Beyond the Hate

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Truth Within The Home

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



Chapter Two
Nyssa’s POV

Same day, later

“Nyssa!” I whirled my head, and Vivien was running towards me while I was in line for Excalibur, an awesome roller coaster. We had got separated when one of the rides failed to work, and I had been looking for her ever since.

“Vivi!” I yelled, waving. She blushed crimson when she heard my nickname for her, she slowed down in front of me.

“Hey. I found Caleb, and Trev, you’d never guess what they we’re doing.” I lifted my eyebrow up, and stepped out of line, I didn’t really care about the ride anyhow.

“What we’re they doing?” Vivi flashed a big grin at me before saying,

“Making out behind the cotton candy, and fried dough station.” I made an “aw” sound, and grabbed Vivi’s hand to tug her away from the ride, she smiled at me, and squeezed my hand.

“What time is it?”

“Oh, one o’clock.” I pressed my lips together, and gave her a puppy look.

“We have to leave in like a few minutes if we are to get Trev, and I home in time before my Mom finds out we skipped.”

I shuttered, and imagined a lecture I’d get for skipping class, she’d then ask all the details, rail me about how we shouldn’t be smoking a joint in broad daylight, then go to friend mode, and ask how I liked Vivi. Now that would be a talk that I just don’t need right now.

“All right Nyssa, let’s go.” We walked briskly passed the Dragon’s Descent, and up to the picnic area where Trev, and Caleb were sitting, their hands on top of one other in a deep convocation.  I pushed Trev over, and broke their eye contact.

“Okay you two, stop looking at each other like that, I don’t want to get filled up on my aw meter today.” Trev had the shame to blush a bright red, I felt a hand land on my shoulder, and twisted around to see Vivi there.

Her bright orange hair wave in thick waves around her face, a pretty longish bob, her eyes a deep purple, with black eyeliner around her eyes, and a slick of clear lip gloss on her pink lips. In her ears were small tapers with rainbow design on it, and on her thumbs were matching silver Celtic rings. Her tight skinny jeans that were grey outlined her toned legs, and lush, curvy butt, which I was sort of embarrassed to be checking out. On her feet were shoe matching Caleb’s except they had silver, and pink for the shoe part, and bright blue for the ties. Her shirt was a white off shoulder with the band Evanescence spray painted in black going diagonally from her right shoulder to her left hip. Slipped in her belt loops was a silver studded black belt, there was so much going on with her, it sort of over whelmed me.

“Hello, Nyssa.” Vivi’s hand waved in front of my face, and I snapped back to reality, she had a slight smug look on her face. “What was so interesting that had to be admire for five minutes?” Like she didn’t know with that grin, I blushed, and shrugged, pushing Trev over so Vivi could sit down.

She slid in very close to me, and laid her hand on my thigh casually, my breathing stopped, she noticed, but kept it there to squeeze ever so often.

“So Trev, I heard you, and Caleb were getting into it.” I winked at Trev, he started to cough, and I just shook my head at him. Caleb on the other hand smiled unashamed, and that’s when I knew Caleb was no stranger to being with someone, which was quiet interesting considering the school we all now go to.

“Guys we should head out now.” Vivi said, I sighed knowing that the fun we had here had to be left behind, and we got up to head back to Richmond Falls, the place where you couldn’t even be yourself.

* * *

“Bye Trev, see you at school.” Caleb said, he smiled at Trev while he just blushed, standing outside Vivi’s jeep. I was next to her open window, he face turned to me in a slight wishful look, her eyes lingered on my lips, but she bit her own, knowing it was too soon. But I could help, but wish it was not too soon, her lips on mine sent a shutter through me at the thought.

I leaned into the jeep more, and smiled again, slipping my hand into her hair, gently rubbing it through my fingers, I swirled my pointer finger on the back of her neck, and leaned closer to whisper in her ear,

“I will see you tomorrow Vivi, and I know it’s too soon, but know that I do want to kiss your pretty lips.” I tickled her ear with my breath, pulled away, and took a step back from her jeep. Vivi’s face was flushed, and her breathing a little uneasy, but she took a deep breath, put her jeep into reverse, and pulled out of our driveway.

When her jeep was out of sight, I turned around Trev was smiling at me, I just grinned back, and walked up to the door, pushing it in, I was greeted by my Mom.

“Well hello young lady.” I looked up into my Mom’s face, and winced, oh dear she knew. Knew about me, and Trev skipping school on our first day of school.

“Hi Mom.” I turned, and grabbed Trev, dragging him into the house, if I was going down, my little brother was coming with me. I shut the door, and let go on Trev, he looked up at Mom, and gulped.

“Hi, Mom.” Trev said, his voice wavering.

“What’s this call about my two children skipping school, but not even in a subtle way?” I twirled my lock on my finger, and kicked up a eyebrow.

“It seems we have some dramatic friends, that’s all.”

“Yes, well when I heard the part about you taking the hand of the girl behind all this mess, and following her, then taking your little brother along for the ride, I was a tiny bit shocked.”

“Why is that?” I asked, I wasn’t sure if she was mad, or slightly proud of me.

“Because I didn’t think you had dramatic in you, your both very quiet, and subtle, I’m glad that your getting over it, but not sure I’m liking how.”

“Sorry Mom, just Vivi…” Mom held up her hand, and took a breath, she pushed her own brown hair back, and waved her hand into the living room. We followed, and sat down on the only furniture, the couch.

“Now who’s Vivi?” I opened my mouth to say a friend, but closed it, I’m not sure what we are to each other is what you’d consider friendship. Trev spoke up,

“Vive is super cool, she’s all chill, and she pretty spunky too, she can totally take care of her self, and can probably be scary when mad, but she’s a nice girl, sweat too.” I gave Trev a grateful look.

