Wolfs & Fangs

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This Book is for all the Twilight Fans All of the world, Know you wish deep down in your heart, you wish Twilight was real.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wolfs & Fangs

Submitted: June 02, 2010

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Submitted: June 02, 2010




Name: Madeline

Looks: Low Golden Blonde Hair , Blue eyes with green outline and yellow aound the pupi.

Madeline: A half Vampire Before Edward even thought About Bella. Her Father is no other than the rotten, ugly, Aro the head of the Volturi. She was born From her mother who die giving her birth. Aro Despised the Thought of a Half breed Vampire but couldn’t bring himself to kill the sweet innocent newly birthed daughter, so he kept her, When she stopped her growth at age 16 or so, Aro her father Wanted to visit an old friend that lived in Alaska.


?My Golden Blonde hair Swung low, my breath was short each time I inhaled. I was nervous, What if I wasn’t Excepted of being a half breed of the sort.

“Madeline” My Father sighed, “Please clam yourself”

“I’m nervous Father Aro” I Said leveling my eye on the ground as we ran through the land of Vancouver Canada. We arrived in Alaska, at the two story house in the deep woods just of the bored line of Alaska and Canada. Aro walked froth and knock four time on the door and smiled happily.

A Man of blond hair, and is slender but muscular Answer the door. He smiled and shook Aro hand.

“Welcome to my humble home old friend” He said, Aro took my hand leading me into the house full of not one nor two, but seven full breed vampires *seven not counting Aro*

The atmosphere of the home was quiet and peaceful, I saw a woman of caramel-colored hair; she also has a heart-shaped face with dimples, and her figure is slender, but rounded and soft walling towards us with a smile. She raped her arm around the man who opened the door, she looked shock and made the best fake clam smile she could.

“Madeline, this is Carlisle Cullen” My Father said pointing to the man” And his adoring wife Esme Cullen” He finished point to the lovely woman. I smiled and shook their hands.

“Hello it is very nice to meet you” I said my most polite voice “ My names is Madeline”

They both looked at each other, then to Aro with confustion in there eyes. Aro took them into the kicten for a few mineute, I knew they were talking about my how your say situation.


"What do you mean half breed!........ in the possible"

?O3O yeah!

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