The Wrong Turn

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My first novel. It's called "The Wrong Turn". Read and find out what it's about.- Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Wrong Turn

Submitted: March 26, 2007

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Submitted: March 26, 2007



Chapter One

The night was pitch black. There were no lights save for the solitary car headlights. But they weren't very good. One was dead and the other was on its way. It also didn't help that there was only one car on the road. Rain fell upon the earth and everything on it. Trees were towering high above the street on both sides. The street curved this and that and it was impossible to predict.

"We've gone too far Ethan," said Ana.

"No we haven't," Ethan argued, "I haven't made any turns since we left the party. Plus, we haven't come to Lobe Avenue yet."

"How do you even know?" Jade remarked, "We don't have the greatest light and weather conditions."

"It's not my fault that I don't have the money to fix my car," Ethan said.

"Don't blame Ethan for this weather, he can't control it," Blake replied.

"You should've asked to borrow your parents car," Sophie said.

"I did ask," Ethan responded. "They said no. They had dinner plans."

Silence fell over the group. The five friends had just left a Christmas party, planned by a mutual friend four days before Christmas. Four days before Christmas and there was not a drop of snow to be seen anywhere. It had just been a cold and rainy winter so far. The group had found their way to the party, no problem, but it was getting home that proved difficult. Ethan was at the wheel driving with Ana in the front passenger seat. Sophie and Jade sat in the middle passenger seats and Blake sat in the far back.

Ethan had short brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. Blake had dyed his hair white, had brown eyes, and a dark tan. Ana had black silky hair tied up in a bun with blue eyes and fair skin. Jade had shoulder length red hair with hazel eyes and fair skin. Sophie had blonde hair with brown eyes and somewhat pale skin. Ethan was the most outspoken person in the group and had himself a fiancé. Ethan was engaged to Ana and their wedding was set for a day not too far in the future. Blake, Jade, and Sophie were not dating anyone, they weren't engaged, and they certainly weren't married to anyone. Each friend was content with the way their lives were going, especially Ethan and Ana, and none of them were about to mess things up. Ana was not as outspoken as Ethan, but she did speak her mind when the situation called for it. Sophie was the most quiet one of the group. She hardly said a word to someone she just met, or when she was in a large group. Jade was the same, but she was more outgoing than Sophie was. Blake was the spontaneous one. He had dyed his hair white because some one had said it would be a trip to see someone actually do it. He had performed stunts that were a bit on the dangerous side, but never got hurt to serious.

As the car drove near a stop sign, there were three roads to take. "Which way do we go? We're at Liver Road. Left, right, or continue straight," Ethan said.

"We've passed Lobe Avenue," Sophie replied. "It's three streets back."

"Well I'm not turning back now," Ethan stated firmly.

"If we go left, it should take us to Nose Drive," Blake suggested.

"Then we can get to Ear street from there," Ana added.

"Ear street leads to the highway," Jade replied.

"Okay then. Left it is," Ethan answered. So the friends turned left and continued on their way.

After driving on Liver road for quite some time, the headlight that was dying finally died. No one said a thing, knowing it would probably start an argument. When the friends reached Nose Drive, they continued on to the left. By this time, Ethan noticed that they were low on gas. Ethan knew they wouldn't make it to a gas station before the gas ran out.

It seemed forever before the trees started to break apart. The rain continues to pour, it seemed endless. There were hardly any houses. The houses they passes were set far from the road and were pitch black. Blake started to look out the left side of the car window and seemed to stare off into space. Blake seen nothing but rain through the darkness. But all that changed as he looked farther.

"You guys, look out the windows on the left," Blake said breaking the silence. Everyone looked, curious to see. It appeared to be a light fading in and out.

"It appears to be a search light," Ethan said as he returned to driving.

"Yeah, but search lights go side to side, don't they?" Ana asked.

"I think your right," Jade replied, "Maybe it's broken."

"Maybe it's supposed to be like that," Sophie suggested.

"I'm getting a twilight zone feeling," Blake said as the company fell into a long silence.


The wind howled all about the old house setting off the wind chimes on the front porch and filled the house with creaks. The rain never faltered as it hit the house in steady sheets.

"The spirits are restless tonight dear," said the old man as he watched the storm from the living room window.

