Chapter 9: The Adventure Draws to a Close series 4 episode 8

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 239

The Great Adventure is Drawing to a Close

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 8

Chapter 1

The new married couple who are both Lily and Razz Kevins have now taken to leave the Northern kingdom together. Both Razz and his new wife are still however travelling within the enchanted forest together. Both Lily and Razz have now taken to change their clothes before leaving the North castle, and they are both now dressed like bandits. Both Lily and her new husband Razz just abandoned their clothes that they travelled to this distant realm in behind in the castle that they have just left together. Both Lily and Razz are now near to the lake called Nostos in the forest.

“Your pregnancy is starting to show on you now my love,” Razz says to his wife.

Lily doesn’t know how much longer she can remain here in the enchanted forest, because she doesn’t believe that this realm is a safe place for her to give birth to her baby in. Lily is troubled.

“Should we just try and find a way of returning to Living village without the other two? Ryan is much more than capable of taking care of himself just whether he may be right now, and as for Matthew perhaps he’s already found a way of leaving this land, and returned home to the North East England,” she tells Razz.

Both Mr and Mrs Kevins have armed themselves up, because before leaving the north castle they took swords for themselves from there. Suddenly however they are surrounded by none other than fierce looking pirates here in the enchanted forest. The pirates all take a jump down from the trees in order to ambush both Lily and her dear husband where they are now walking together by the lake. The pirates are all also armed with scary looking swords, and they all appear to be men who really shouldn’t be messed with, but however Lily has seen one of these pirates before, and so she knows how to deal with him, by using her magic on him off course. Lily rounds bravely upon Captain Hook, but however he doesn’t seem to recognise her in the slightest. Lily then remembers back to learning that the Captain Hook who she met back within Mzzuan was indeed a clone, and this man who she is bravely facing right here right now is the real Captain of the Jolly Rodger. Hook however seems to be going for Lily right now, because he has taken to have a proper good look at her.

“Oh lads how can we be so lucky, what do we have here I wonder?” The smelly pirate Captain hisses out at his crew members as he winks at Lily.

Razz rounds in anger upon Killian Jones.

“Oy you back away from my wife smelly scandal!” He snaps sharply out at him.

The horrible looking Captain nods over at his men.

“Deal with that pig gents!” He instructs them all.

Hook’s crew then all turn to round in anger on Razz. Lily rounds on Hook.

“I’ve met you before Killian Jones, but however you haven’t met me!” She explains to him.

Hook believes now that he was probably drunk the night that Lily met him, and so he can’t quite remember back to meeting her. William Smee has now taken to capturing Razz along with the other pirates who are under Captain Hook’s command here in the enchanted forest. Meanwhile Lily is continuing to confront her old enemy who has never met her before here by the lake in the fairy-tale land.

“Yeah I once spent quite some time with you pirate scum!” Lily hisses out at the pirate who really has no idea in the world just who she is.

Hook winks at Lily. It is clear that he is finding her rather attractive.

“I’d like to take you back to my ship,” Killian tells Lily.

Mrs Ravens knows that it may offer her assistance if she was to both play him and pretend to be Captain Hook’s friend. Razz is left shocked to find his wife agreeing to what the pirate has just told her about. Lily smiles at Hook.

“Well in that case I’d like to go with you back to your ship,” she says to him in response to what he has just told her about.

Lily is left a little taken aback to find the Captain suddenly taking hold of her right hand.

“I do not trust your friend over there,” Hook explains to Lily as he points his head over in the direction of Razz.

Lily then takes a look over at her dear husband who has now been restrained by the pirate Smee.

“Ah do not worry yourself my dear Captain Hook for I don’t trust him either,” Lily tells her new found enemy in a big lie in response to what he has just explained to her about.

Razz now realises that his wife is just playing the pirate. Razz and Lily exchange a little smile together while Hook isn’t looking at either one of them. Captain Hook has now turned to address his right hand man who is Mr Smee.

