Shockwave by Max Dinella

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Matt is an abducted human who is brainwashed with so much universal intelligence and spawns with teleportation and his SHIP.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shockwave by Max Dinella

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



To my parents, Mr. Fraga, Ms. Kelly, and me, without whom none of this would be possible…

The Death of a Loved One

Chapter 10

“Matt, the dimensions of what you want to do, don’t add up, or make sense! We are all going to die if you go through with this plan!” screamed Hannah.

“This is the Aldrians, Hannah! Anything can happen!” hollered Matt.

“All you have to do is teleport us back to Hites! We’ll be safe there! Matt! Matt!? Are you even listening?” screamed Andrew.

“Of course I’m listening! Do you think I’m an idiot? We can’t go back to Hites! If we retreat here, the Aldrians will just follow us! Take the battle to them! There is no possible way anyone on Earth can die!”

“But, the Aldrians don’t attack us, Matt!” screamed Robbie.

“Unless they are provoked, and if you haven’t notice, WE ARE AT WAR WITH THEM AT THE MOMENT!” Matt screamed back.

“Just teleport us back!” screamed Robbie.

“I CAN’T!” Matt yelled back.

“And why not?” questioned Robbie.

“Because that’s not what happens!” screamed Matt. As he did, an Aldrian soldier fired his gun. The laser went 100 feet through the air and into the chest of Laurie. She fell down flat. Robbie ran up to her immediately, and started CPR. Nothing worked. The Aldrians left. They always do, after their first kill. Robbie lay there, on top of Laurie, crying.

“That’s what happens…” whispered Matt.

“What the hell?” screamed Robbie. “Matt, what the actual HELL?”

“Robbie, it’s okay.”

“No! Matt! It’s not okay! My girlfriend is dead! She was shot! And… And… And… IT’ ALL YOUR FAULT!” Robbie screamed as he walked into the SHIP.


“TAKE ME HOME!” shouted Robbie.

“Alright, we’d better leave before the Aldrians come back for round 2,” stated Matt, “Robbie, are you sure?”

“Take me back to Wulin.”

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