Beyond the Hate

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Vivien Colman is a smart girl, but no one seems to see that.
She is talented, beautiful, loving, caring, and can take care of her self.
No one sees that either, after all she's just a gay.
Caleb Winecaster is handsome like the devil, funny, intelligent, and all around nice guy with a style, but no one sees that.
He just a gay after all.
But what happens to them, and their haters at Richmond Falls High when a pair of siblings show up,new to the school.
Nyssa, and Trevor Golden are A+ students, twins, and fun seeking people. But then again why would anyone at this school care about them besides Vivien, and Caleb.
After all being gay in a haters school just isn't easy.
But the one question is, can they get beyond the hate?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beyond the Hate

Submitted: October 07, 2011

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Submitted: October 07, 2011



Chapter One
Vivien’s POV

“Really Vive, you need to get out there more.” Caleb said, with amusement coming off his voice, I scowled at him.

“Caleb, people have to like you to be able to get out more, and if you hadn’t noticed the kids at our lovely school, hate us.”

I glanced up to see Frannie walking up to us with a evil grin on her “perfect” flawless face, she was such a bitch to us, and I knew another confrontation was about to go down. Her long platinum blonde hair reach down her back in a pulled back pony tail, icy blue eyes, and freckles sporting across the bridge of her nose.

“Hey faggot, dyke. Who have you decided to infect with your homo genes today?” I rolled my eyes before I placed a hand on my hip.

“Certainly not you, we don’t like HIV infested sluts.” Caleb’s mouth pulled back in a grin, Frannie on the other hand hissed, his fingers bunched together, and threw out a tight fist to my face. I ducked to the side, pressed my foot to the front of her ankle, and used the palm of my hand to push her in between her shoulder blades.

She fell face first onto the hard tile, screeching like a lunatic. I pressed my lips together to prevent the hard won smile from coming from my lips, it seems always a rare event for me to smile.

“Vivien Colman!” My almost smile faded, and I turned around to see Mr. Dolton, his pepper, and salt hair thinning at the top, and mustache twitching over his lip, his beady little grey eyes narrowed at me.

“Yes?” I asked innocently, having a fake smile plastered on my face, while I throwing up on the inside, he was a real douche, and I was pretty sure he had a man crush on me. Shivering he frowned disapprovingly at me.

“In my office right now, you are in big trouble for shoving Ms. States onto the ground.” I protested, even though it was no use to.

“But Mr. Dolton she tried to punch me, it was self defense.” He held his hand off to wade my protests.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses.” I growled, and mumbled under my breath. “What was that Ms. Colman?” I sent him a glare.

“I said bite me.” With that I walked passed his dropped mouth, and out the front door, I heard Caleb yelling after me. Stepping into the outside with rain sprinkling down, I pulled out my rain jacket from my green cloth satchel.

“Hey.” Caleb sent me his charming grin, his white perfect teeth sparkled, his dirty blonde hair swooped down over his honey eyes, dressed in a white tee, a light green, and blue plaid shirt, pair of bell bottom boys jeans, a black belt, and a pair of red, and white skater sneakers with orange laces.

I kicked my eyebrow up, as he swung his black backpack over his shoulder, unzipped it, and yanked out his own rain jacket, zipping it back up, he throws it over himself, and looks at me expectantly .

“So, where to?” I shook my head, and turned away to walk to my car, hearing footsteps running, I turned back around only to be smashed into. I fell down on my ass with someone else toppling over me. I looked up to sneer at whoever was being a klutz, and stopped.

A flushed, pale face met mine. Albalator skin, electric green eyes, plush lips, and dark brown hair covering one of her eyes in a feather cut on her bangs.

“Oh my Gods! I’m so sorry, I’m totally late for AP Bio, and I got lost. I’m sorry!” She babbled, flushing at my direct stare.

“Are you new here?” I asked, not really caring if she was laying on me, her limbs tangled with mine.

“Y-yes.” She said, stuttering, she looked down, noticing how she was on me, and jumped up, she held her hand down, and I took it, she lifted me up. “I’m really sorry, I always trip over my own feet not walking where I’m going.”

“Hey, hey it’s fine, everyone does it.” She grinned at me.

“Good, I’m glad your not mad, I don’t need to make an enemy on the first day of school. I’m Nyssa.” Nyssa holds out her hand, and I shrug to myself taking it, her hand was baby smooth, and warm, I held myself from rubbing my thumb on her palm.

“I’m Vivien.” I waited a beat. “Vive for short.” Taking my hand away from hers as I wasn’t sure how much control I had over myself. I looked at her fully for the first time. She was tall, but I was taller, about five feet six inches, thin, but not lacking in curves of the waist, hips, and calves. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help it, she was wearing a emerald green sleeveless shirt with black lacy trim along the sides, which dipped down in a seductive ’v’.

Obviously she knew she was beautiful, and took it to her advantage. Over her shirt was a jean jacket, a pair of skinny black jeans decorative her lower half, and was wearing a rainbow belt. Not sure what sort of message she was sending out to the world with the belt, I looked back up into her eyes, embarrassed I got distracted.

“Where are you off to?” Nyssa asked with a smile, she pushed her bangs back, and reach into her pocket to pull out a hair clip, she secured her bangs.

“Actually not sure, Caleb, and I are leaving the school to go do something.” Nyssa lifted her eyebrow, and hitched her red backpack higher on her shoulder.

