Chapter 7: The Adventure Draws to a Close series 4 episode 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Adventure Draws to a Close

Series 4 episode 6

(2014 EDITION)

Chapter 1

Ryan Robertson struggles to open up his two eyes. Where could he possibly be now? Ryan can feel the red hot warm sun blasting down upon where he is laying down. Ryan can feel his head pounding. Ryan takes a look around him, and he is shocked to find that he is laying in the middle of a brightly coloured meadow. There seems to be quite a lot of flowers surrounding him here in the meadow, and they all seem to be different shapes, sizes and colours to one another. Ryan really doesn’t know what is going on.

“So I’m not dead then or if I am this is a pretty good afterlife!” He tells himself.

“Sign of madness talking to yourself Ryan man,” a voice inside his head tells him.

Ryan knows that the voice is correct off course. Ryan wants to stay here. He really wants to spend the rest of his life here, because after all this seems to be a really quiet and peaceful place, but however Ryan knows that he really needs to find his three friend’s wherever they maybe both Lily and Razz Kevins and Matthew Seed. Ryan can see some little men making their way up to his presence in the brightly lit up colourful peaceful meadow.

“Come on Merry look over there a stranger in the Shire!” One little man cries out in happiness over to another little man who he is travelling with.

The little men who Ryan knows that one of them is now called Merry have now sighted him in the meadow. Ryan doesn’t know why he does this but however before he can stop himself from doing so he is waving cheerfully over at the three little men.

“Hello! Excuse me! Sorry to bother the three of you, but I was kind of wondering if one of you would be so kind as to tell me where on earth I am!” Ryan calls over at the three little men.

The little man called Merry is now standing just before Ryan in the meadow along with his two little friend’s who actually seem to be more or less the exact same size as him. Merry smiles in the same manner of cheerfulness up at the young man who has just called out to him in the meadow.

“Sorry sir don’t you mean where on middle earth are you? You’re in the Shire! You’re in the homeland of the hobbits now man from middle earth!” Merry explains to Ryan in response to what he has just called out at him.

Merry’s full name is Meriadoc Brandybuck. He is currently facing the young man along with his two friends who are both Peregrin Took and Samwise Gamgee. These three little men are off course hobbits. Ryan’s a little troubled by what the hobbit has just explained to him about.

“I don’t understand I was in the enchanted forest! How could I be here? Last thing that I remember back when I was in the enchanted forest was that I fell off a cliff after being chased by some black knights there!” He tells the three little men.

None of the hobbits have any idea at all what Ryan is talking about. Pippin smiles up at Ryan.

“Fancy a pint in the tavern sir?” He questions him.

Right now Ryan wouldn’t mind that at all. Ryan smiles down at the little hobbit who has just spoken up to him.

“I would very much like that,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Pippin is now ready to lead the way for Ryan along with his two friends both Merry and Sam to a nearby local tavern in the shire to where they are right now. Sam appears to be looking incredibly sad ever since Ryan met him. Pippin smiles over at Sam.

“Hey I’m sure that Frodo would have died in peace,” he says in a tone of sadness to him.

Sam doesn’t respond to what Pippin has just said to him. The world would be a much happier place for Sam right now if he still had Mr Frodo with him. Ryan begins to make his way through the brightly coloured meadow along with the three hobbits. They are all heading further into the heart of the Shire together.

Chapter 2

The Shire as we have all learned now is the homeland of the hobbits. The Shire is located to the northwest of middle earth. It doesn’t take either the confused Ryan Robertson or the three hobbits long to cross their way over the meadow, and so they are entering into a busy little village within the Shire. Lots of small little men are now everywhere around Ryan. Ryan can see with his two eyes crowds upon crowds of hobbits everywhere surrounding his presence in the little Shire. However Ryan isn’t really focussed upon his surroundings, because he is still wondering after all just how he ended up here after surpassingly dying back in the enchanted forest. Ryan wonders whether his good friend Lily Kevins is alright, after all he sincerely hopes that she will be.

Ryan is now making his way into a little tavern in the Shire along with his new three hobbit companions. The tavern is jammed full of little hobbits, but however they are all different shapes and sizes to one another. The tavern seems to be incredibly lively indeed. Ryan feels like the lonely man, the odd one out inside this tavern, because he is a man while all the other people inside this tavern are hobbits. Ryan takes a seat down inside the tavern. His head is still causing him a great deal of discomfort. Sam goes to order some pints in for his companions inside the tavern. Both Merry and Pippin take a seat down together facing their new companion Ryan inside the tavern. Sam soon returns to them all carrying two pints in his hands. He hands then over to his two friends Pippin and Merry before returning himself to the bar in the tavern to collect some drinks for both himself and for Ryan. Ryan gratefully receives the drink of beer from his new acutance Sam after he hands it over to him inside the tavern. Sam takes a sip from his own pint before taking a seat down beside Ryan in the tavern. Ryan smiles at Sam.

