Chapter 6: The adventure continues 2014 edition series 4 episode 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Adventure Draws to a Close

Series 4 episode 5

(2014 EDITION)

Chapter 1

Matthew Seed has just been sold into the kingdom of Midas in the enchanted forest, and he is brought before the King in the main hall of the King’s castle there by the King’s guards. King Midas now stands facing the young man inside his great hall. The King shakes his head at Matthew as he smiles coldly at him.

“Ha I don’t need any serving boy! My daughter had a damn cheek by buying you for me as a birthday present, or maybe she thought that I needed a new statue of honour! Your clothes if you don’t mind me saying dear boy appear to be not off this world!” The King tells Matthew.

Mr Seed is left surprised to find this great and powerful mighty strong King wearing black leather gloves on inside his castle. Matthew’s troubled.

“Are you cold shire?” He questions the man who he is determined not to call his new master.

Matthew after all only has time to follow out the orders of one leader that he needs to respond to in his life, and that person is after all the one and only Mrs Lily Kevins. The King shakes his head in response to what this young man has just questioned him about.

“Oh no my boy I am cursed to wear these gloves and not I’m cold! If I was to take these gloves off then something very bad would happen to people who I came into contact with, but however since that I have no further use for you I can think of just one thing to do with you!” Midas explains to Matthew in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Matthew’s now feeling really rather troubled about what the King has just explained to him. The King is now taking off both off his gloves.

“Did you know my dear boy that I was once gifted by the blue fairy that whatever I touch with my right hand turns into gold?” King Midas questions his new pride of glory.

Matthew shakes his head in response to what the mighty King has just questioned him about for he did not know that. Matthew takes a look with fear in his two eyes down at the King’s right hand.

“Look your highness I’ll do anything for you anything at all that doesn’t require me getting turned into gold!” Matthew pleads with King Midas.

Matthew is scared stiff by the fact that he is just about to get turned into a gold statue. Matthew backs away from the King with fear now. Matthew knows that if he was too go anywhere at all near Midas then he would get turned into gold. The King smiles coldly at Matthew.

“My daughter is just about to marry into a neighbouring kingdom a young Prince called James, and perhaps I could give you to my daughter as a wedding present!” He explains to him.

Matthew rushes across the hall as fast as he can over to the main door of the hall. The door is closed, and Matthew discovers much to his utter horror that it is firmly locked uptight. The guards must have locked the door after delivering Matthew to their King in the hall. Matthew kicks out at the closed door in anger now. There is just King Midas and his prey Matthew in the hall now. Matthew takes a look back at the King.

“Sir I suppose that there are much worse things that I could be turned into!” He tells him simply.

Matthew knows that he’s very lucky that he isn’t about to be turned into a frog. Matthew closes his eyes. He knows that he’s had a very good life along with both his family and friends, and Matthew knows that his life ending well with joining in on the adventures of both Lily Kettle and her friends. Matthew knows that now is a time for him to stand tall and proud, and feel happy about the life that he was blessed with, but Matthew knows that all things have their time and all things end, including him sadly. Matthew smiles at the King as he approaches him in the hall.

“Do your worst to me shire!” He commands him.

Matthew is then touched by the King’s powerful right hand, and after this is done to him he then turns into a golden statue. King Midas has done his worst to Matthew Seed.

Chapter 2

The main gate of a castle in the North of the enchanted forest bursts open, and the Princess April makes her way into her father’s palace along with her new prisoner Lily Kevins. Lily has tried to both struggle and escape from the Princess many times since leaving the small market town with her, but however every time that she has tried to do so she has failed in doing so.

“Welcome to your new home filth!” April snaps out sharply at her new enemy Lily.

Lily is struggling to get over the fact that she is now to be a serving girl. Just inside the castle the knight’s and guards who accompanied the Princess on her quest to both find, buy and bring home a new servant disappear in different directions to one another away from both their mistress and their new servant. Lily is left shocked by the med evil structure that is inside the hallway off this castle. There are different kinds of skulls and crossbows everywhere around her.

“Nice house,” Lily says to the woman who she really wishes that she can get herself away from.