“Take the lad to the brig aboard the Jolly Rodger I’m going to go for a little pint of rum in the nearby tavern to this lake with this lass!” He instructs him about what his next task that he has just set out for him to do is.

Mr Smee nods his head in response to what his Captain has just instructed him about. Hook now turns to face Lily again.

“Actually before we set sail back aboard my ship what say you and I go for a little drink together?” He questions her.

Lily is now feeling sick in response to the question that the pirate Captain has just questioned her about. Razz has now been dragged away from both her and Hook by both Mr Smee and Captain Jones’ other ship mates. Lily shakes her head back at Hook in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“No thanks mate for I am not feeling particularly well!” Lily explains to Hook sounding suddenly sharp in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Hook now decides to escort this young lady back to his precious pirate ship.

Chapter 2

Both Captain Hook and Lily Kevins are now strolling through a harbour that is taking a look out to sea in the enchanted forest together. Both Killian and his new companion can see his pirate ship rested not too far away from them. The ship seems to be pulled up by the shore of a nearby beach that both Lily and the Captain are now heading over to together. Lily doesn’t want to say anything in the danger of blowing away her cover, but however she is hoping beyond anything else in the world that neither Captain Hook nor his fierce crew members will lay a single finger down upon her one true love Razz’s head. Hook and Lily are now stepping foot onto the freezing cold beach together. There they are directly facing the ship as they continue to wander up to it together. The boat has a blank of wood coming off its side leading down to the beach. Both Killian and Lily take to wandering up the slope together, and then they are onboard the pirate ship that is known as the Jolly Rodger. Another name for the Jolly Rodger is the jewel of the realm. Hook stands up on the deck of his pirate ship now along with his new acutance Lily. Jones smiles at Kevins.

“Isn’t my ship a marvel? This ship is made up out of enchanted wood. My ship and I have weathered many a storm together, and together we have seen many both strange and glittering shores.” He explains to her.

Lily would be a fool if she wasn’t to admit that she quite admires this sailing ship. Lily nods her head in approval at the Jolly Rodger as she stands up on the deck of it.

“A marvel indeed your ship is Captain Jones, I am fascinated to learn that it is made up out of enchanted wood, and I had guessed already that both you and your precious ship had weathered many a storm together,” Lily tells Killian in response to what he has just explained to her about.

Lily can see all the members of the Captain’s crew wandering about the deck of the ship busying themselves with their every day lives. Lily knows that she is now temporally a member of Captain Hook’s crew, but however she knows that she really has no business at all to attend to here aboard this vessel which is called Jolly Rodger, and so Lily knows that all that she needs to do is to wait until night time before breaking her husband out of his prison cell that is below the deck of this ship, and then along with him she’ll be able to escape herself from this beautiful boat. Captain Hook has now wandered away from his new guest Lily for a short time, and this is in order for him to discuss both the new prisoner aboard his craft as well as the new guest here with his right hand man Mr Smee. Lily takes a look out with her two brown coloured eyes at the deep blue sea that lays just beyond this ship.

“Get ready to set sail mates!” Lily can now hear Captain Jones calling out to his men from where he is now stood just before the steering wheel of his pirate ship.

Lily takes a look up to where Captain Hook is now steering his pirate ship using the wheel of it. The Jolly Rodger is now taking off from where it was currently placed by the shore of the beach, and soon by the will of Captain Hook it is zooming rapidly out to the deep blue sea. Lily can honestly say that she doesn’t like the real Captain Hook nearly as much as how she liked the clone of the pirate who she met.

“OY PRETTY LADY WHAT SAY YOU AND I HEAD INTO MY CABIN NOW?” Hook calls down to Lily from where he is stood at the helm of his ship.

Lily is dreading the sexy time that the pirate Captain has install for her now.

“Alright Hook let’s go!” Lily pretends not to moan out in anger.

Mr Smee then takes over sailing the beautiful ship for his pirate Captain. Hook now skips down the stairs leading away from the helm of his ship all the way down to where Lily is stood on the deck.

“Let us now have the time off our life my darling young girl!” Killian cries out at Lily.