“You have a kind heart never ever lose sight of that!” He tells him.

Sam is rather pleased by what Ryan has just told him as he smiles back at him.

“I want to know who you are! If you’re a foe to us then I swear on your life sir that you’re a dead man!” Sam the hobbit warns Ryan in response to what he has just told him about.

Ryan takes a sip from his pint before taking a look back at his new acutance Sam where they are sitting in the loud nearly overcrowded tavern.

“My name is Ryan Robertson and I’m a man from earth! I’m a friend to you if you’re a friend to me!” Ryan explains to the little hobbit in response to what he has just warned him about.

Samwise Gamgee proved in the days of the one ring to be the carrier of the ring Frodo Baggins’ most loyal supporter. Sam is the current mayor of the Shire. Sam’s date of birth is April the sixth, and he was born in the year twenty nine eighty. Ryan himself was born on the fifth of October nineteen ninety nine. Sam smiles back at Ryan in response to what he has just explained to him about.

“Don’t worry yourself Mr Ryan for I am also a friend to you!” Sam promises his new friend.

Ryan’s troubled.

“So tell me about this middle earth that I’m now in!” He instructs the three hobbits.

Ryan discovers then from the three hobbits who share out explaining to him together that Middle earth is otherwise known as both Sindarin Endor and also as the great lands. Middle earth is the name that is referred to the habitable parts of Arda. Middle earth is north of the Hither lands. Middle earth is also west of the eastern sea. Middle earth is the home to many different life forms and races, for example it is the home land of Ainur, Valar, Majar, dwarves, men, elves, hobbits and off course a lot of other types of spices. Ainur are angelic spirits. Valar are the most highest and had the most power of all the Ainur within Arda. Majar are just like Valar since they are angelic spirits, but however they are off a lower degree, and they are a lot more numerous. The people of this spices are Gandalf, Melian, Saruman the deceased and also Sauron the deceased. Dwarves are short, stocky, hairy humanoids, and they are very good at both forging and working in mines. Men are a mortal race of people. Elves are an immortal race of people. Hobbits are as we now know an offshoot of the race of men. They are characterised by both curly hair and large hairy feet. Hobbits may I add are smaller than dwarves. Ryan has now learned everything from the three hobbits that he believes that he needs to know about Middle earth.

Chapter 4

That night Ryan Robertson spends the night within the tavern in the Shire. The three hobbits Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took return to their homes within their homeland. Ryan doesn’t sleep a wink that night in the room that he rented out within the tavern/inn. Sam very kindly paid for the room that his new friend Ryan needed to spend the night in the tavern. Ryan tosses and turns in his bed all night long in the tavern. Ryan is currently staying in the only man sized room in the tavern. The landlord of this inn created this room just in case any human sized man was to pay a visit to the tavern. This room is sometimes used by the great wizard called Gandalf when he comes to visit the hobbits in their Shire. Ryan can’t stop thinking about his friend Lily all night long. Within the early hours of the morning Ryan takes a sit up in his bed that he’s laying down on inside the tavern, and he takes to withdrawing the crystal ball from his jacket pocket. Ryan is still wearing the clothes that he fell into the enchanted forest wearing, and they are his dark black leather jacket, his dark green top, and his dark brown chords. The hobbits so Ryan can tell are suspicious of the clothes that he is wearing, but however they are not that suspicious anymore that he has taken to explaining to them that he is not from their world. Ryan takes a look at the crystal ball. He can suddenly see both a gun and a sword in it.

“So Shannay’s going to use those weapons to kill Lily with then,” Ryan explains to himself.

Ryan knows that he really needs to get himself back to Lily before it’s too late for him to save her life. Ryan can suddenly hear a woman screaming from a short distance outside his window in the tavern, and this makes Ryan quickly rise to his feet up out of his bed, and he hurries over to the window in the tavern, and he takes a look out of it. Ryan can see an army of what appears to be goblins both terrorising and attacking the hobbits that are living within the Shire. Ryan knows that he needs to find Sam, Merry and Pippin and to save all of their lives. Ryan takes a look round his room in the tavern frantically searching for weapons that he can use to defend all of the hobbits with. Ryan finds a staff rested down upon the floor of the room, and he quickly picks it up. Ryan then crosses his room over to the door of the tavern. Ryan tries to pull open the door of the tavern, but he discovers much to his shock that the door is firmly shut. It seems to be locked up tight. Ryan then realises that the landlord must have locked him up inside this room in the attempt of saving him from the beasts outside, but however Ryan knows that the landlord has been just so incredibly foolish, because he believes that he is the only one who can save the lives of all of the hobbits. Ryan dashes across his room in the tavern carrying the staff firmly in his hand. Ryan knocks the staff hard against the glass of the misty coloured window smashing the glass from it. The small pieces of glass break down from the smashed up window down to the ground of the part of the Shire that is below Ryan’s window. The goblin like creatures who have come to invade the Shire are making horrible sounds.

