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The door burst into small splinters as my mom’s final slam caused it to. She growled as she stood in the epicenter of the room, looking around. Sniffing actually. She looked so much worse than before. Her clothes were in rags. There were what look like stab wounds on her body, every part of her body. And her eyes weren’t the white they were before. They were a dark yellow. Her hair, her long, luxurious black hair, was gone. She looked like a cancer patient, but I’m the one that might die. Okay, that was also horrible, but you try and think of something clever in my situation. She looked in my direction and I prayed to Superman that she doesn’t see me. I had to slow my breathing so she wouldn’t hear me, but I had a lot of things surrounding me, so I couldn’t do that as good as you’d think. She started edging her snapping jaws at me. I could smell the blood and brains on her breath. I held onto my bat tightly and closely as she got closer and closer.

Oh, thanks God. Oh no. Oh, God, not now. I felt strange and I felt like I was being eaten alive from the inside, except it wasn’t that painful. “Oh god, no.” I whispered so low that she couldn’t hear me. “Too late.” Suddenly, a tiny squeak released itself from my ass and my mom immediately shot a look my way and sprinted towards me. I leaped from where I was hiding and used the held the bat horizontally in front of me, holding her snapping jaws from ripping anything on my face apart. “Oh, god, your breath.” I exclaimed in disgust as I moved to the left and let her plow into the plaster wall. I hopped off of the bed and looked at her as she rose and quickly turned at me. I took a steps back, but slipped on one of her stuffed animals. Stupid gorilla! She leaped on top of me and I was at the same position I was at not five seconds ago, except I was on the floor. Oh yeah. She was definitely stronger as her mouth edged closer and closer to my nose.

“Aargh!” I struggled to push her off of me, but she was stronger than before. It looks like this may be the end. My nose was practically inside her mouth before there was another creaking sound and my little sister was at the door. Rubbing her eyes, yawning. “Amari?!”

“Riker, why are you and mom fighting?” She said in a drowsy voice. Suddenly, my mom had a new target: Amari. She lunged at her like a lion to a gazelle. “NOOOO!!”

Submitted: February 05, 2014

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Ok, ok, I really don't like that sister, but she saved his life! And where is Ariana? Shouldn't she be watching?

Wed, February 5th, 2014 9:19pm


Yeah, Ariana is.....

Occupied. Lol.

Wed, February 5th, 2014 2:52pm


Hehe i thought Amari was going to come in the room and go HAM on their mother with a bat while she saved her brother :P. Looks like she might be dead though :/. ~Poetic

Wed, February 5th, 2014 9:55pm


I swear to God I was thinking about doing that. But I said, "Nah." But maybe.... Just maybe...

Wed, February 5th, 2014 2:56pm

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