Abigail's Kidnapping/Captive Lover

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Abigail is a loner walking on the beach one Saturday night. And that night changed her forever, kidnapped by a mysterious man in a boat he takes her to an island in the tropics. His name is Marcus 'Mark' Cornell, he was the man wanted for killing his wife. Or so the papers say, Mark pleads innocent, is he the man every thinks is a killer? Or is he a sweet man committed of the crime. And what does he want with Abigail? Will she find her way home or into his embraces begging to be his Captive Lover...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Captive Lover

Submitted: November 27, 2010

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Submitted: November 27, 2010



Abigail sat on the passenger chair of the small motor boat as she gazed across the water wishing for land to materialize out of thin air. Like in the movies, but she sighed ‘This wasn’t Hollywood, this was for real.’ Mark looked at Abby’s far away glazed eyes, as he assumed she was imagining being home.

Mark’s eyes reluctantly swung back towards the steering wheel , and the compass. They were farther along than anticipated, in their course for his home and soon to be Abby’s home too. His heart enflamed at every harsh word Abby had thrown at him the first day that he took her. She had called him a rapist and begged for him not to kill her.

Abigail’s eyes tear up as she remembered the night her parents had told her they never wanted her, that she had been a mistake. They left her in an foster home, at the age of seven and never saw them again.

Mark turned towards Abigail again and saw the tears welling up in her eyes.

“Abby was wrong?” Mark sounded really worried, he cursed at himself for taking Abby, she was a very sensitive person. Abigail turned towards Mark gave him a watery smile and wiped at her tears.

“Nothing you can fix Mark, you didn’t cause it and you can’t do anything about it.”

“But Abby I want know what’s wrong, I’m concerned. Are you sure I didn’t do anything?” Abigail looked from the deep blue tropical water back up to his sea blue eyes.

“I’m just sad because I wish my parents had wanted me.” Her face turned crimson and she decided that her shoes were very interesting at that moment in time.

“What do you mean, they didn’t want you?” Abby sighed and said a little breathless.

“They told me when I was seven that I had been a mistake and they never wanted me, they left me at an orphanage that same day.” “Thats horrible whats wrong with them? Not wanting such a cute little seven year old as I’m sure you were.”

“Like I know, I barley remember my parents or what was happening when I was seven. I remember some of those years before I was adopted by the Marts. I now have a mom, dad sister and I little niece. So I shouldn’t care that my parents abandoned me, but I do.”

“Don’t feel to bad about that, they either were horrible people or they were stupid not to want you.” Abigail smiled a little bit.

“I guess that helps, thanks. You know I should be mad at you for kidnapping me, but I needed a vacation. So are we gonna stay in the tropical area, or move on?” Mark looked like his lip twitched just a smidgen.

“I should tell you to mind you own business, but I wont. We are gonna stay in the tropics, because I hate the cold changing seasons. Also because I live on a small island.”

“Where are we going exactly?” Mark chuckled, looking from the direction of home back to Abigail’s innocent looking face.

“What and ruin my surprise? Just know we are near Puerto Rico and going on a small private island. It’s very pretty, you will love it.”

“And how pretty is it?”

“Very pretty, but not as beautiful as you are.” Abigail turned bright red and went back to staring out to the setting sun, it was a brilliant gold ball with red fire and orange tangerine color surrounding it.

“Well why did you take me?” Abby blurted out after she couldn’t take the wondering anymore. Mark ran his finger through his sun bleached hair it was a honey gold blonde, with wisps of it covering his eyes and forehead.

“Your perfect for something I need help with, your kind, sweet, caring, understanding. I’m surprised your being civil to me right now.” Abby nodded.

“I’m civil to you because you have been very nice for a kidnapper, you haven’t done anything to me, and it’s a little unsetting.”

“I’m not a mean person Abby no matter how much you may have thought it. I didn’t kidnap you for any old reason or to hurt you I need your help.” Mark gave Abby’s hand a squeeze.

“What do you need my help with?” Mark sighed.

“So many questions Abigail, so little time. We’re almost there and your answers will be answered I’m not really sure how to tell you with out you freaking out.” Panic flashed through Abby, Mark shook his head.

“No, Abby nothing like that.” ‘Damn it I’m not a rapist, will she never get it? I guess she needs more time to get to know me.‘

“I’m sorry Mark I get a little nervous, sometimes.” Mark smirched, he had told her his name was Marcus and she had never called him that it had always been ‘Mark’. Kinda like she told him not to call her Abby, but he told her that he was not gonna call her Abigail. She had sighed and grumbled, she had never liked the name ‘Abigail’ anyways.

“It’s fine, we’re about another five minutes until we’re home.” Abby’s eyes lit up she had always wanted a home. The Mart’s had been the best, but she wanted to live on her own. Abby looked back at Mark and swallowed. He was the hottest thing she had ever seen, it should be illegal to be so deadly gorgeous, with his sea blue eyes, sun drenched hair, and perfect physic. Not too big or too little muscles.

Mark watched Abby out of the corner of his eyes she was staring at him, he smirked and gave himself the liberty to look over Abby. She was a cute little thing, she had shoulder length wavy tresses of golden red. When the sun hit her just right her hair was a flashy bright crimson, her eyes a beautiful blazing green that could pierce you straight to your soul. And her lips soft and full, they had a way to be settled so just a twitch movement they turned pouty. His belly tighten as his want for this petite girl with amazingly wide hips. What he would give to show his appreciation for her tight body.

Marks eyes stranded in the effort to keep his eyes away from her chest with no anvil, they lingered over the plushness they were pretty generous in their size. Dressed in only a pair of white shorts, sandals and a black tank, Mark was sure Abby had never looked more stunning in plain attire.

Abby blushed, she saw Mark’s eyes lingering on her like a soft caress, and she shivered as some hot and cold heat climbed it’s way up her spine. His eyes twinkled, as he steered the boat without effort. Mark looked beyond the rising waves to see his home sparkling in all its glory, the setting sun giving its usual bright colorful scenery a more fantastic showmanship of itself.

The tropical trees bent as the warm breeze lightly touched them, Abby sat up more and gazed to the island like it was heaven. The old dock held steadily with its legs deep in the Puerto Rican sand, Mark drove the motor boat towards the dock slowing it down gradually until it was in front of the dock. Mark shut off the motor and jumped onto the dock tying up the boat with a quick and strong knot.

Mark held out his hand to Abby.

“You coming up?” Abby stood up, grasping Mark’s hand he lifted her up with undemanding ease.

“Thanks.” Abby walked a few steps and she stumbled.

“I should warn you, you may experience land sickness. Were you have balanced in unsteady land for awhile solid land may bother you for a spell Ab, sorry.”

“No, thats fine Mark. So what’s this big secret about what you need me for, lets go and shock the hell outta me.” Mark chuckled, brushing a piece of fiery hair out of Abby’s face he tapped her nose.

“Such curiosity Abby, alright lets go.” Abby’s eyes fell to the good size house, it had three stories pillars in front of the door and window flower pots lining the sills of the windows.

“Wow Mark, this is like a palace.” Mark nodded, he lightly tugged Abby’s arm and they fell in step together as they walked up the stone pathway.

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