Start To End Suki

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This Story of Suki's life From Start to Now.
idk bored -.-

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Start To End Suki

Submitted: May 17, 2010

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Submitted: May 17, 2010



Start To End Suki

*oh and Suki s a really skin care product and it make me laugh every tiem i see it >w<*

I am Tysukio, I like to be called Suki in stead. This is my story of well me, I was a Killer, none caring, horrible, love hating, Person.

Well that still I met him, The one, a Handsome, Loving, Foul Mouthed, Stupid, Jashing loving, Freak Hidan. He change my whole Wolrd upside down from the day we meet. THen There my Brother, that money loving, zombie, killer, shy, Kakuzu.

Well Thats a Hint of my story read on why dont you -.-


Long midnight black waving Hair. Put in bun or pony tail

Blood sheed Eyes

Evil weird funny and hyper

Enjoys : Anything now but back then nothing.




Zenzu*made him up Suki and Kakuzu older brother X3*


and then others like

Uncles Aunts Cousins


As Suki grows up a few important people come into the story heres there names

May*me Owo*

Game*a bffl who's loves akatsuki like me*

Naiko*she;'s in past and future*

Mika*Sister To Naiko

Kiro*Hidan younger but awesome sister*

Hidan *foul motuhed person*


They are brother and sister, they both praise the Evil lord of death Jashin

THey love pain *blood guts all that*

They perform thing were the draw a circle and a trinagle iside and they like stab them selfs......... yeah


Naiko meet Suki long time ago when traviling by herslef they became friend and travled toegtehr but then When invided to the Aaktsuki Suki left her to and Naikowolud have gone with her too but had to return home in the heard of her ill sister on her death bed *Mika* But Mika lives soo yay XD!!!


Suki: i like me story*

Kakuzu: Why is always about her TT^TT

Kiro: Why is a here?

May*me*: cause i put you here!!!!

Kiro: o.e ok

Hidan : Hi Suki-chan

Suki :^W^*hug tackles Hidan* ~nya~ hi Hidan-san

May, Kakuzu ,Kiro: o.o.....

May: ....ok well cya guy later im tired bed time byes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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