Suddenly however before Captain Hook can head into the cabin off his ship along with his new guest who is Mrs Kevins, he suddenly hears the sound of a loud sharp gun shot. Hook exchanges troubled looks with Lily.

“What was that noise?” He questions her.

Lily like Hook very much however knows what that sound was, but however she has no idea at all where it just came from.

“CAPTAIN WE HAVE ANOTHER SHIP ON OUR TAIL!” Mr Smee yells out warning his leader.

It would seem now that Hook has now raced back up onto the helm of his ship, and has taken a look out at the other ship that is chasing his own ship through the sea. A black coloured ship is now chasing after the Jolly Rodger through the deep blue sea. The black coloured pirate ship is known to many people as the Black pearl, but however it is also referred to as the wicked wench. The Black pearl has its sails as dark as a moonless night, and it also has a hull painted to match. This pirate ship very much like the Jolly Rodger has been built for action. The Black pearl stores a total of thirty two canons in it. The Black pearl very much unlike the Jolly Rodger appears to be a ghost ship, but however the Jolly Rodger is both bright and colourful. Captain Hook made a vow to himself once never to set sight upon this dark ship, but however the day has finally come when the promise that he once made to himself has been broken. Killian has heard an awful lot of stories about the Black pearl off course, and he knows about the man who captain’s it, but however he has never ever met up with him face to face.

“Oh no it’s the Black pearl! Captain Jack Sparrow has caught up with me at last!” Captain Hook complains to both himself and to Mr Smee who is standing near to him on the helm of the ship.

It would appear now that Captain Hook very much fears Captain Sparrow. Killian now knows that he has to prepare his vessel for battle. Hook rounds on Smee.

“Load up the canons!” He commands him.

Hook then takes a look down at Lily.

“Go down fighting with me girl!” He commands him.

Mr Smee has now headed away from the helm off the ship to load up the canons onboard the Jolly Rodger, and this is in order for the ship to stand a fighting chance of battling against the Black pearl.

Chapter 3

Aboard the Black pearl pirate ship Captain Jack Sparrow is stood at the helm of his ship. Captain Sparrow has his two hands upon the steering wheel of his ship. Jack has finally managed to track down the pirate ship that he has been searching for weeks for. Captain Jack heard about the pirate ship that is known as the Jolly Rodger in a busy lively little tavern in the enchanted forest, and the person who told him about the ship there was this little devil of mad man called Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin explained to Jack Sparrow all about the ship that his enemy Hook was the Captain of. Jack realised that night while sitting in the tavern with Rumplestiltskin who is the dark one that the Jolly Rodger must be bursting overfilling with fabulous treasure. Jack Sparrow is a pirate of legend. The only person who Jack has a genuine interest in is himself. Jack only has room for two lover’s in his life, and the first one is the sea with the second being his beautiful Pearl. Jack is an English pirate. He has brown coloured eyes. Jack has both brown and black coloured hair. Jack was born in the seventeen hundreds aboard a pirate ship during a typhoon. Jack’s father is Captain Edward Teague.

Captain Jack Sparrow stands up on the helm of his ship with his hands firmly fixed in on his steering wheel. Jack is standing watching as he moves his own ship in on Captain Hook’s vessel. Jack must admit to himself that he quite likes the look of the ship that he is just about to steel from. Right now Jack is alone onboard his much loved Black pearl. There was a time when this vessel used to be bursting away with crew members, but however now they have all either returned home or began new lives away from his presence. Right now Jack is wearing his tricorne hat. This hat is one of Jack’s most loved processions, and this is because that this hat really symbolises his rank as Captain.

Captain Jack Sparrow is also currently holding a pistol on his procession. This pistol has been with the Captain for many years now. This pistol has a flintlock.

Jack also has a compass with him that doesn’t point North, but however it is skilled with pointing towards the thing that the person who is carrying the pistol wants most in the world.

Captain Jack Sparrow just wishes more than anything else that he had just more crew mates in his company right now, because he could really do with them to load up the many canons that he really requires in his upcoming battle against both the Jolly Rodger and its many crew members. Jack’s ship is now in line with Killian’s ship.

