Out of Body: A New Life

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Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



Late November 2012. My partner was heavily pregnant with our beautiful daughter. The last thing on my mind was anything to do with Out of Body experiences so it came as quite a shock to me when I encountered my first experience of having sleep paralysis at this time.
It was early morning, around 2am. I had slept very uncomfortably on a hard bedroom floor for that past three or four weeks and I was constantly awakening throughout the night to maneuver myself into a more comfortable position. Despite my more than average knowledge on sleep paralysis it was still a truly unsettling experience to have been through. The feeling of not being able to move when you are physically aware that you are awake should be a terrifying thought for anybody. In my case I was also unable to open my eyes during the incident and the feeling was more than I could handle, I was not thinking about what it could have been and I found myself in a panic almost instantly. I could not speak or move any muscle in my body. The only action I was aware of was the fast paced breathing and the feeling as if I were being held down from head to toe. I forced myself to focus and come to realize that i needed to somehow make my partner aware that i needed her help. I focused
on exhaling through my nose in short sharp bursts in hope i could wake her up. Success, i felt a hand grip my shoulder and could here a soft voice persuading me to "wake up", my body regained all of its physical senses and i instantly turned to my partner realizing that for the first time i had just had sleep paralysis. It was exactly what i wanted, it what was i needed to convince myself that what JL had been discussing with me could have at least some truth to it, maybe?

Of course the only thing on my mind the following morning was to get to work and discuss my previous nights incident to JL. Of course he was ecstatic, overwhelmed by the joy of me allowing the possibility of truth in all this madness he was feeding me. I couldn't help but feel i should take the advice JL gave me, what was there to lose, nothing, but possibly a lot to gain. He advised me that should i come across this sleep paralysis again, i was to stay calm and allow the process to take place
no matter how uncomfortable it feels. He made it sound easy. Make sure you go to sleep with a positive attitude and with positive energy he added.

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