person to be sold now, and he is led up onto the wooden platform now by his captive Tristan. Tristan is holding on firmly to Ryan’s arm, and he faces the people with him. Many people have started to leave the town now, for example both Shrek and Donkey have left both the market and the town where it was being held today with their new serving boy Razz, Princess April and her men have left the town with their new serving girl called Lily, and King Midas’ daughter who is called Princess Abigail has left the town along with knight’s her new serving boy Matthew. However there does still seem to be an awful lot of Knight’s that are the colour black in the market town.

“Right now last and least this young man who wants him?” Tristan calls out at the five black knights’ and also to the other people who have gathered themselves in the market today.

A black knight lifts off his helmet to reveal the face of the evil Queen’s huntsman.

“Regina wants him! Now give him to me!” The angry huntsman snaps out angrily at the slave trader.

Tristan knows off course who Regina is, and he is afraid of her just like how many people are in the enchanted forest. Tristan pushes Ryan quickly off the wooden platform, and then the Queen’s huntsman makes a quick grab for him. Tristan smiles over at the huntsman.

“No price necessary, tell your Queen that he’s on the house, and now if you be so kind as to give her my love,” he tells him.

The huntsman nods his head in response to what the slave trader has just told him about.

“Thank you sir!” He snaps out at him as the huntsman and his men proceed to lead Ryan roughly out of the town.

Both Tristan and Isolde have now managed to sell off all of their prisoner’s one by one.

Chapter 4

The huntsman and his men stop for the night, along with their new slave called Ryan Robertson, in a part of the forest that is not too far away from the little town that they have just been too. That night while all of the Queen’s knight’s are off collecting food for both themselves and for their leader, the huntsman turns to face Ryan the young man who he has just bought.

“Go! Quickly go! Find your friends! I shall tell my Queen that I failed myself in buying you! Scarper!” The huntsman quickly tells Ryan in an urgent tone.

Mr Robertson’s left troubled by what the huntsman has just quickly told him.

“Sorry mate I don’t understand you’ve just bought me!” Ryan reminds the man.

The huntsman hands his sword over to Mr Robertson before shaking his head at him in response to what he has just told him about.

“No correction boy my Queen just bought you not me, and if you remain here then her men will surely turn you into her! You must go now while you still can! Leave!” The huntsman begs Ryan in response to what he has just reminded him about.

Ryan doesn’t need to be told twice. He realises that the huntsman has just trusted him with his sword in order to protect himself with it. Ryan smiles at the huntsman.

“Thank you,” he says to him.

Ryan then takes off running just as fast as he can into the forest away from the kind huntsman who has just saved his life, but however as he is running the Queen’s black knight’s sight him escaping, and they quickly take to chasing after him just as fast as they can. Ryan sprints through the dark forest running like the wind through it determined to get to safety, and then after he has found shelter from the black knight’s Ryan will then think of a plan about rescuing his friend’s. The black knight’s seem to be just behind him almost on his tail if he had one. Ryan’s heart is beating faster and faster, pounding quicker and quicker. He’s afraid! Ryan doesn’t wish to be a prisoner to anyone not after he has recently been a captive to another person himself.

“THERE’S NO POINT IN RUNNING FROM US BOY, WE WILL CATCH YOU!” A black knight roars out at his prey feeling hungry.

Ryan’s heart drops now like the wind. Oh no he’s stuck! The black knight’s have chased Ryan to the very edge of a cliff. Ryan is now stood scared stiff for his life right now on the very edge of a cliff. Was this the end of his freedom? Was Ryan going to be a slave from now on just like his three friend’s who he arrived in the enchanted forest with? These questions are at the very top of Ryan’s head right now. The black knight’s are closing in on him now. Ryan can see the thirst staring right back at him fixed into their eyes. They want him! They’re Queen mistress wishes for him, and they won’t let her down by not getting him for her! Ryan suddenly loses his step however, and he falls backwards right off the cliff. Ryan now goes falling to his death off the cliff, but however he doesn’t die when he falls into the water, but while he is fighting for his life under the sea he loses his battle, and he closes his eyes. It now appears that Ryan won’t be made a prisoner to the evil Queen after all.