Captain Jack Sparrow knows that now is the time for him to trick his enemy. Jack is going to pretend to both Captain Hook and his fierce band of pirates that neither no man nor no woman are aboard the Black Pearl, when truthfully they will be thinking correctly, because Jack is going to board the Jolly Rodger on his own, and since no other person is aboard his beloved ship the enemy will be correct in believing that there is no person aboard his pirate ship. Jack knows that he’s got to be sneaky with making his way onto Captain Hook’s ship. Jack quietly makes his way down to the deck of his ship, and there he sets out the plank of his ship. The plank slides from Jack’s ship onto Killian’s ship.

Captain Jack Sparrow walks the plank from his ship being the Black Pearl onto Captain Hook’s ship being the Jolly Rodger. Captain Sparrow is feeling ready for the battles that lay ahead for him on this ship.

Chapter 4

Captain Jack Sparrow’s plans fail, and he is sighted while standing aboard the deck of the Jolly Rodger by Captain Hook himself. Hook sneaks up behind Jack on the deck of his ship carrying a pistol firmly in his hand. Captain Jones holds the end of his pistol hard against Captain Sparrow’s head.

“Well, well, what do we have here then?” Hook hisses out in anger at Jack while standing behind him with a gun directed at his head.

Captain Sparrow turns to face Captain Jones standing bravely before him on the deck of his ship. Jack shakes his head at Killian.

“Ah I really wouldn’t be pointed that gun at me if I were you lad!” He tells him sounding angry at him.

Hook uses a hand gesture to call both Mr William Smee and Mrs Lily Kevins up to both his and his new foe’s presence on the deck of his sailing ship. Captain Hook continues to point his pistol directly at Captain Jack as he turns to address his two ship mates.

“Board this rat’s vessel, and check to see if there is anyone onboard there both ready and willing to launch out a surprise attack on us!” Killian instructs both William and Lily as they nod their heads in response to what he is instructing them both about.

Both Lily and Smee then nod their heads in understanding to what Killian has just instructed them both about. They then take to hurrying across the deck off his ship over to the wooden plank that has now been placed aboard the Jolly Rodger from the Black Pearl. Hook then turns back to face Jack his new found enemy.

“Captain Jack Sparrow! A man who is ever so brave from the seven seas at last we meet!” Captain Hook shouts out in anger at Captain Sparrow while he still directs his pistol at him.

Jack rounds in anger on Killian as he himself now takes to withdrawing his pistol from his cape, and he points it in aggression at his new found foe.

“The dark one warned me about you!” Captain Jack explains to Captain Hook.

Killian knows that Rumplestiltskin will stop at nothing from trying to take his revenge upon him by taking his wife Milah from him. Jack and Hook stand onboard the deck of the Jolly Rodger with their two mean looking pistols aimed directly at one another. Killian shakes his head in anger at Jack.

“We’re going to have not much fun at all out of shooting one another to death! I believe that the fight will be a bit more exciting if we were to use our swords instead to fight each other!” He tells him sounding honest.

Jack knows surprisingly that his enemy speaks the truth, and so he now takes to placing his pistol back within his cape. Hook drops his pistol down onto the floor of the deck of his ship. Captain Hook now takes to withdrawing his sword from his dark black leather cape. Captain Jack now takes to withdrawing his own sword from his dark brown velvet cape. The two pirate Captain’s stand directly facing one another aboard the deck of this ship with their two fierce looking swords pointed at one another. Hook smiles.

“Let the battle commence!” He cries out at his opponent.

Jack knows that he’s going to have fun with bringing this pirate Captain down. The two pirate Captain’s swords meet one another in combat.

Chapter 5

It doesn’t take either Lily Kevins or the man who she has been instructed to work alongside William Smee long to search for the pirate ship (the Black Pearl) for crew members, and after their search together they come to the conclusion that there was nobody onboard this ghost ship other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Mrs Kevins can’t actually quite believe that she is taking orders from her enemy Captain Hook. Lily stands facing William aboard the deck of the Black Pearl.

