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Elizabeth O'Connor is the only daughter of one of the twelve nobles that rule and govern the country of Ethelia. One day, to no apparent reason, their family manor was burned down along with her mother and father. Determined to find the reason behind this, orphaned Elizabeth sets out on a journey with her only friends Seru and Seki.And while on this peculiar journey learn hard lessons,discover the value of life and a lot more then they would have wanted to find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Travelers Guide

Submitted: November 29, 2011

Reads: 283

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



The Journey

I was running, breathing heavily. The wind was in my face. I finally arrived at the edge of a cliff. I looked back. Something was chasing me. My only options were to jump or to be killed by whatever was chasing me. I jumped. I heard frustrated roars from above. Whatever was chasing me, I got away. But I had a feeling that was not the end of it. As I tumble down I didn’t lose consciousness. Oh, I was VERY MUCH AWAKE. I felt all my limbs trembling, shaking as uncontrollably as possible. The air that told me I was descending and going to hit the ground. The fear of crushing all my bones on impact was so overwhelming I couldn’t scream. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was only a few feet away from the ground. I was sure I was going to die and as if by some miracle time stopped. A voice spoke in my head. It sounded ancient and powerful yet it was not an enemy. I couldn’t understand what it was saying. Then I realized it was speaking in a different language.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re saying”

The voice chuckled. It was warm and soothing and I forgot where I was for a moment then it all came and to me I was falling and time stopped all because the voice spoke to me. Wait! I stand corrected. It wasn’t just a voice. It was voices.

“You will understand soon mistress, when the time is right. Good-bye for now.” They both said in unison

‘Wait! Please!” I called after them

But it was too late. I was falling again. Suddenly I heard an angry voice say:

“Elizabeth? Elizabeth! Wake up!”

The dream faded into oblivion and I woke up in my room.

“Elizabeth, get up now! You’re going to be late for your duties again!”

“Just a few more minutes’ mom….” I said with a groan and immediately my head hit my pillow oncne more.

“No Elizabeth! Get up now! Or else I’ll make you visit your father’s colleagues today. “My mother threatened

I groaned once more but did what my mom said. I got up and put on my daily clothes for duty. My family is one of the twelve nobles in our country. Every family is assigned to a province by the Emperor. Our family was given “Cavern Province”. Since I am the only daughter of the O’Connor family; I was chosen to do this job (which by the way totally stinks) FORCIBLY for the rest of my life. Anyway, I combed my hair and went outside.

“Another boring day” I thought to myself

I went downstairs and saw my mother and father eating breakfast. Servants were going here and there to attend to their duties. I sat down and joined them. We were eating with the usual family conversations. Just another normal day, at least until my father said something wrong:

“Elizabeth your mother and I have been thinking about this for a very long time. You’re turning sixteen this year and since it is common and tradition……we’re going to arrange your marriage as soon as possible. You are going to get married to the emperor’s son. Consider yourself honored that he chose you. ” He said so calmly as if it were no big deal.

I stared at him and my mother but they acted like it was completely normal for their daughter to get married right away. BOOM! Just like that. Just as if they dropped a bomb on me, made it explode and acted like the wreckage was COMPLETELY normal. I knew I had no opinion in this but before I could control myself I spoke:

“But that isn’t fair! I don’t even love him! Father, please. You can’t do this to me.” I protested.

My father looked at me and I knew that the decision was final. I stormed outside the house. I was so furious with my father and mother. I went into the forest. You see being the daughter of one of the twelve noble families that run Ethelia(our country) I wasn’t allowed to go outside the house. So naturally a child I didn’t have ANY friends at all.

To be continued.....

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