On top of the cliff the black knight’s are left off course totally shocked by what has just happened to the man they were hungrily hunting down. The huntsman dashes up to them all. He was dreading on his way here to find them having re-captured Ryan the man who he just let go, but however he is rather puzzled now to find them stood by the dangerous edge of the cliff with no sign at all of Ryan anywhere around them.

“Men what just happened?” The Queen’s huntsman takes to questioning the men who are currently under his command.

The men then explain to their current leader that they have unfortunately all failed in their task that was set out to them by their Queen to capture her new slave. It looks like Queen Regina won’t be getting her hands upon Ryan Robertson after all.

Chapter 5

Donkey is now pulling the wagon into the kingdom of Far far away in the enchanted forest. Razz Kevins has now come to the conclusion that he doesn’t like Shrek, and the reason to this is because the ogre has sat on him all the way here in the wagon from the small market town to the kingdom that is far away. Shrek has a wife called Fiona, and she is also an ogre. Shrek has two best friend’s one which is Donkey off course, and the other is a cat called Puss in boots. Shrek is a father to triplets. The names of Shrek’s children are Fergus, Farkle and also Felicia. The donkey now pulls the wagon up into the main courtyard of Far far away castle. Far far away appears to Razz to look like a place he has always wanted to go to with both his dad Kyle and his wife Lily, and that is Hollywood.

The kingdom of Far far away is found at the edge of the sea in the enchanted forest on an island. The structures of the kingdom of Far far away appear to be med evil. Quite a lot of both houses and other places like that have the appearance of castles and also fortresses. The city of Far far away is walled and it is surrounded by both woods and forests.

Shrek jumps out of the wagon just before the steps leading up to the main entrance of his palace, and that’s when he roughly pulls his new slave Razz off the wagon. Razz rounds in anger on Shrek

“I may be as your prisoner at the moment but listen to me creature soon I won’t be!” He warns him.

Shrek punches Razz full on in his face.

“I’ll never ever let you escape from me!” He promises him sounding pleased that he has his great big green fat hands on him.

Donkey is now wandering up the steps away from both his master Shrek and Razz. Shrek grabs Razz firmly by the arm, and he takes to leading him on up the steps and into his white coloured palace.

“FIONA I’M HOME!” Shrek calls out when he is inside his new home.

Seconds later both the Princess Fiona and the cat Puss in boots appear from down a hallway in the palace before Shrek, Razz and Donkey. Fiona smiles over at Shrek.

Hey honey! She cries out at him in a tone of happiness.

Fiona appears just so pleased that her dear husband didn’t disappoint them in locating a new serving boy. Razz takes a look over at the orange skinny cat. Puss is wearing a hat with a yellow feather on it on his head, a black coloured cloak on his back with a red pattern going around the edge of it, and he is also wearing black coloured leather boots on his feet. Puss takes a look back at Razz.

“Poor boy,” he says talking about him.

Razz truly feels that he is a poor unfortunate boy right now. Shrek winks at his wife.

“We’re going to have fun making this young man do everything that we ourselves need to do, and he can just do absolutely everything and anything that we tell him to do for us!” He explains to her.

Razz can’t control himself now he launches himself in anger at the ogre. Razz throws punch after punch at Shrek. The beast turns round, and he sharply makes a grab for the young man. Razz takes a look in anger at Shrek.

“You’re absolute filth you are!” He snaps out at him in a tone of sharp anger.

Puss rounds on Fiona.

“My lady you must let this young man go!” He begs her.

In Fiona’s place Donkey turns in anger to face the cat.

“Shut up Puss both Shrek and Fiona need this boy!” The ass tells his mate sounding both firm and sharp.

Shrek lashes his arms out in anger at the young man, and he roughly knocks Razz flying off his feet. Razz crashes hard into a nearby wall in the place, but however he soon recovers from that push that the nasty ogre has just given to him. Razz believes that Shrek looks incredibly scary. Puss is determined not to listen to his friend the donkey, and he is adamant to help this young man escape himself from Far far away. Puss finds a sword rested upon a bench in the entrance hallway, and he quickly picks it up from the bench. Puss takes a look over at Razz who is being backed away into a corner now by the great big green fighting machine.

“HEY LADDY!” Puss cries out at Razz as he hauls the sword across the air at him.

The sword spins through the air heading in the direction of Razz. Shrek is left utterly horrified by Razz’s betrayal to him. Shrek takes a look with disgust in his two brown eyes down at his pet.