"Yes, I can feel it in my bones," replied the old man's wife as she stood beside him, watching the storm as well.


The car started to die completely. First it was the heat, then the jerking, and then it just stopped. The group sat nervously in the car as the rain came down in steady sheets. The only light source available was the dim lamppost on the street corner to the right. There was a wooden street sign that said Ear St.

"So close," Ana said softly. No one replied. They all were preoccupied with their own thoughts. It was a long time before anyone spoke.

"If I remember correctly, there's a bed n' breakfast down Ear St. I'm sure the owners would allow us to call someone to come and get us," Blake said.

"That's nearly a mile down. We'll be soaked to the bone and get sick," Jade said surprisingly.

"I'm sure the owners will give us dry clothes to wear. As for getting sick, its inevitable. We all get sick once in a while," Blake replied.

"I say we go for it," Ethan said speaking up.

"What?" Ana cried," I thought you had more sense then that."

"The way I look at it," Ethan replied, "It's either staying here, catching a cold- or freeze to death, and do nothing. Or we can go to that bed n' breakfast Blake suggested, get sick, and get home safely."

Everyone went mute. Each friend mulled over their choices. Before they knew it, they were walking down Ear St. in the rain.


"Tonight's going to be interesting," the old man said merrily as he eased himself into a rocking chair.

"Have you spoken to them dear?" the wife asked.

"I have," the old man replied, "Start getting things ready my love. Our guests will be here soon."


Ethan was in the lead with Ana, Jade, Sophie, Blake following. They were soaked through within the first ten minutes. Talking was an unspoken taboo among the friends as they walked along the side of the road. Half an hour walked produced no bed n' breakfast.

After forty five minutes, the five friends stood at the base of a long and steep driveway. There were no signs to designate a bed n' breakfast. There were no cars and there were no lights. The trees were towering and forbidding and surrounded the group all around. Rain continues to fall and the wind was gushing by.

After several minutes of hesitation, the group started up the long, steep driveway. The nerves of each friend was on edge. Each one was frightened of what might be awaiting them at the end of the driveway, frightened of what would become of them, angry at the weather for being the way it was, and confused by what was happening to them.

After what seemed like a life time, the group arrived at the end of the driveway. There was a two story house painted white with a large front porch decorated with wind chimes and wind veins. Each chime and each vein moved violently in the wind and sounded in music that seemed other worldly. The surrounding area was unbelievable. There was nothing but towering and forbidding trees all around. The ground was uneven with piles of dirt and rocks. No lights came from the house and it looked uninviting.

Despite the look of things, the five shivering friends continued on to the door. Ethan gave three knocks despite the uneasy feeling in his stomach. The seconds passed into minutes and no response came. Ethan knocked several more times and no response came.

"Try the door bell," Sophie suggested as she raised her voice to be heard over the chimes and veins.

Ethan hesitated, then agreed. When he pushed the door bell, the thunder cracked which made the friends jump out of their skins. While recovering, Blake asked if anyone heard the doorbell. It took a moment for the answer to come, but it was a no. When Ethan managed to regain his composure and some of his wits, he pushed the door bell again. It was a simple ding dong three times. And thus the waiting continued.


"Our guests have arrived dear," the old man smiled.

"I'm ready to have fun my love. Are you?" the wife replied eagerly.

"Yes dear," the man replied.


"Try the door knob," Blake called, "It may be unlocked." Ethan only nodded. As he went to reach for the silver door knob. The door swung open and an old lady appeared. "Come in out of the storm young ones," she said kindly. She moved aside to the group in and they rushed in.

"Follow me," the lady replied as she appeared in front of the group. She led them to a bathroom and gave them dry clothing. "Change into these," she said, "Then I'll lead you to the living room."

Ten minutes later everyone was settled by a fire place in dry clothes, wrapped in blankets, and drinking hot chocolate. There was an old couple among them. They called themselves Imma and Hyatt. Imma was gray haired and wrinkled. She had soft brown eyes and fair skin. She wore a maids dress with clack slippers. Hyatt was also gray haired and wrinkled. He had blue eyes and fair skin. He wore a butlers suit with black slippers. The couple hardly said anything as they watched the young group drink their hot chocolate. They only watched and smiled.

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