“No one seems to be here let’s return now to the Jolly Rodger and help Hook to take down that Jack bloke!” She tells him.

Smee nods his head in response to what Kevins has just told him about. Lily then makes to walk away from the right hand man pirate to Captain Hook, but then Mr Smee grabs the young lady by the arm in order to hold her back from walking away from him. Smee smiles at Lily.

“When we return to the pirate ship go down and rescue your husband from his prison cell! I know that I was wrong to lock Razz up in the cellar, and for that I am forever sorry to you, but I know that if you don’t rescue Razz from his prison cell now that after killing off Captain Jack Sparrow Master Hook is going to be angry, and he is going to shoot Razz in his anger!” He explains to her.

Mr Smee then proceeds to hand a dirty key that is rotten up with thick dust over to Mrs Lily. Lily can’t actually quite take in just what is happening right now. She can’t believe her luck that Mr Smee is actually offering to help her free Razz from his cell. Lily takes to pocketing the key in the pocket of her new dark brown leather cape. Mr Smee takes to placing his finger on his lip.

“Don’t tell Hook that it was me who gave you the key!” He instructs Lily.

She nods her head in understanding in response to what he has just instructed her about. It is clear to Lily now that Mr Smee could tell that she was taking his pirate Captain for a ride, and she is surprised to discover that he isn’t at all angry with her for it.

Chapter 6

Both William Smee and Lily Kevins return themselves to the deck of the Jolly Rodger together, and there they find Captain Hook sharing out a fierce sword fight with Captain Jack Sparrow. William rushes over to help his Captain in his fight while Lily sneaks off down to the cellars in the ship.

Lily Kevins rushes through the corridor that all the prison cells are in aboard this pirate ship. Lily can see that Captain Hook has captured himself many different prisoners within the enchanted forest, and has taken to lock them all up within his ship. However Lily knows that these prisoner’s are not her responsibility, and so she decides to just concentrate on freeing her husband Razz and not anymore of the prisoner’s. Lily appears outside her husband’s prison cell inside this dirty trampy corridor that is onboard this prison cell. Lily can see through the bars of the cell her husband Razz sunk down onto the filthy floor of the cell twiggling with his fingers. Lily hisses out at Razz.

“Hey let’s get you out of here shall we?” She hisses out at him sounding determined to free him from being locked up inside of here.

Razz seems ever so relieved to find Lily standing just outside his prison cell like this. Lily then uses the key that Mr Smee gave to her to unlock the door of Razz’s prison cell. Razz rushes out of his prison cell, and into his wife’s loving arms. Lily holds Razz lovingly in her arms.

“Hey it’s ok you have nothing to fear I’m here now!” She promises him.

Lily is now ready to protect her husband against the nasty mean pirates. Lily kisses Razz lovingly on his lips.

“I knew you’d come for me love,” Razz tells his wife.

Razz knows that no matter just what danger either one of them are in both he himself and his wife Lily will always be there for one another. Lily and Razz take one another firmly by the hand. Lily smiles at her husband.

“I will always be there for you!” She vows to him.

Mr Smee then appears on the corridor just before them.

“I have lowered a rowing boat into the sea for the two of you to use,” he explains to them both.

Both Lily and Razz take to thanking Mr Smee for his help in ensuring their safety. They hurry as fast as they can along the corridor, and up the stairs leading up onto the deck of the ship. Razz and Lily dash over the deck of the Jolly Rodger together. They both manage to avoid getting caught up in the battle that is going on between Jones and Sparrow. Luckily Captain Hook doesn’t notice that either one of them is escaping from him. Lily and Razz struggle down from the deck of the ship into the little rowing boat that Mr Smee has placed in the sea for them. Razz begins to sail the rowing boat using the ors.


They’ve managed to escape from him! Both Lily and Razz Kevins are now determined while sitting in their rowing boat that they are going to find a way of going home together!

The end





Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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