Princess April is still holding on firmly to Lily’s arm.

“Keep walking!” She snaps sharply out at her.

The cold hearted Princess leads her new serving girl firmly by the arm down the dimly lit up hallway inside her father’s castle.

“What say we come to some understanding?” Lily begs with the Princess.

With the Princess being this ill mannered Lily dreads to think about just what her father’s personality is going to be. Lily is off course feeling really rather worried about her three men Razz, Ryan and Matthew. She hopes beyond all else that they’re alright, but however she just doesn’t think that they will be for some reason, may by the fact that they like her were sold into slavery. Lily is led into a main hall in the castle by Princess April her new enemy, and there in the hall the two rival girls find their King. King Richard is sat with some of his royal subjects at the helm of a table facing them all there. The mighty King takes a look up at both his daughter and at his new serving girl.

“You’re dismissed all of you go!” King Richard commands his people.

All of the King’s most trusted advisors then rise to their feet up from their chairs, and they all take to departing from the hall together leaving their King alone there with the two girls. King Richard stands up from where he was sitting upon his highly golden chair. The King then takes to crossing his hall over to both his daughter and to their new serving girl. Richard winks at Lily cheekily.

“Welcome! Take a seat!” He says kindly to her.

Both Lily herself and her enemy Princess are now really rather troubled by what the King has just said to Lily. Richard then pulls his daughter into a loving hug.

“You have done well my sweet!” He informs her.

Richard then takes to kissing April dearly on her head before using a hand gesture to excuse her from the hall. April gives a hard cold look at Lily before leaving her father’s hall. Richard folds his arms.

“You are most beautiful!” He tells Lily in an honest tone as he turns back to face her.

Lily has now taken a seat down in the hall after the man who she is determined not to call her new master has said for her to this. The King kneels down on the floor of his main hall just before his new serving girl Lily. Richard places his thumb gently upon Lily’s chin.

“Be mine! Become my wife whatever your name is! Leave your life as a servant behind, and become my wife! Become Queen of the North!” He commands her.

Lily doesn’t think now that the King is that bad of a man, but however she doesn’t wish to become his wife since she is already the wife to someone else. Richard places his hands upon the light green barber jacket that Lily is wearing.

“Your clothes are not off this world! I’ve never seen anyone in the enchanted forest wear what you are wearing right now my sweet girl! Where are you from?” The creepy King questions the young lady who he is determined to make his one true love even if right now she doesn’t feel the same about him as he does her.

Richard quite admires Lily’s clothes her light green barber jacket, her dark brown leggings and also her dark black T-shirt. Lily quickly rises to her feet up from her chair. King Richard rises back up onto his feet from where he was kneeled down before his new citizen within his kingdom on the floor of his hall. The King towers over Lily inside the main hall in his palace now, because he is much taller than her after all. Lily doesn’t know whether she should play the King in order to escape herself from him or not. Lily knows that if she was to reveal to the King that she doesn’t love him here and now then he will surely kill her on the spot where she is currently standing on.

“Shire! Oh Shire I am pleased to inform you that I feel the same about you as you do me! I believe that what we have with one another is true love at first sight, but however my lord I fear that your daughter doesn’t approve of me, and so we must make her see in me what you see in me!” Lily tells the King in a false tone of love.

Mrs Kevins is now deciding to play the great King after all in order to flee from him, and not to be either a prisoner or a serving girl to him. The King smiles coldly at Lily.

“Ha got ya!” He snaps out at her in a sudden sharp cold tone of disgust.

Lily’s face drops now from a false smile back into a look of terror. The King shakes his head in disgust at his serving girl.

“Did you really think that I was being serious about being in love with a little disgusting brat such as you?” He questions her sharply in a cold mean tone.

Really King Richard hates Lily just as much as what his daughter does. Lily backs away from the evil King in fear now.

“Shire please let me go!” She begs him in a tone of mercy.

The King knows that Lily fears him, and he is ready to use that to his advantage to make her suffer at his hand. Lily knows that she’s got to be brave right now. Lily rounds in anger on the King.

“You weren’t the only one who was lying shire for I don’t love you either!” She tells him now being truthful with him.