“ORCS!” Ryan can hear a hobbit who is screaming down the road crying out.

Ryan takes a look out of the window. The drop down from the window doesn’t actually seem to be that high, and so that leads Ryan into thinking that he can make the dive. Ryan then throws the staff down onto an orc creature who within range of the blow. Ryan then launches himself out of the smashed upon window. Ryan falls down to the ground just below his window in the tavern. Ryan has now escaped himself from the Shire. The orc who Ryan has just hit over the head with has now recovered from the blow that he has just given to him. The orc now closes in on Ryan in anger.

“Come on beastie boy! Come and get me!” Mr Robertson snarls out in a tone of sharp anger at the orc.

Ryan is ready to face the beast. He picks his staff up from where it has now fallen down onto the ground. Ryan points the staff in aggression over at the horrible looking creature.

“Orc is it? Wish that I could say nice to meet you, but I would unfortunately be lying!” Ryan tells the beast.

The orc growls out at the young man in response to what he has just told him. Orc’s are all cruel mannered. They are wicked looking creatures, and they are very bad hearted. Orc’s hate both everyone and everything that they come into contact with in Middle earth. Orc’s have the appearance of squat, broad, flat nosed, sallow skinned, bow legged with both wide mouths and slanted eyes. Orc’s also have long arms, dark skin and they have scary looking fangs. Orc’s are immortal creatures.

“It’s not nice to meet you human man!” The orc growls in rage back at Ryan in response to what he has just told it about.

The orc is carrying an axe firmly in its hands, and it lashes out at Ryan in hunger with it. The orc it appears is hungry to see Ryan dead. Ryan charges towards the orc with the staff held firmly in his hands. Ryan and the orc meet one another in bloodthirsty battle. The Orc’s axe angrily meets Ryan’s staff in combat.

Chapter 5

Suddenly the orc who Ryan is battling for his life against is blasted off his feet by something that Ryan himself didn’t even do to it. The orc has been pushed from his feet by the power of magic. A white wizard then appears directly before Ryan in the Shire that is being invaded by Orc’s. The wizard smiles at Ryan.

“Do not be afraid for I am Gandalf the white and I bring no fret to you son of man! I know all about you Mr Ryan Robertson, and I have followed your adventure closely up to date, but what lays beyond in your adventure is entirely up to you! You’re friend Lily Kevins is not dying, but however she soon will be dead, and I regret to inform you that there is nothing at all that you can possibly do about her death! You must allow your friend’s death to occur! After all think of it this way would anyone be offering to alter or change your own death? Well I think not, in fact I’d almost go as far as to say that I hope not, because we all must die! Lily will leave a little gift in the world that you are known from before she is brought down by her should be step-mother, and you must after she dies do something which she knows that you must do! You must board a couch Master Robertson, and meet someone who you are quite familiar with on there!” He explains to him.

Ryan is left shocked by what this white powerful wizard has just explained to him. Ryan can’t quite believe that this man knows all about his adventure up to this moment in his life, he doesn’t really know how he knows of Lily’s death, and Ryan has just been reminded by this white wizard called Gandalf about how he should get his face burned off, and then board a couch to tell his past self to kidnap Lily, and to try and turn her against her dear husband Razz. Gandalf has come to this Shire with the intention of meeting Ryan, and helping his own old friends who are Sam, Merry and Pippin to escape. The Orc’s are now closing in on both the wizard Gandalf and Ryan on the road. The white wizard is holding his white staff firmly in his hand. Gandalf stamps his staff down firmly onto the road, and then all the beasts get blasted off their feet. The wizard has managed to kill all of the troll type creatures. Sam, Pippin and Merry all dash up to them on the road. Gandalf then uses his powerful magic to make himself, the three hobbits and Ryan out of the Shire that has now been taken over by Orc’s.

