The Secret Life of Violetta

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Violetta was found on the steps of the Roman Girl's Orphange. No one knew who her parents were or where she came from. The night after her fourteenth birthday she dicided to run away. She had not be prepaired to learn the truth that would change her like forever. The truth about her parents.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Secret Life of Violetta

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Violetta was tired of having to live in an orphange for 14 years. No one knows where she came from. She had shown up on the steps of the orphangeone night in a real bad storm. Her hair is a night black and her eyes are deep blue like the ocean. Today was the the day she had came, her so-called birthday.

The whole orphange was crowed around her duble fuge choloate cake. It read "Happy 14th, Vioietta. She blew out her candles and her wish was simple. She wanted to leave. That what she has wished for since she was 3 years old. She never felt like she could "fit in". In the town of Baker's Creek everyone either had blond or brown hair. Her skin stood out too. It was a dark tan color. She never liked people and had only1 friend. Her name was Josie. They became fastfriends because they had the same opinion about the orphange, they hated it.

Josie has dark brown hair and somewhat dark skin. She became 14 the week before Violetta did. Her mom did not even want a kid. She dumped Josie at the first orphange she came across.Josie meet Violetta in the lunch room as she satacross fromJosie.That was 11 yearsago.

Josie came up to Violetta while she was poking at her cake.

"Another year that you've been here," saidJosie said.

"You know you have been here for 14 years too," replied Violetta.

"Don't remimined me,"

"We both hate this place,"

"I agree,"

After the celebration Violetta and Josie went to bed. Around 10, when she was sure Josie was asleep, Violetta got up and grabed a bag under her bed she packed 2 days ago. She left a note beside her bed saying she was leaving and never coming back. Violetta opened the door and sneeked outside. She creeped down the hall and to the front door. She opened the door and steeped outside. 14 years ago she was found here crying in a storm. She had come a long way since then. Now she's leaving.

"So long. Hope I never come back," she said.

By saying those words Violetta just started a new hunt, for her.

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