Lily smiles at the King.

“I’ve got a husband!” She informs him.

Richard smiles coldly at Lily as he hands a mop over to her.

“Who if you don’t shut yourself up will never ever see again!” King Richard warns his new serving girl.

Lily throws the mop away from her out of her hands from where it has just been placed in them by the King. Lily rounds in anger on Richard.

“Oh believe me shire when I tell you that me and Razz have been further away from one another than this distance that we are now before, and we have always found a way of getting back to one another, and so your highness be warned that when my husband finds me you’re a dead king, and that is unless off course I have killed you myself!” She explains to him in a warning tone.

Lily is off course referring to the time when she herself was in the never ending maze of Mzzuan and Razz her dear husband was in the magical realm of Narnia. Lily then spits out at the angry King feeling just as disgusted as he himself is right now. Richard takes to wiping the spit away from his face that Lily has just fired out at him. The King thinks back over what his new prisoner has just explained to him warning him. Richard calls his guards into his main hall.

“Take this woman away to be locked up inside a prison cell! Then make ready to find a new serving boy or girl, because this one right here is being put to death tomorrow morning!” The King explains to his men.

Lily knows that she shouldn’t worry about being sentenced to death tomorrow morning, because she knows that she would have found a way of escaping from the Northern castle before then. In fact Lily suddenly notices that one armed guard isn’t carrying his sword in his hands, but instead this soldier has his sword fixed insecurely so it seems onto his belt. Lily makes a sudden grab for the man’s sword, and luckily for her she actually takes it from him. All the other guards all not take to pointing their swords angrily at Lily, and King Richard himself now takes to pointing the sharp blade of his lightening shaped sword angrily at her. Lily knows that with a sword comes a chance of escaping from this wretched castle. Lily is determined now to try at least to escape herself from both the mighty King Richard and from his daughter April in this castle today.


Chapter 3

Lily Kevins stands in the main hall in the Northern castle with the sword held firmly in her right hand. Lily’s right hand is actually her strongest hand, this is the hand that she always used to hold her pen with back when she used to go to school, and Lily knows that whatever happens this hand can’t fail her today, because she still has a lot of trust in it, and she is determined to place a lot of faith in it when she becomes a primary school teacher in Liverpool city. The guards are closing in on their prey Lily who is ready to fight them here today. King Richard is standing behind his men. He knows that if his men fail him then he himself can murder Lily in cold blood. Lily lashes out at a guard in anger with the sharp blade of her sword, and she manages to cut him down with it, but however his death only makes the other guards a lot angrier with Lily.

“There’s a lot more where that came from boys!” Mrs Kevins warns the guards in a tone of sharp anger.

Lily knows that the time for sparing lives has past. Lily knows that the only way of survival from now on is by killing, and that is exactly what she is going to do. A guard launches himself in anger onto Lily, and he knocks her roughly down to the ground. The guard is on top of Lily now. The guard smiles coldly down at Lily.

“If you were any attractive then this could be fun right now!” He hisses out at her sounding just as cold hearted as both his King and Princess.

Lily knows that she has lost, and unfortunately she is now ready to accept defeat. Lily takes a look up in disgust at the guard.

“Go to hell!” She snaps out at him.

The guard shakes his head coldly down at Lily.

“No darling that’s actually where you’re going! A one way ticket to the pits of hell is now coming your way!” He warns her.

Lily then takes to kicking the guard firmly in his private parts.

“Don’t mess with a girl whose cross!” Mrs Kevins shouts out at the leading guard.

Lily is still holding the sword firmly in her hand, and she uses it to stab the guard firmly in his chest with it, before struggling to her feet up from the stone cold hard floor of the hall. Lily’s troubled.

“Oh sorry lads I’m forgetting something!” She apologises to the other guards before using her magical powers to set them all on fire.

Lily winks happily over at her enemy King now.

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I have magic!” She tells him making him become aware of her talent.

Richard is left totally horrified by what Lily has just told him. He now knows that she has the upper hand over him. Lily shrugs her shoulders.

“But however my King my magic is not the only advantage that I have over you!” She explains herself to Richard.

The King now backs away from Lily with fear.

