The Assassin Trilogy: Book 1: Zachary Pillie Assassin of France

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Taken from Home

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



London, England 1712

Zachary was playing in his yard in London. He was playing with his friends, George Livington and Rebecca Samanthan.

"Zachary! It's time to come inside!" yelled Zachary's mother.

"Here I come, mother!" exclaimed Zachary. He ran into his house. He ran in, but did not find his mother there. All he found were two of the Royal Guards.

"Get him." said one so coldly. The other grabbed Zachary, without any trouble and put Zachary in a bag. They drove, horseback, into the Church-of-Saint-Peter-on-the-Wall. They took him into a secret room, and unbagged him.

As Zachary was unbagged, he witness a room, so unimaginable, There were computers, televisions, cameras, phones, other such technological advances for such a time. One machine stuck out to Zachary. It was a machine with dates on it. These dates go from 1800 hundred years into the past and 400 years into the future. The guards looked around.

"Isn't this an amazing room?" snarked a Royal Guard.

"Shut up, Jameson!" exclaimed another. As he did, he went to the machine and chose the date, 17 October, 2012. A portal-like doorway, invisible to those who weren't part of the Royal Bloodline of France, opened up.

"Faire vous voir il?" asked a Royal Guard. The boy was stunned at this question. Silence was built in the room. The boy did not speak a lick of French. Muttering between the two guards became louder. After the point of realization had already passed, the guards asked in the sacred language.

"?????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?????" (Do you see the light, Son?)

"Etiam, Pater. Ibo ad filios post." (Yes, Father. I will go to the children of After.) replied the boy. He had no idea what he had just stated, but he realized what was going on. The boy DID see the light. He wanted to run up to the light and sit in the throne, as if it would bring him eternal happiness. But before he knew what would happen, another guard had walked in.

"We have found him." the new guard said into a microphone.

"Send him to us." said a man with a booming, yet flat voice.

"Wait, what about my brother? and Mother?" cried the boy. There was dead silence in the room. The guards could not tell the boy what they had done. They had kidnapped both his brother and mother, and hid them in different locations.

"Your mother is dead." lied the guard who then threw the boy into time.

--End of Part 1—

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