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Various things tend to happen in a world with no control. In this world, however, there are people who will do anything to keep the world together and some who would much rather watch the world burn to ashes. The differences between these two kinds of people determine the value of everything from life and it's meaning, to death and it's profit. Still, the Uthyr Éber and it's many talented individuals enjoy turning a bank note or two for their special services. What would you do if you had no attachments to this world? What might happen if you suddenly develop one worth risking everything to protect?
(A Thriller and Physiological novel by: Jacob Thomas Orcun)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Contempt

Submitted: November 22, 2013

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Submitted: November 22, 2013



Chapter One: Angels & Demons

“Only but so much can matter in this world,” I walk ahead of the man on the ground, who I believe to be the final survivor. Glass cracks with every step I take, the intense heat from the previous explosion melting the wall just in front of me. “What matters more though? The idea of what we will gain, or what will be lost in the process?” He crawls to me, holding his chest. Blood paints the small distance he had moved.

“Personally, I don’t care,” I turn away from him. “It’s not like it matters what is lost, when you have no attachments to this world.” Just two feet behind me lay a weapon, one that I know he is going for. I sigh, as his hand comes but inches from it. Walking at a gentle pace, I come just above it.

“Is this what you want?” I ask, looking straight down at it. “Do you intend to kill me?” His eyes refuse to meet mine, determined to get the handgun. “Why do you wish to harm me? Do you consider me a bad person?” He doesn’t respond, but instead stretches his arm further, knowing that he can’t reach it. “Have I truly done wrong here?”

“Fuck you!” He yells, before coughing. As his hand reaches for the gun, I step on his wrist, turning my ankle. He screams in a burst of pain, gripping his chest tightly. 

“Shame…” I sigh, looking over him. “A man so ruled by the false will of others, that he doesn’t even consider the story,” I crouch down to him, picking up the gun. “I have killed many like you.” His hand reaches out to try and grab it. I remove my heel from his wrist, dropping the gun next to him.

“You should pick your choices more wisely, perhaps I’ll let you live.” He reaches for the gun instantly, aiming directly at me. Pulling the trigger, he soon learns that the gun is completely empty. All men seemed to find my way of thinking rather grim, but I had given him a chance.

“Shame…” I don’t sigh this time, only smiling at his vain attempt. “I thought that maybe you’d learned something.” I pull out my own weapon, aiming the thick brass magnum at his head. “You’ve suffered enough though, I think you can go now.” He looks up at the barrel, only to witness his own end.



A bright light flashes in the distance, revealing a helicopter. I stand still, although my coat and hair whip in the wind viciously.  

“As prominent as ever, I see!” I yell up to the light, seeing that it’s very familiar.

 A man steps off, walking towards me. Several soldiers surround him, covering him. He taps them to lower their weapons, and they do so just as a dog listening to its owner. Obedience without a cause, the same thing I hated.

“More self-indulgent than ever, I see.” He looks over the building, then down to the man whose life had just been laid to nothing more than fertilizer. “Haven’t you learned enough manners? Playing with your prey is very crude.”

“Just because it’s my job, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun while doing it.” His head shakes from side to side.

“Having too much fun can get you killed.” He tries to scold me.

“Not having enough can make you boring.” I retaliate. His eyebrow twitches. For several seconds, we stay locked in a stare, not blinking regardless of the heavy gust of wind from the chopper.

“Come on, we don’t have time for this.” Rachel’s voice is heard as well, as she steps off of the ledge. “We have other jobs to complete.” She knew neither of us would back down, and this helped with the tension.

“You’re exactly right.” Derick doesn’t look at me again, stepping back onto the bird. His private soldiers soon follow. “You’re exactly right.” He repeats one last time.

“You know he wants a fight. Why do you instigate?” She asks me, once he is inside.

“I’m not too sure myself.” I think for only a moment. “Fun, perhaps?” She smiled, dragging me back.  

“Having fun with him? That seems a little more than impossible.” My smile only stops when I look back once more at the base I’d just taken on singlehandedly.

“Nothing’s impossible for a girl who believes.” Rachel smiles at my comment.

“You keep talking like that, the guys will think you’re some kind of angel.” The light from the helicopter shuts off.

“Angel? To hell if I’m an angel. Being a demon is much more entertaining.”

“Well, as long as you get your job done.” She reasons with herself, stepping on the helicopter. The job was always all that mattered.

“Precisely.” I get on, never looking back.

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