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“Ariana, I’m going to need you to watch my sister while I go out and… kill my mother.” That sounded so wrong coming out of my mouth. I’m not exactly a killer, other than in video games, but I mean… This is my mom. How exactly can I bring myself to beating my moms’ brains in? Then again, she be beating my ass. She nodded as I placed her on the bed. “I’ll be back and then we can go. Hopefully, she’s awoke by then.” I edged towards the door and placed my ear on it, listening for any sudden moments or signs of if she’s still on the other side. Nothing. “Okay, Ariana. Remove the shoe and open the door. When I leave, you put the shoe back on the door and you close the door. But not necessarily in that order.”

Again, she nodded. “Come back safely.”

“I can only promise to try.” I said as she removed the shoe and opened the door. I walked out and she closed the door. Everything still looked the same. Hole in wall. Little inklings of blood soaked in the carpet. Picture frames shattered on the ground. Perfect. I’m not dreaming. I edged my way towards my sister’s room, taking very careful steps because the house is , like, a thousand years old and likes to creak when you step on its good spots. When I got to her room, I almost forgot why I never go in there. It’s way too girly for even my test. I understand she’s a little girl and all, but there is just so much pink. This is too much for a man of my stature to handle. Okay, check it out. Her walls are splattered with pink… and red? Where did that come from? Oh, that’s blood.

Anyway, she doesn’t have a TV because she “accidentally” watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. There’s one part where Freddy comes out of the TV and kills that one girl. Tragic! And she was scared to hell. So she has no TV. But she does have this big Powerpuff Girls bed with Blossom on the blanket. And a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals filling up half of the queen sized bed. Oh, yeah. She has a bigger bed than me. As if she really needed a bigger bed. Favoritism, man.

So I edged closer and closer inside, looking for any signs of my mother. Everything looked completely normal except for the blood on the wall. I sighed and lowered my guard. “Well, she’s not in here.” Just as I walked out of the room, I heard the creaking of the steps and it sounded like it was getting closer. I ran back inside of my sister’s room and closed the door and put one of her shoes in front of the door. See, unlike me, she got carpeted floors as well.

I stepped back as my mom, what I’ll assume is my mom, slammed against the door. I looked around for a place to hide! It doesn’t matter where! She didn’t have a fucking closet?! Are you serious?! Where the fuck am I gonna hide?! Luckily for me, my mom is a weak zombie so I have some time before she breaks in. She slammed against it again and I could’ve sworn I heard a cracking sound. And you know what else? That brown line that’s streaking down my sister’s pink door? It looks an awful lot like a fucking crack. “Son of a!” My heart raced like a crack head’s. I couldn’t find any place to hide! I am so dead. So fucking dead. Just then… I saw my means of camouflage. I didn’t like it, but it seemed like my only option.

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Ok what is he going to do? Is that his mom or some other zombie? Gah I got to read on!

Wed, February 5th, 2014 9:17pm


He's going to do something..... Like saving the world from zombies.... Or something like that. Lol.

Wed, February 5th, 2014 2:52pm


Oh my goodness the way he describes his sister's room is funny. His sister thinks nigthmare on elm street was scary a day after i watched that one movie "The Ring" my damn T.V came back on when i turned it off, and to add to that i guess my little brother had spilled some water near the T.V (of course i didn't find that out till afterwards) anyways i've never ran out of a room faster. ~Poetic

Wed, February 5th, 2014 9:50pm


I watched Sinister and I had the scariest fucking dream I have ever had in my entire life. I could not sleep for a few days.

Wed, February 5th, 2014 2:58pm

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