Lantern Hill Series; Book One: Manifestation

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In an pandemic outbreak the people are scared to walk outside in fear of contracting the Red Flag.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lantern Hill Series; Book One: Manifestation

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




Lilly Caesar stood at the end of the diving board. Her fear of heights petrified her as she looked down into her aunt’s pool. She could hear crickets laughing at her from behind the geraniums. The moment she looked over her shoulders the laughing stopped. Being fifteen years old, nearly sixteen, one would think she would be a daring teenager but Lilly didn’t find the need to be looking for adrenaline rushes like most of the kids in her class, instead, Lilly’s rushes came to her while reading adventure books from the safety of her bed.


She looked about the backyard. It was night, so the pool was dimly lit by a soft-orange glow coming from its walls. The air was warm and a bit stuffy, a typical august evening in Colorado. Surrounding the pool was a cement block, allowing those who used the pool to avoid walking on the grass and getting their feet dirtied when walking back to the patio.


Lilly looked across the pool and saw her friends Jason Michelson and Melanie White. Melanie’s petite figure swam towards Jason after she jumped into the pool, her dark skin making it impossible to see her. She watched Melanie as Jason embraced her at the end. Now, it’s your turn girl, better get a move on.


Lilly moved to take a jump but all-of-a-sudden she felt an icy stare from behind her back. She turned and scanned the geraniums. “Lilly, are you all right?” She heard Melanie’s voice asked, worry overwhelmingly taking over, she didn’t sound like the Melanie she knew.


 She turned to her friend and nodded “yeah, but did you guys feel that?” She asked.


“Feel what?” Jason asked swimming towards her, obvious fear filling his broad face. His brown stare followed Lilly’s into the geraniums.


Lilly felt the icy stare grow stronger and replaced by a dark feeling she couldn’t figure out. She felt her body grow weak and tremors start to development. In an instant she felt Jason’s strong arms wrapped around her supporting her so she won’t fall. Lilly dropped to her knees, her breathing ragged. She felt the cool from the cement block as Jason laid her on the floor. The tremors quickened, her vision blurred.


“LILLY!” She heard Melanie’s yell “SOMEONE HELP! LILLY! NO, NO, NO!”


Lilly tried to sooth her to tell her everything was going to be all right but she wasn’t able to make any words come to sound. Her friend’s pleas were cut short as her hearing succumbed to a deafening blow and all that Lilly could remember was a black veil getting thicker and thicker as she drifted off to a long sleep.

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