Chapter 6

Gandalf the white wizard, Ryan Robertson and the three hobbits Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took appear out of nowhere in the great kingdom of Gondor in Middle earth. Gondor is the greatest kingdom of men within middle earth. This kingdom is bordered by the kingdom of Rohan to its north, and it is also bordered by the kingdom of Hard to its south. Gondor is also bordered by both the cape of Andcast and also the sea to its west, and is also bordered by Mordor to its east. The city of Minas Tirith is the capital of Gondor. The inhabitants of Gondor are off course men. Both the white wizard and his four travelling companions have appeared within the city of Minis Tirith in the kingdom of Gondor. They all appear within the great hall in the city there. They find the great and powerful King of Gondor Aragon sitting on his throne taking a look over at them all there. Gandalf takes a look over at Aragon where he is sitting before him in the great hall.

“The Shire has fallen, and we now have a new stranger in middle earth!” The wizard explains to the King informing him of the facts.

Aragon rises to his feet up from his throne in response to what Gandalf has just explained to him. Aragon takes a look across the hall over at Ryan.

“You’re the stranger here then, welcome to middle earth,” he tells him.

Ryan is left pleased by how the great king of Gondor has just taken the time to welcoming him into middle earth, and he believes that Aragon looks very noble. Ryan can see that Aragon appears to be quite tall. He can also see that the king has long dark hair with lines of grey noticed through it. Ryan can also see that Aragon has grey coloured eyes. Ryan doesn’t know this, but however the great king knows himself that his name Aragon stands for revered king. Aragon smiles over at the three little hobbits.

“At last we see each other again my friends, and I’m sorry about the loss of your home!” He apologises to them.

Gandalf shakes his head back at Aragon standing before him in the main hall in the city of Minis Tirith.

“The loss of the Shire is nothing compared to the destruction that is about to arise within middle earth! I can sense that a new danger is approaching our world, and it is none other than a woman, and I can foresee that she’s coming for me! My friend’s you must all make ready for soon I will be your friend no more! The woman is coming to take me over, and to turn my heart both black and cold!” The white wizard explains to the king of Gondor, to the new stranger within middle earth and to the three little hobbits in a tone of warning.

Ryan can think of only one lady who has the power to take over this white wizard. Gandalf smiles at the young man.

“Yes Master Robertson it is your enemy the one that they call Shannay Ravens!” He tells him.

Ryan knows that he shouldn’t be surprised that Shannay wishes to get her two hands upon this great and powerful man, but however want Ryan is unsure about is why this wizard isn’t running away now, and escaping himself from the danger that is hastily coming his way. Gandalf can see into Ryan’s mind, and he can recognise the confusion that is within it. The white wizard smiles in sadness at the young man.

“Perhaps it is simply my destiny to become a slave to this dark witch just like how it is your own to become the hooded figure!” He explains to him.

Gandalf questions himself about who is he to mess around with destinies. Aragon smiles at Gandalf.

“When is this woman coming?” He questions him while shrugging his shoulders at him.

Gandalf smiles back at Aragon in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“Soon!” Gandalf promises Aragon in response to what he has just questioned him about.

The king is left a little afraid about what the wizard has just promised him about, but not for himself however for his people. Aragon shakes his head in sadness at his old friend.

“I do not have it in me to fight you!” Aragon tells Gandalf in a truthful sad tone.

The king is dreading that he may unfortunately have no other choice but to fight the white wizard. Gandalf shakes his head back at the king in response to what he has just told him about.

“Do not worry yourself my master king for you really are no match at all for me, and so I will not be taking your life, and I can see that you just might be joining me being a slave to this black witch!” Gandalf says to Aragon.

Ryan takes a look at Aragon.

“I’m so sorry I think that your people are all doomed shire!” He apologises to him in a tone of warning.

Gandalf seems to be within deep thought now. He takes a look back at Aragon.

“I’m just deciding on just where to send the three hobbits off too for their safety!” The white wizard explains to the king of Gondor.

Ryan shakes his head at Gandalf.

“Sorry mate but nowhere in your homeland middle earth is going to be safe out of reach of Shannay once she gets here!” He informs him.

No one in this great hall knows Shannay better then what Ryan does, because after all he used to be in an alliance with her.

Chapter 7

Gandalf the white wizard, King Aragon, Ryan Robertson, Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck are all still together in the great hall in the castle in the city of Minis Tirith in the kingdom of Gondor together. Ryan takes a look from the king to the wizard.

“Gee I sure wish that we had my friend Lily Kevins’ ring now!” He tells them all.

Both Gandalf and Aragon are left suddenly suspicious by what Ryan has just told them about. The white wizard takes a look back over at Mr Robertson with trouble in his eyes.

“Ring? What ring is this you speak off Master Robertson?” The old man demands an answer quickly from Ryan.