“Trouble makers?” She asked, I gave her a smirk, and shrugged my shoulders. She leaned closer, and lowered her voice. “Can I come with?” I laughed out loud.

“Now who’s the trouble maker? Besides you don’t want to be associated with us, it’d be bad for your rep.”

“Are you guys that bad?” I shook my head.

“Nope, this school hates gays, so you might want to scoot along before your labled as one. Come on Caleb.” I said, turning away, I heard Caleb’s feet slap the ground, and walked with me.

“Wait!” I turned back to Nyssa, and she ran up to me, frowning. “Are you telling me these kids are like homophobic?”

“Not just that, they haress us, beat us up, and make our lives miserable, it’s no fun.” I lifted my eyebrow. “Why should you care?” She swallowed, and looked down at her shoes.

“I was hoping this school was accepting as my last school. I guess Trevor, and I are going to have a hard time here.” I tried to press my smile down, but it came up anyways.

“Your gay?” I asked, trying not to be hopeful. She gave me a self serving grin.

“Extremely, so it Trevor.” I looked at Caleb.

“Hey look Caleb, we got a little friend for you.” Caleb stuck his tongue out at me.

“Shove it Vive.”

“That’s your job, not mine.” Nyssa giggled behind my head, and I looked back at her with amusement.

“I don’t know how’d Trev feel about Caleb, but then again you never know, as long as your nice to my little brother I don’t care what you are to Trev.” Caleb’s eyes widened, and he gulped.

“He’s your little brother?” She laughed.

“Yes, twin.” Before we could say anything else, we heard Mr. Dolton.

“Caleb Winecaster, and Vivien Colman get your butts back in here, you are in big trouble.”

“Run!” Yelled Caleb, and turned on his heels, running towards my car, I watched Caleb, and held my hand out to Nyssa. A small crowd had gathered around the front entrance to watch the scene, she looked behind her, and back to me, before taking my hand.

I turned around, and we both ran towards my car.

“Get back here!” Mr. Dolton yelled after us, I just laughed, tugging Nyssa along with me, Caleb had started up my jeep, sitting in the front I helped Nyssa into the back off the jeep, and jumped in. We started to drive away when another shout came out.

“Nyssa wait!” I stopped the car, a beautiful boy with brown hair, and electric green eyes came running up to the car.

“Get in stupid, we are ditching.” By now Mr. Dolton was running toward the car, the back my unzipped the protective backing pulled up, Trevor threw his backpack, and climbed up into the back.

“Lets blow this joint.” And I stepped on the gas. We yanked out of the school parking lot, and into the freeway. Caleb laughed loudly.

“That was the most cliché line ever Vive.”

“Yes, also it’s not my job to blow a joint.” Nyssa giggled loudly, and leaned towards me, she laid her hand on my shoulder, and rubbed it gently.

“No, but smoking a joint, now that be nice.” I looked at her with a grin, our faces so close together, I could smell her fruity breath.

“Caleb my man.” Caleb pulled out a metal container for cigarettes, and opened it, in it were ten beautifully rolled joints. He pulled one out, and handed it to me.

“Ladies first.” With that said I lit it, and took a hit, turning to look at Nyssa I gently blew the smoke in her face, her lips came so close to mine, and breathed it in. Handing her the joint after that erotic experience, I watched the road.

“Nyssa, do you even know these people?” Trevor asked, his pretty face slightly worried.

“Yes, Trev, this is Vive, and Caleb, both gay if I might add.” Trev seemed to perk up.

“No wonder your all over her.” Nyssa gasped, and hit her brother.

“Am not!” I blushed at the pleasure of that, Nyssa being all over me, and that sent a dirty image through my mind. Nyssa handed Trev the joint, and he took a hit off it as well, handed it to Caleb, he smiled at him.

“I’m Trev.”

“Caleb.” Caleb sent him a dizzying smile, one that would melt your knees if you got it. Caleb may be a boy, but he was a beautiful boy. I wanted to scream at the cuteness of the scene, but I had to keep cool, Caleb was a big boy.

“So, where does anybody want to go?” Caleb gave me back the joint.

“We got money?” I dug into my back pocket, and pulled out my wallet, unhooking the chain, I handed it to him, he pulled out eight hundreds, and four fifties.

“Jeez Vive, is this from your job, or from the pot we sold the other day?”

“Little bit of both, my publisher sends the money to the bank, and I withdrew some.”

“Publisher?” Nyssa said, angling her head to me, I smiled at her, she was so cute.

“Yeah, you heard of Vena Preston?” Nyssa, and Trev’s face lit up, they both yelled,

“Our favorite writer ever.” I then gave them a grin.

“Aw your compliments are really flattering.” Nyssa’s mouth dropped, and screeched.

“Your Vena? Holy, holy crap, you’re the best romantic fantasy author.” Nyssa’s hand touched a piece of my orange hair, and rubbed it between her fingers, ideally.

“Yes, well I had to have a name change so I don’t have people being a hater to my books just because of who I am.” I gave Nyssa the joint.

“People suck sometimes.”

“Yes they do. So any ideas of where to go?”

“Funtown!” Trev said all of a sudden, I looked at him, and laughed. “Sorry that just came out.”

“No, no that’s a good idea, but it’s a two hour drive, does anyone object?” Caleb, and Nyssa shook their heads. “Good Funtown it is.”


This is a new story im starting, it wont interfer with my other book Forgotten lost and loved if you read it. hope you like, and comment below. :)

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