“You’re no friend of mine now!” Shrek warns Puss.

The cat in boots couldn’t care less by what his master has just warned to him, because he doesn’t want to be friends with someone who would treat people just so horribly. Razz now has the sword held firmly in his two hands, and he points it angrily in the direction of his new enemy Shrek. Mr Kevins is determined to escape himself from the great big green smelly scary ogre, and to search both heaven and earth in this strange land to find his wife again.

“HONEY!” Fiona calls out to her husband as she quickly takes to passing a staff over to him.

Shrek is now holding the staff firmly in his two hands, and he turns in anger to face the young man who is now closing in on him. Razz is left shocked to find that his enemy is now also armed up, but however he is determined not to let that stop him from trying to find him. Razz’s sword meets Shrek’s staff angrily in battle.

Chapter 6

Razz Kevins launches forward where he is standing in the main entrance hallway in the palace of Far far away, battling against his enemy the great big green smelly scary fighting machine who is known as Shrek. Razz sinks the sharp blade of his sword deep into Shrek’s chest. Shrek roars out in pain now. He appears to be in absolute agony. The ogre looks like he is dying. Razz smiles in triumph as he watches as he enemy collapses onto the ground like this. Razz then takes to kicking the dying Shrek hard in his head. Razz smiles coldly down at the dying ogre.

“Goodbye beastie!” He snaps out at him.

Razz watches as Shrek closes his eyes firmly and is no more. Shrek is now dead and gone! Razz takes a look over at Shrek’s wife Fiona who is stood before him crying her eyes out in this hallway.

“SHREK!” Fiona screams out in freight with devastation in the tone of her voice.

Razz is left shocked by the look of sadness that is fixed onto the female ogre’s face now. Razz suddenly realises that one day she could just as well be Lily looking down at his dead body with devastation in her two wet tearful eyes. Donkey is now rounding in anger on Razz.

“You sonna have just killed my best mate!” He growls out at him in a tone of sharp disgust.

Razz smiles in sadness at the donkey.

“I’m so sorry!” He apologises not only to him but to Fiona too.

Fiona takes a look of anger at Razz.

“I’m going to make you pay for this!” She warns him in a tone of hatred.

Razz winks over at Fiona.

“Maybe I will pay for this someday, but not today by your hand, because I’m off!” He informs her in response to what she has just warned him about.

Razz then rounds in anger back on the little donkey.

“Come on boy!” He cries out at him.

Razz then leaps onto Donkey’s back. The donkey is left disgusted by what this crazy weird young man has just done to him.

“HEY GET OFF ME!” Donkey snaps out in anger at Razz.

Mr Kevins has now made the discover y that the ass isn’t going to assist him in escaping from this strange kingdom. Razz then takes a jump down from the donkey’s back before he is hauled off his back by him. Razz then takes a look over at the cat.

“Are you with me Puss in boots?” He takes to questioning him.

The cat doesn’t need to think twice as he nods his head in response to Razz’s question to him.

“Oh yes signor I am!” Puss promises Razz in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Fiona has now taken to calling upon her guards to the scene. The knight’s of Far far away castle have now appeared on the hallway just before Razz. Razz allows Puss to struggle up into his arms, and then he takes to racing just as fast as he can out of the main entrance of the palace. The knight’s go chasing out of the place after the young man. Razz races down the steps just outside the palace entrance with the little cat held firmly in his arms. The courtyard is full of both knights and also citizens who live within the palace. Razz knows that today isn’t at all a good day for him to die.

“Come on Missouri let’s get ourselves out of here!” Puss cries out at his new master while sitting upon his shoulder.

Knights are closing in on the terrified Razz from all around the palace grounds now.

“Let’s just talk about this hey like real men!” Razz calls out at all the bloodthirsty knights who are all determined to see him dead.

The only thing that Razz is determined about is seeing his dear wife again. Suddenly a mysterious person appears out of nowhere on the back of a horse in the grounds of Far far away palace with a hood worn over their head. The person’s horse pulls up just beside where Razz is stood in the grounds of the palace. A sweet kind face smiles down at the young man from the horse.

“Give me your hand!” The voice of a woman instructs Razz.