Robertson discovered Kevins’ ring on the day that she captured her enemy Shannay, and took the ring from her by force. Ryan smiles back at Gandalf in response to the question that he has just demanded an answer from him about.

“My friend Lily called it the one ring of power!” Ryan explains to the white wizard.

Gandalf now knows the ring that this young man speaks off, and so does the king of Gondor and the three hobbits. Sam takes a look from both Gandalf to Aragon.

“Master Frodo destroyed that ring my lord’s!” He reminds them both, but however he didn’t really need to, because they both remember the day that Frodo destroyed it ten years ago as if it were only yesterday.

Gandalf nods his head down at the little hobbit in response to what he has just reminded him about.

“Yes Master Gamgee he did!” The white wizard agrees with Sam in response to what he has just reminded him about.

King Aragon is in shock now. The white wizard rounds on the king.

“I need you to concentrate now my lord!” He urges him.

Aragon shakes his head back simply at Gandalf in response to what he has just urged him about.

“Hearing of that ring again is just like hearing about a ghost!” King Aragon explains to his friend.

Gandalf folds his arms.

“If that ring was indeed not destroyed like how we all paid our thanks to Frodo that it was then we’re all in danger!” He tells everyone who is stood before him in the hall.

Gandalf knows that there’s a lot more at work tonight then just that woman who is coming to take him over. Gandalf smiles back at Ryan.

“If you’ll join us all then middle earth is really in need of you Master Robertson!” He explains to him.

Ryan knows that he has already caught himself up in one fight already between both his friend Lily and her enemy Shannay, and so he could really do without getting himself caught him in any other, but however Ryan knows that the three hobbits have just lost their home, and he himself doesn’t really know much about a home, but however he does have friend’s now thanks to Lily forgiving him and him meeting both Matthew Seed and Lily’s husband Razz, and so if these hobbits will very kindly have him then he’d really like to give his life for them all, and this is so that they’re friendship with one another shall live on. Ryan nods his head back at the white wizard Gandalf as he shakes hands with him.

“I am now at your service my lord!” Mr Robertson explains to the man who is just about to be taken over by his fierce bloodthirsty enemy.

Chapter 8

Ryan Robertson has been led into a quiet room in the castle in the city in Minis Tirith in the kingdom of Gondor in middle earth. Aragon makes his way into the chamber. He nods his head over at Ryan as he makes his way into his bedroom.

“I’ve come to ask for a favour from you Master Robertson!” The king of Gondor explains to the man.

Ryan’s left troubled by what Aragon has just explained to him.

“What is it my lord?” He questions him in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Aragon takes a look back at Ryan with mercy in his two eyes.

“Take up my throne from me! Become the new king of Gondor!” He commands him in a begging tone of mercy.

Ryan is left shocked off course by what Aragon has just commanded him about.

“Shire are you feeling alright?” Mr Robertson questions the king of Gondor with concern shown clearly within the tone of his voice.

Aragon takes a seat down on the bed in the chamber as he continues to look over in the direction of Ryan there.

“I’m about to be taken over by a wicked witch Master Robertson how can anything be alright now? However my loyal subjects need a new trustworthy king who isn’t me in charge of them, and you may not be off royal blood, but you have taken to shown yourself to both myself and my friends in the time of need! TAKE UP MY THRONE, AND ALLOW THE PEOPLE OFF MIDDLE EARTH TO NOW BOW BEFORE YOU AS BOTH THEIR LEADER AND THEIR HIGH TRUSTWORTHY KING!” King Aragon tells Ryan persuading him to take up his place on his throne.

Ryan just doesn’t know whether he’s king material. Ryan doesn’t really know a great deal about his parent’s, but however he knows that they were nothing special, and that they were certainly not king’s and queen’s. Ryan wonders whether he really deep down has it in himself to command thousands upon thousands of powerful forces here in this rather strange middle earth. Ryan takes a look back at the king.

“Well then Mr Aragon allow my coronation to become king begin!” He tells him deciding just there and then on the spot where he’s standing on just what to do.

It seems that Ryan is deciding to become the great king of middle earth now. He is ready to protect the people of this earth against his enemy Shannay Ravens, King Aragon and the white wizard Gandalf. Aragon nods his head back at Ryan in response to what he has just told him about.

“Well then if I ever get freed from this dark spell that this black witch is just about to place over me then I unfortunately will have no further choice but to turn back into the ranger that I once was, and you Master Robertson shall be king of Gondor forever more!” Aragon explains to Ryan.

He then shares a firm handshake with him. Aragon is now ready to pass his throne and also his title of king down onto Ryan.

To be continued!






Submitted: July 28, 2015

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