Saving One Life

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Eve and her little sister, Kelsi, are in danger when Kelsi doesn't fit the needs and qualities of their mother's people. Eve has fully devoloped, but 4 year olf Kelsi is a late blummer, but the people sent to take her don't know that. See how far Eve will go to save her sister, and fullfill the last wish of her mother before she died. SAVE ONE LIFE.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Saving One Life

Submitted: June 14, 2011

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



You better think first before you hurt me, the people I love, or are in love with.
Kelsi has weird way of waking people up.
Before your alarm clock is able to go off she burst through your bedroom door and literally bounces you to death, my little sis.
But believe me if she hits you just right you’ll have a) a sore neck b) sore back c)can't get out of bed for a week.
Except this morning, my alarm clock went off on time, and she didn't come in ready to pounce.
I propped myself on my elbow and ran my finger through my hair.
I forced myself from my comfy bed and almost fell on the way to the door.
"Kelsi?" I walked down the hallway to her room.
It was open.
All of the sudden something hit me from behind and grabbed my leg. I heard the all too familiar giggle and looked down.
"Good morning nut head." I picked her up and started to carry her down stairs.
Man she was getting steady on her feet, and heavy. I shifted her wait to my other hip.
I set her down at the end of the steps and she giggled again running to the kitchen.
My face fell when I entered our kitchen. I was so used to having our mother make us breakfast, but she was killed 2 weeks ago in a car accident. I sighed and stepped into the room.
I opened to fridge and frowned, "Hey what do you want for breakfast munchkin?"
"Cerweal." She piped.
I turned to her in confusion and put a hand on my hip, "You like cereal? Since when?"
"Since mommy left." She frowned for an instant but perked up in seconds.
I half smiled and pulled the milk from the fridge. I still hadn't told her about mom and I don't plan to till she gets older.
There was a knock at the door, "Can you fix it Kelsi?"
She nodded and I left the room and walked down the hallway to the front door.
The person at the door was really inpatient because they knocked again. I unlatched it and opened the door to a face I sadly knew all to well.
I called back to Kelsi, "Kelsi be good I'll just be outside talking with Miss Amy."
"Okay." she said in her grown up version voice. I winced.
I closed the door behind me and looked at Amy, "What do you want?"
"I came by to see how Kelsi was doing. She seems to be growing fine." She smiled.
I narrowed my eyes and spoke quickly, "I promised I would keep an eye on her. Didn't I so far? Her powers will come any day now. But remember, when we use our powers, no human can see them. Angelia next door will be fine taking care of her."
Amy's jaw clenched, "Yeah I guess so, but I'm here to tell you, Boss isn't patient, and to keep him waiting can cause harm. No human can ever find out the existent of us. It would be a mistake, a costly mistake."
She turned and looked around before she disappeared. I wiped the sweat off my brow and headed back into the house.
I went into the kitchen and Kelsi had finished her breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. I smiled to myself and headed upstairs.
I peeked in Kelsi’s room and she was in her closet trying to find some clothes. I opened the door and she turned her head in my direction and smiled.
"Find anything yet?" I said bending down next to her.
Her forehead wrinkled and she held up to shirts, "I can't choose between the green one and the red one."
I studied them, "If I were you I'd pick the red one and then go with some jeans."
She smiled and set both shirts to hug my. I wrapped my arms around her and held her in my arms. I was not going to let any thing happen to the last left of my family.

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