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When I got down there, everything was hectic. Something was wrong. I ran through the hallways as quick as I could. Scientists were all running away from what I was running towards. Which was? I don’t know! When I got to the laboratory, there was this big creature. About the size of a bus and had blue skin with razors for arms. Silver was firing her pistols at it, but the bullets ricocheted here and there. One whizzed past my ears, damn near taking it off.

She looked back at me and yelled, “Riker, take your friends and get out!” Just as she turned her head, the creature raised his arms and swiped at her, but she back flipped out of the way and landed on a computer console. It slammed his razors down at her, but she flipped off the console before he could touch her. It hit the console and it started to smoke and vibrate rapidly like it was getting electrocuted to a crisp. She stared at the thing and then looked at me, nut that was a mistake. With its free arm, he swiped at Silver, slicing her in half. As the top half of her body flew in through the air, her guts and intestines dropped out like a miscarriage.

“Silver!” I yelled as her body hit the ground in a dull thud! Big mistake. The creature turned its head at me and smiled. He pulled his arm out of the console and stomped towards me, but the console started to beep, exploding after the final beep. The explosion engulfed the creature, setting fire to him. It started to go wild in the laboratory, destroying anything and everything in its path. Even the cage that held the Witch from the earlier.

“Son of a nigga!” I said as I ran back towards the elevator, but it was full of the useless scientists and there was no more room as the doors closed in my face. I looked back and saw that the Witch was closing in fast. I saw a path that led to stairs and took it. I heard the Witch’s fierce cries of anger as she pursued me through the pathway, up the metal stairs, and through a door that led to a garage of other cars and buses. Well, almost through a door. I closed it and barred it before she could get through. But she was mad and stuff. Every blow put dents in the door and my chest. I am scared! I should be! They opened the garage doors, but that was a mistake. Swarms of zombies all came inside, growling and screaming and screeching and hungry. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed. “Oh shit fuck fuck shitfuck!” I ran towards the nearest vehicle, which happened to be a bus, and hopped aboard. Inside, my friends were already on.

“Ariana! David! Kyra! How the hell did you get here so fast?” I said, looking at Kyra.

“When I got off the elevator, they led me here.” She answered, pointing at Ariana and David.

“Riker, we have to get out of here.” David said. No shit. I walked to the back, but I saw that my little sister, Amari, was in the back seat, unconscious. I pointed at her and looked at Ariana. She smiled.

“They had the cure ready. She was the first subject.”

Almost crying, I hugged my little sister, but she didn’t hug me back. “You should be happy.” Ariana. “They were about to kill her, but I saved her from that and injected her with the cure.”

“So you saved her life? Thank you.” Ariana is alright with me now. Suddenly, the bus started to rock back and forth. The zombies! Goddamn these sappy moments! They even blocked the exit. There was no way to get out!

“I have an idea.” David walked towards the driver’s seat and pulled out a suitcase. “A bomb.”

“Where did that bomb come from?” I asked them.

“One of the scientists were gonna use it to level this place when they left, but he got ripped apart before he could set it. I however know the passcode.” He opened it and typed in something. “There. The bomb is due to explode in three minutes.”

“That’s great!” Ariana said. “But we’re still here!” The bus rocked back and forth harder, almost tipping over to the left. We weren’t going to get out and I had an idea.

“David, give me the bomb.” I grabbed the bomb and headed towards the back.

“Wait, Riker.” Ariana said. “What are you planning on doing?”

“I don’t have a plan.” I laughed. “Just an impulse. You guys have the cure, right?” They all nodded. “Great. Find some living scientist. Get it to everyone else. I have to do something.” I grabbed the handle of the door and turned. I felt a hand on my hand. It was Amari.

“You’ll be back, right?” She asked me in a sleepy, but concerned  voice. This is seriously the cheapest and most mitral thing that has ever happened in the history of everything.

I smiled. “Yep. When it’s clear, leave.” I opened the door and hopped over all of the zombies and ran towards the corner. “HEY! OVER HERE! DARK MEAT! COME AND GET IT!” Like a moth to the flame, they charged at me. I stood in the corner as the door that held the Witch at bay was broken down and the Witch pushed through a lot of zombies to get to me. Just as she grabbed me, I headbutted her as hard as I could, knocking her out cold. I looked at the timer on the bomb. Thirty seconds. I looked at the charging zombies as they cleared the exit for them. They drove off and I saw as they all looked at me. I smiled at them. I looked back at the zombies as they closed in on me. “I’m going to blow you to bits!” I ran towards them with the bomb and screamed, “Bite me!” As I jumped at the crowd, the bomb exploded and I felt a burning sensation as my life ended. Right there.  

Submitted: February 18, 2014

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AHEM. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( why did you die on me?! I don't want you to die! *sob *sob :,( awaaaaaaaa. Ok now that that's over, great ending! I loved the way you said right there. I was just like no! Then I cried for like 5 minutes. Tell me when you publish alone 2. RIKER! Why??

Tue, February 18th, 2014 11:22pm


Actually... I don't even know if I should do a sequel. I wasn't happy with this one....
But thanks for reading it all the way to the end!

Tue, February 18th, 2014 3:26pm


Riker!!!! You didn't have to go out like will smith!! This ending is beautiful and unexpected. *clapp clap* and dauumm I guess silver wasn't half as good at fighting and all that good stuff as I thought. "Son of a nigga." That had me laughing sooo hard. Yay amari is back, but riker gone my nigga dead! I really enjoyed this novel BFAT! But thats not a surprise :). ~Poetic

Wed, February 19th, 2014 1:49am


Well, thank you for sticking with this crap to the end. Really. And yeah. That was my idea for him to go out like Will Smith in I Am Legend. I liked the alternate ending of that one better. Anyway, thanks again!

Tue, February 18th, 2014 6:17pm


I really enjoyed this, dude. Somehow, you managed to shed a light on the otherwise depressing storyline that is witty, clever, and a real service to the genre. May Cthulhu smile upon thee.

Thu, March 20th, 2014 5:27am


Well, thank you for reading all the way up to this point, sir. I really appreciate it!

Fri, March 21st, 2014 1:40pm

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