“What else can you DO?” He shouts out at her sounding petrified.

Lily then takes to withdrawing a small golden ring from her jacket pocket. Richard takes a look down at the ring that Lily is now holding in her hand before shrugging his shoulders.

“So what your husband has an important taste!” The King snarls out at the young lady who he is now scared off.

Lily knows that the King is going to be scared stone stiff out of his mind to see what she can do with her ring. Lily then takes to placing the ring on one of her fingers, and then she goes invisible.

“LILY!” Richard screams out in the fear of what she is now going to do to him.

When she captured her back in Hogwarts Lily got her ring back from Shannay. The King now knows that he is doomed to die by this young lady’s hand. The middle aged King now takes to sinking down onto his knees onto the stone cold floor of his hall in fear.

“Shire!” The voice of Lily hisses out in anger throughout the great hall, but however she is nowhere at all to be seen.

King Richard is now crying his eyes out with fear.

“I’M TOO YOUNG TOO DIE!” He cries out breaking down his heart into sadness.

Lily then appears right behind the kneeled down King in his hall with the sword still held firmly in her hand.

“Sorry shire death is the only way that you’re going to escape from me!” Lily whispers into her enemy’s ear as she stabs him from behind with her sword.

The dying King looks round with pain in his eyes at Lily.

“I can tell the future-and-I can tell-that you’re not too far away from-death-yourself!” He struggles out at her.

Lily decides not to take to dying seer’s warning for she has listened enough to seer’s since she’s been here in the enchanted forest, and Lily knows that she just can’t die soon not now that she’s about to become a mother.

Chapter 4

Princess April bursts as quickly as she can into the main hall in the Northern castle, and there she finds her father the King laying down dead on the hard cold surface of the floor of the hall. April has sensed while being away inside her chamber that something wrong was going on inside her castle, and so that is why she has decided to come here to confront her father. Luckily Richard’s death comes as no sadness to the cold hearted Princess who never liked her father anyway, but still that doesn’t make the Princess not take a look of anger across the main hall over at her enemy serving girl Lily Kevins. Lily takes a look back across the main hall from where she is standing there over at her enemy.

“YOU KILLED MY FATHER!” April screams out in anger at Lily.

The Princess is just simply an angry young lady, and so it’s no difference to her anger whether or not her hated father is dead or alive. Lily points the sharp blade of her sword in anger in the direction of the princess. Lily is deciding not to use either the one ring of power of her magic when it comes to fighting in this battle, because Lily wishes to have a good sword fight with this fellow young lady who she is determined to kill. Lily nods her head back at the princess in response to what she has just screamed out at her.

“Yes I did, and guess what you’re royal highness he deserved to die!” Lily shouts in anger across the main hall over at April.

What the serving girl has just shouted across at her angers the princess greatly. Princess April now takes to withdrawing her sword from her cloak in disgust, and she races across the main hall with it held firmly in her hand.

“SO DO YOU! YOU DESERVE TO DIE WRENCH!” Princess April screams in disgust across at Lily as she hurries across the main hall determined to kill her.

The cold hearted princess’ sword now takes to meeting Mrs Kevins sword in combat. Lily smiles coldly at April.

“Prepare to join daddy in hell!” She warns her.

April lashes out at Lily with anger with her sword. Lily makes to kick her enemy, but however as she attempts to do so April grabs her firmly by her leg, and the Princess twists Mrs Kevins’ foot while holding it in her hand. Lily then collapses off her feet and onto the stone cold floor of the main hall. April now towers angrily over her enemy ready to strike the sharp blade of her sword roughly into her. Lily quickly however rises back up onto her feet from where she was laid down upon the floor. Lily’s sword meets April’s sword in battle once again. Luckily Lily seems to have a lot more strength on her then what her opponent does. Lily grabs April roughly by her hair, and she pulls onto it. Lily rips some of April’s hair out of her head. April cries out in pain.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” She shouts out at Lily through pain.

Lily is now laughing at April.

“Not if I kill you first!” She tells her.

