Stranger Than Friends

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This is a story about the bonds between four friends growing up in Clover Falls, Pennsylvania. After witnessing a meteor shower one night, they start realizing that their destinies are all entwined.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Close Call

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012



“God, slow down already. What's the rush?” Kyle asked, as he was running trying to keep up with Zack.

“We have to hurry if we wanna get there before dark to set up the telescope.” Zack answered.

“Excuse the hell outta me for not caring about this stupid meteor shower as much as you Zack.” Kyle said condescendingly.

“So why is it you're coming?” Zack asked.

“Because we live in Clover Falls, and there's nothin better to do on a Friday night.” Kyle replied.

“Oh wait, I almost forgot that Katie's going too. She's never gonna go out with you dude. She's a whole year older than us.” Zack laughed.

“Dickweed! For the millionth time, I DO NOT LIKE KATIE!” Kyle screamed.

“Whatever you say Kyle.” Zack snickered.

Zack wasn't into chasing girls so much. He really only cared about astronomy. Things on Earth just seemed trivial to Zack. He always felt as if he were a part of something bigger, something cosmic . Other kids called him dork, geek, nerd, the usual seventh grade remarks to a kid who gets straight A's and is the president of the Astronomy Club. Zack didn't care though. The other kids, except for Kyle, Tommy, and Katie, were just dust in the wind to Zack. He knew that his time on this planet was short, so he didn't pay much attention to anyone other than his best friends. Zack was sent to Clover Falls to live with his grandma when his parents died in a car accident 3 years ago. Grams was nice and all, but was usually in a catatonic state watching The Price is Right reruns on t.v. all day. The only time she ever said more than two words to Zack was when she had him show her how to work the digital recorder she had installed on the t.v. whenever Drew Carey started hosting The Price is Right. She'll probably never get over the fact that Bob Barker will no longer be wooing the masses on regularly scheduled broadcasts, offering contestants a chance to win, “A BRAND NEW CAR!”

“Hurry up Kyle.” Zack said while making his way up the steps of the water tower that sits atop Headache Hill.

“Okay, Okay. I'm coming.” Kyle gasped as he caught his breath.

“Tell me again why I'm carrying YOUR telescope Zack?”

“I thought you said you wanted to get buff so girls would notice you?” Zack asked.

“I was talking about lifting weights Zack, not lugging around this piece of...”

“Oh hey Katie. What's up?” Zack cut Kyle off.

The second he heard Katie's name, Zack dropped down and started pumping out pushups, struggling when he got past five.

“HA HA HA.” Zack laughed. “You are so pathetic dude.” Zack said, pointing at Kyle as he continued laughing.

Kyle, looking up and realizing that no one was there except Zack, struggled to catch his breath again.

“You're such an asshole.” Kyle said, as he stood up and dusted off his Levi's.

“When are Katie and Tommy supposed to get here?” Kyle asked.

“Come on Kyle, give me a hand. I don't wanna miss it!”

“Alright, Alright.” Kyle said, as he extended the legs on the tripod. “But, You're still an asshole.”

Zack lifted his Orion Starblaster telescope onto the tripod and tightened the screws.

“Hey, theres another one!” Kyle pointed to the night sky.

Zack hurried to finish tightening the screws and remove the lens cover. He shoved Kyle out of the way and pointed the Starblaster northwest to pick out a good spot in clear expanse. Zack's telescope was his most treasured possession. He saved the money he made cutting grass for two whole summers, and stole $50 from gram's sock drawer to pay for it. He did, of course, have every intention of paying grams back, eventually.

“Hey guys.” Katie said as she climbed up the last step of the water tower.

“Hey Katie. Hey Tommy.” Kyle said, as his face lit up like a shooting star.

“Whats up loser?” Tommy responded.

“Katie, you gotta come see this. It's out of this world!” Zack said in an excited voice. Zack always used corny phrases when it came to astronomy.

Katie placed her hand on Zack's shoulder to steady herself as she bent over to look through the viewing lens. Katie really didn't care about astronomy. She only pretended to care, since she liked Zack. Zack stood up to let Katie get a closer look, never taking his eyes off the meteor shower.

“How long is this bordem supposed to last Zack?”

“Only another five minutes.” Zack replied.

“You mean to tell me I walked all the way up here carrying your ass blaster to watch a ten minute meteor shower?” Kyle asked.

“It's called a Star Blaster moron. Besides, all the heavy lifting is doing wonders for your biceps.” Zack said while still looking up in the night sky.

“You really think so?” Kyle asked, as he lifted up his shirt sleeves flexing his muscles.

“Yeah, I bet you can even beat me in arm wrestling now.” Tommy added just before he slugged Kyle in the arm.


“Hey look at that one. It looks like its heading this way.” Katie said to Zack as she grabbed his arm.

“Let me have a look Katie.” Zack said.

Tommy and Kyle were now having a wrestling match, which Tommy was winning.

“Ouch, jerk!”
“Aw, what's the matter Mr. Universe? I thought you can take me now.” Tommy said while putting Kyle in an arm bar.

“Okay. Okay. You win!” Kyle shouted while tapping out on the metal surface of the water tower.

Katie had her arm wrapped through Zack's, while he was busy looking at the meteor that was screaming towards them.

“Man it's coming right for us!” Zack shouted, never taking his eye off the lens.

“Holy shit!” Kyle yelled.

Tommy just stood there staring intensely as the fiery meteor got closer and closer. Katie tightened her grip on Zack's arm, and moved closer to him.

“Watch out!” Kyle screamed as he hit the deck.

“OH MY GOD!” Katie cried while she ducked under Zack, who was still staring at the burning chunk of celestial rock. Tommy simply ducked his head as the meteor passed over them. He always was an adrenaline junkie. Zack never ducked, or even blinked for that matter.

“Holy shit! Did you see that? We were almost killed!” Kyle shouted.

“Awesome!” Tommy added.

“I can't believe how close that came to us.” Katie said shakily.

“Come on! We gotta go find where it landed” Zack said, leaving the Star Blaster behind as he went running down the water tower steps.

“Wait up.” Tommy yelled, following closely behind.

Kyle and Katie looked at each other, sighed, and followed Zack and Tommy down the steps.

© Copyright 2017 Matthew Zabala. All rights reserved.


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