Magical Hero

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In this chapter you meet the main character and the person he loves, and some good infomation about the story

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beginning of the Beginning

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



Year 2012

Have you ever read Harry Potter or books like that? You would think a world like that is impossible. Little does everyone know that world does exists. Ever country has a Magical Side to it. The only Non-Magical people knows about it are those who are at power. Mages and other Magical Creature exist.

Each Magical Country is run by what is called a Mage Order which is located at a secret location. Each Magical Order has an Arc Mage, which is the person in charge of the Mage Order.

Now along with the Magical Species, there are blood stats The Blood stats are Pureblood, Half-Blood, Non-Blood, and Non-Magical Here is what classified as them:

Pureblood: Offspring of 2 Mages Parent that is either both Pureblood, or 1 Pure Blood and Half Blood.
Half-Blood: Offspring of two Mages that are either both half-Blood, Half-blood/Pureblood and Non-Blood/Non-Magical. Could also be different species with any Mage
Non-Blood: An offspring of only two Non-Magical Parents
Non-Magical: Humans that does not have the power to use Magic.

Now there always famous Mages throughout the history of Magic. The biggest is the Zane. Namely the 4 most famous Mages are, Merlin Zane, Morganna, Talon York, and Mordred. Merlin and Talon are the most famous good Mages, while Morganna and Mordred is two of the most famous Mages turn bad. Turn out that Morganna and Merlin used to be very close friends. Talon and Mordred were their students and turn out to be close friends.

Out of the group, Mordred was the first to turn bad because he start to hate Merlin and how close Merlin was with Talon York. Mordred is also believed to be the one who change Morganna into the evil Mage she is now known for.

Out of the four, the most famous is Talon York and Merlin Zane. They are the closest friends in there time and the most powerful. That power is pass down through there offspring. Back before Merlin time, history seems to be lost. Matter fact the time Merlin lived is not known.

In the United States of America, the Zane family is well known and is very powerful. The oldest male heir of Merlin is Mark Alan Zane Jr. A very powerful young Mage who went to Merlin Academy in Brightsvill Pa and just graduated.Mark has chocolate brown hair, bright blue eyes, 5ft, 5in, and in fit. He is a Half-Blood Mage. His father, Mr. Mark Alan Zane Sr. is a Pureblood Mage. His mother, Mrs. Molly Dixie Zane nee Hines is a Non-blood. He is 18 years old that was born on October 11, 1994.

Mark is dating a rich female Mage named Clara Lou Rossfield. She is the daughter of both Pureblood parents named, Mr. Connor Starford Rossfield, and Mrs. Carla Rose Rossfield nee Jones. Well her family is rich and likes to show off, she like the Zane is different. They are rich but don’t really like to act like.

Mark and Clara had been childhood best friends minus a year, since Clara was born 1 year after Mark. They are very smart in both Magical School and Non-Magical School. They started dating in their 6 grade, and still madly in love with each other.

Right now, Mark Zane and Clara Rossfield are laying on glassy downhill sloop that is by a large lake that surrounds them like a horseshoe. Clara is in her lover’s arms as she lay halfway on him. She maybe a powerful and smart Mage, but she feel very safe when she is around with Mark.

She remembers when one of the other students tries to put a Dark Spell on her. Mark trashes that person so badly that even with Magical Medical, it took him awhile to heal. People always stated that Mark is most likely more powerful then Merlin himself.
Clara Lou Rossfield is not just smart and powerful, but people also consider her hot too. She has long bushy brown hair, crystal blue eyes, C size breasts, thin, in fit, a head shorter then Mark. She know that Mark consider her looks to be bonus, because he judge by personality.

Mark is just laying on the ground as he rub his girlfriend’s back slowly with his right hand as his left hand glides through her long bushy hair. He hears Clara have a not so happy sigh. “Clara, what is wrong?” asks Mark worry for his girlfriend. “It just that part of the legend about the Chosen One got me startled.” say Clara. “What about it?” ask Mark.

“The part of the part we heard that say that the Chosen One will be the one with more powerful then Merlin himself. Your parents and Grandparents even say you are on your way to be more powerful then him. They say your powers were unnaturally stronger then most at our age.” say Clara. “Clara, everyone Magic glows with age.” say Mark for a fact. In the Magical World, it is common sense, no matter how strong you are, by the time you die, you are much stronger then when you are born, because as you age, your Magic grow stronger. Some have stronger or weaker powers then others.

“Clara even if I am the Chosen One, I will be hard to be beaten. My father is an Elite Battle Mage. He teaches me how to fight, and I am still learning.” say Mark as he looks down at his girlfriend’s head which is laying on his chest. He tilts the head up and kisses her on the lips.

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