“What’s this girl’s real name?”

“Vivien Colman.” I said, she nodded, then took a look at Trev.

“And who was that boy in the car with this Vivien?” Trev totally gave himself away, his mouth open, and closed like a fish, then blushed hard, I rolled my eyes.

“His names Caleb Winecaster, Vivi’s best friend.”

“You know Vanyssa, I’m wondering why you guys keep answering for the other one. I’m not stupid, do you guys like this Vivien, and Caleb?” We looked at each other, bit our lips, and gave Mom a look of, yeah duh. Mom smiled brightly, and gave us both a hug. “That’s great you two, when you sort this out with Vivien, and Caleb have them come over for dinner?”

We nodded. “Good, then when your Dad get’s home, we have some news.”

My Mom, and Dad have been high school sweethearts since freshmen year, when Mom was sixteen she got pregnant with Trev, and I, Dad being the awesome bugger that he is, stayed with her, and became a great Dad. He’s now the CEO of a big computer industry, and Mom is a artist, she paints, and puts them in her gallery to be sold, or looked at.

I had a guess as to what the news is, Mom always said when she got in her thirties that she’d have another baby, now she’s thirty four, and I totally saw the pregnancy test she bought in the grocery bag last week.
She thinks we’re clueless. Silly Mom.

“So we’re not grounded?” Trev asked hopefully, I wanted to smack him upside the head, we would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t of said a thing. Mom pursed her lips, before shaking her head.

“I’m sure whatever you guys did today was more productive somehow than how schools teach now a days.” She laid her hands on the top of her thighs, and pushed herself up. “Just don’t tell me what you did, if you two need me, I’ll be cooking supper.” When Mom left the room, I gave Trev a look of success, he just shook his head, and got up off the couch to follow Mom.

“Hey Mom, what’s for supper?” I stood up, and went to climb the stairs before I could hear what Mom said, I’m sure it will be good, no matter what.

Turning to the left, I pushed in my door. Clothes scattered on the floor, the hamper tipped over under my desk, and my laptop laying haphazardly on my bed among my bunched up blue Sublime comforter, and dark blue star sheets. 

My laptop was purple, with my iPod still plugged into it. Razzle was curled on my pillow, asleep, and oblivious that his owner was home, he was nine weeks old, almost white yellow lab. I gathered my clothes, and threw them into the now righted hamper, pulling my red backpack off my shoulders, I dropped it next to my desk, turned on the black desk lamp, and kicked my shoes off.

Throwing my jean jacket towards the open closet, I pulled my iPod off it’s cord, and turned behind my to my dresser with my radio on it, putting the iPod on the dock, I clicked a few buttons, and the beautiful lyrics of Jose Stone came flowing out.

I shut my door, and pulled on a pair of flannel red PJ bottoms, and a black tee. Crawling on my bed, I pulled my laptop open, and dragged it onto my lap. Finding Facebook I searched for Vivi, when I found her very private profile I sent her a friend request, and logged out.

Having that done, I petted Razzle to wake him up, his head perked up, and he yelped, I closed my laptop, and pulled him alone onto my lap, he curled up, and fell back asleep. I closed my eyes, and pictured Vivi, her short wavy bobbed hair flickering in the wind, and her understandable hard won smile on her perfect set of red lips.

I leaned my head to my head bored, and my lips went slack as I was pulled into a wonderful dream, and the main character was that beautiful redhead Vivi.

Vivien’s POV

“Your grounded! I don’t care, I’m sick, and tired of you being a bitch to everyone at that school, hitting that girl was too far!” I clenched my teeth down as my Father swore up, and down before taking his hand, and slapping me across the face, the stinging set in moments after.

“Alfred! Don’t hit her!” My Mom yelled, she pushed Father’s angry form out of the way, and pulled me to her, and rubbed my cheek gently. She turned to give him an angry flare, her bright auburn hair matching her fury. “She’s my daughter, and she needs to defend herself, if she can’t do that then someday someone will walk all over her, like your trying to do, but I won’t let that happen. Go into your study until you calm down.” Mom’s voice was ice cold to him, trying to chill his hot temper.

He turned around, and marched to his study, slamming his door, Mom pulled away from me, and looked at me with loving eyes.

“Thank you Mommy.” I said, tears threaten to spill over, when one spilled over, she wiped it away with her thumb.

“I will protect you no matter what, your Father just doesn’t understand the hurt, and torture you go through.”

“I know, I understand.” And I did, Father just had a temper, he didn’t want me to get into trouble at school, he wanted me to become a success, unlike him, and Mom. We just barley managed as a family with sustainable household income.

“Why don’t you go in your room, and lay down? It will help you relax, I’ll wake you up for dinner.” I shook my head.

“I’m not hungry, I’ll have my share for lunch tomorrow.” I always went without dinner, making one excuse or another, not that I didn’t like dinner, just at our school we don’t have free lunch, or breakfast programs. And it’s three dollars a meal, I’m not paying that, even if I could.

“If your sure baby girl.” I nodded.

“Very sure Mom.” I gave her a kiss goodnight, and turned on my heel to walk through the living room, and into my room, shutting the door, I looked at my hardwood floor, the rug on the floor in front of my old TV set, DVD, and VCR player, and twin bed with rainbow bedding.

Giggi, my orange stripped cat was sleeping on my dresser, I smiled, and got out clothes for tomorrow, and laid them on my desk chair. Really it was a kitchen chair pulled from our kitchen, but it worked, I closed my blinds, and dropped my clothes onto the floor, climbing into bed wearing just my underwear, and a pulled on sleeping shirt.

I curled under the cover, and shut my eyes.

Nyssa was behind my eyelids as I fell asleep, tears of hurt streaming down my face. They dried by the time I was deep into my dream with Nyssa, with Giggi curled by my feet.


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