Lily then cuts April’s head off by using her sword. Lily has managed to strike the evil Princess down. If she was to stay here with defeating both the King Richard and the Princess April Lily would be in command of the Northern castle, but however as it happens Mrs Kevins has no intention of remaining inside this palace for a single second longer, because after all she is just so determined to find her husband Razz, and to get herself back home to Living village with him.

Chapter 5

Lily Kevins is just about to leave the main hall inside the Northern castle when suddenly someone she didn’t expect to find here bursts through the door of it. Razz Kevins quickly makes his way into the great hall in the Northern palace, and there he is slightly surprised to find his loving wife standing before him. Lily shakes her head in disbelief at Razz.

“I thought you were a prisoner to both an ogre and his donkey in the kingdom of Far far away, and I was just about come and rescue you from there!” She cries out at him in a tone of shock.

Razz smiles back at his wife in response to what she has just cried out at him.

“Yeah well Lily I was expecting to find the King Richard inside here, and you inside a prison cell inside this palace. I was then going to kill the king, and save my damsel and distress from her cellar!” Razz explains to Lily in response to what she has just cried out at him.

Both Razz’s current companion’s both the Princess Snow White and the cat Puss in boots then burst their way into the hall together. Lily fixes her new sword onto her belt before taking a look over at Snow.

“Hey what are you doing with my man?” She yells out at her in a tone of shock.

Lily is suspicious now of seeing Razz with this strange lady. Razz smiles back at his wife in response to what she has just yelled out at his new friend.

“Lily this woman is Snow White, and she has just risked her own life to save mine, and to help me to get here to find you!” Razz explains to the troubled misses.

Lily is left shocked to learn the name of this lady from her dear husband.

“Snow White! Really?” Lily questions both Razz and Snow herself.

They both nod their heads in response to what she has just questioned them about. Razz smiles at the look of surprise on his wife’s face.

“Yeah I know she really exists!” He tells her in happiness.

Puss then smiles up at Lily.

“The name’s Pussss in Boooots!” He says to her taking in by her beauty now.

Lily is left shocked by having been suddenly spoken to by the cat.

“Oh my God a talking cat!” She cries out in alarm as she kicks the pussy cat.

Puss then jumps out of his skin.

“MEEOOWW!” He yells out in fright.

Razz takes a look at the mess on the floor of the main hall.

“Nice work,” he congratulates Lily on killing both the King and his daughter.

Lily smiles back at Razz in response to what he has just congratulated her about.

“Yeah well if I had waiting for the arrival of you then I would have been dead by now! The only person who I like to save me is me!” Lily tells Razz.

Mr Kevins smiles at his wife.

“We’ve got to find Matthew and Ryan!” He urges her.

Lily nods her head in agreement to what her husband has just urged her about. Razz turns to face both Snow and Puss.

“This is where we shall part our ways, thank you for everything the two of you have done for me,” he says to them both.

Snow then pulls Razz into a hug of friendship.

“Take good care of yourself,” she tells him.

After sharing a hug with Razz Snow then disappears out of the main hall in this castle. Snow is currently without a home since she is a bandit living within the wild woods, and so Snow that since this castle is currently without a leader she can remain here for a little while. Puss smiles at Razz.

“Some people like you are worth fighting for!” He informs him.

Puss then shakes Razz’s hand with his paw before crawling his way out of the main hall. Puss is now ready to leave the Northern castle. He knows that he needs to outside escape past all the hairy scary four eyed flying mammoth’s that are guarding the castle from the mist outside it. Puss knows that he can’t return now to the kingdom of Far far away, because after all he has messed up things pretty badly between both himself and Fiona and Donkey. Razz takes a seat down in the main hall along with his wife Lily.

“I just don’t know where the others are I was sold straight after you were bought by Princess April! Any ideas about where to start looking for the other two?” He questions her.

Lily shrugs her shoulders in response to what Razz has just questioned her about.

“They could be anywhere in the enchanted forest,” she tells him truthfully in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Little do they know that Ryan Robertson is no longer in the enchanted forest, but neither is he dead. Ryan is pretty much alive and well, but however he has been sent to another realm that isn’t the world he knows as the normal everyday earth. Where has Ryan been sent to? Read on to find out!

To be continued






Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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