Pain pull of love

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Suki is the sister of Kakuzu of the Akatsuki she has been invited to coem and join them knowing about her power she with holds inside her. Things change in her life, she swore never to lvoe but will tht change? Will she every figure out who stole her muffin....... dont ask......

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pain pull of love

Submitted: April 04, 2010

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Submitted: April 04, 2010



Kakuzu sat in the the leader of the akatsuk ioffice with his two partners Hidan and Kiro ,brotherand sister, Both Jashin lovers, He tryed to ingore there bickering, "No Kiro yuor the lazy a**" Hidan said with a grip on her collar, Kiro haveing the dam grip on Hidan's Shot back, "No your the lazy A**!!!" she insited on.

Pein wallked in with a few papers in his hand, "Ah yes good all three of you are here" He said sitting at his desk folding his arms. His gray eye stopped on me. "I have a mission for you three I need to your ask a person to join us" He said handing my the file smiling, My eye twitchedthe picture I was looking was my Little sister, Suki.

We walked into my village coming up to my huge mansion. "Wow Zu" Kiro said patting my back"I could so spent a summer here" she said with a huge smile. I knocked on the door a man with black hair and a tuz answer. His eyes went wide "Wa WA WA Kakuzu saaan" he wailed fliy open the door running back screaming "Kakuzu saaaan!". all theese people ame runnig out to see as I lead Hidan and Kiro to the main room. I slammed the door open i took off my cloak as Hidan and Kiro did the same. Swiftly i pulled down my mask show my stiches on my face. I opened another door a huge room with too People sitting in chairs facing us. the man stood with a huge smile, the woman ran up nd hugged me yelling "Zu my baby!!!!!!". "mom" i said not hugging back. I huge scream came from the top of the stairs a person jumped off the top land with a flip. I girl with black hair in a pony tail, sea blue eye's , wearing a purple tank top and black cut off pants. She ran up to me taclking my "KAKUZU -SAN!!!!!!!!!" She screeked.


Hidan point of veiw.

This crazy old dude opens the door screaming about Kakuzu. and all these creppy loking old ppl walk out looking at us and yelling about stuff. As we walked into this room an old looking lady hugging kakuzu i'm gussing his mom. Then a really hot girl came and hugged him Im gussing his sister. Wow who knew Kakuzu sister was hot.

O.e yeah crapy but it gets better o and if You have an coomment about freank grammer dont post it cuz I DONT WANNA HEAR IT!

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