The excited Mr Kevins then takes hold of the lady’s hand after she has offered it out for him to take hold off while sitting on the back of her noble steed. The mysterious woman helps Razz up onto her horse, and then she takes off riding it out of the palace The bloodthirsty knights and guards of Far far away palace chase after the horse, but however they don’t manage to catch up with it, and the horse gallops away from the kingdom of Far far away with his master the mysterious lady, the young man who he has just helped to save (Razz), and the cat that he has taken an instant disliking too riding on his back.

Chapter 7

A white coloured horse is brought to a halt in the middle of a nice little wood in the enchanted forest by his master, who is the woman who is wearing the grey hood on over her head. The mysterious girl, Razz Kevins and Puss in boots then all taking to jumping down from the horse’s back in a nice little closed in part of the wood. The horse gives Puss a dirty look making him be aware that he doesn’t like him. Puss points his little sharp sword in anger at the horse. The woman smiles at Razz.

“Nice little cat it is that you have!” She says kindly to him.

Razz smiles down at Puss.

“Yeah he’s alright he’s just helped to save my life,” he explains to the woman in response to what she has just said to him while he faces his pussy cat.

Razz smiles back at the lady turning back to face her now.

“What do they call you then?” Mr Kevins questions the mysterious lady.

The woman takes now to lifting her hood down from her head. Razz believes that this woman looks really rather beautiful, and if he wasn’t a married man then he would come onto her and kiss her. The woman has long straight dark black coloured hair. This lady has green coloured eyes.

“How very rude of me not introducing myself to you, I’m Snow, Snow White!” The beautiful woman explains to Razz introducing herself to him.

Snow White really exists so it now seems. Snow shakes hands with Razz.

“What’s your name?” She questions him sounding rather troubled about what the name is off the young man who she has only just rescued.

Mr Kevins smiles back at the princess in response to what she has just questioned him about.

“My name’s Razz, Razz Kevins,” he shares out his own name with her in response to what she has just questioned him about.

Snow and Razz then take to shaking hands with one another. Razz knows from watching all the Disney films that he watched throughout his childhood that Snow White is a Princess, but however while he is standing facing her here today in this little wood he can’t see at all just how she is a Princess. Snow appears to look a lot more like a simple peasant right now then what she does a Princess, but however even with being in her peasant clothes Snow still appears to look really lovely.

“Well Razz Kevins you’re safe now with me! Let us be companies to one another!” The lady who was born through the harshest winter explains to her new friend.

Razz nods his head in response to what Snow has just explained to him.

“Yeah I suppose that I should say a little thank you to you Snow White for saving my life, but now that you have saved mine I need your helping with saving the life of my wife!” Mr Kevins tells the warm hearted Princess.

Snow folds her arms in trouble.

“Where is your wife?” She questions Razz.

Mr Kevins then takes to explaining to Snow that Lily his wife has been sold into the kingdom of Richard here in the enchanted forest, and it turns out that Snow has never ever heard of the kingdom of Richard before after Razz finishes explaining to her about what happened to his one true love Lily.

“That is unfortunate indeed for a young lady to be sold into slavery like that!” Puss explains to Razz in response to what he has just explained to Snow about.

The cat appears to have been listening in to what Razz has just been telling the bandit lady. Snow is currently a bandit, because she was forced to flee from her father’s kingdom after her step-mother the evil Queen sent a huntsman out to rip her heart out, but however just like how he did to Ryan Robertson just before there the huntsman took pity on the princess, and he spared her life. However the evil Queen wasn’t fooled by the heart of the animal that her huntsman gave to her claiming that it was the heart of her enemy Snow White, and so the evil Queen kept the huntsman as her slave to do her bidding around her castle. Snow smiles at Razz.

“If your wife needs us to rescue her then that is exactly what we’re going to do!” She tells him in a promise.

Snow is now determined to help Razz find and save Lily from where she is being held as a slave by this King called Richard. Puss then takes a look up at Razz.

“Also let me too help you sir to save the life of your damsel in distress!” He begs him.

Razz agrees to let Puss assist both he himself and Snow in finding an rescuing his one true love Lily from where she is being held as a serving girl.

Razz Kevins and his two new friend’s Snow White and Puss in boots are now determined to find and rescue Mrs Lily Kevins wherever she is being held prisoner to this King Richard.

To be continued!








Submitted: July 28, 2015

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