The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book One; The Halfling's Fate

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Carla Jinks is a normal girl coming home from a birthday party at a bar; her twenty first, she felt like something was happening, something no one could control. Then she was cornered in a dark alley by a man, and she was brought to a mysterious club. It was the ever sought after Vampire Club; and she was to meet the king of the New England vampires. Is her fate sealed for her to die, or is it sealed to be the King's lover and to live forever as his queen?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Meeting Drake

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Chapter One

Carla, walked faster down the back alley way. She had to be careful there were vampires about. She heard a movement from behind her. She sped up, her heart racing, but she was still to slow. An attractive, man stepped out from the shadows. Carla stopped dead.

“What do you want?” Carla asked with annoyance laced in her voice, but her blood was pumping quickly. The man took a deep breath like he was scenting something delicious.

“Drake would like to meet you.”

He said that with a wicked grin without teeth. Carla’s eyes went wide; Drake Dragoon is one of the oldest vampires. He’s nine hundred, fifty years old, very powerful, and King of the New England vampires.

“Why?” Carla asked hoping it wasn’t for dinner. The man who was now apparent to be a vampire, smiled with his teeth, glistering.

“He has taken an...attraction to you.” Carla gave a squeak, as fear filled her eyes.

“Don’t worry not that kind of attraction, you won’t die. He has fallen for a beautiful face, though I would say just pretty.”

He motioned for Carla to follow. She took a deep breath, and followed him into the shadows. She was much braver than the vampire thought she would be. The man grabbed a hold of Carla's hand. The mist surrounded them, cloaked in; it lifted them from the cracked asphalt. The mist carried them to a mysterious destination.

They were suddenly lowered back down. When the mist cleared they were in front of The Vampire Club called TVC, so the unknowing mortals would stay away. The man let go of Carla’s hand, and pushed her into the club.

It was quiet, only a few vampires, and some die heart humans were around. A dark brown haired vampire with dark silver eyes stood up. The silver eyes were common in vampires. He gracefully strolled towards Carla. “Victor, thank you for bringing Carla.” This is Drake, Carla thought.

“You must be Drake. I got to say I imagined you less handsome since you sent someone else to find me. But, I’m glad I came, I should listen to my instincts more often.”

A smile grew across his flawless face. His smiles so charming, I just want to melt. Carla thought.

“You’re very good at covering up your real emotions. If I couldn’t hear your heart you would have me believe your calm behavior.” Carla’s eyes lit at the compliment, Drake notices her eyes were a light shade of violet when pleased.

“I’ve learn to show no fear with your fellow vampires.”

“I thought that you had met my kind before. Come so we can talk alone.”

“All right.”

He held out his hand, and only hesitating a moment Carla grabbed his hand as he lead her up the stairs. Drake felt her hands grip, like a butterfly just soaked in the sun’s warmth. But Drake knew that Carla was holding onto him for dear life. He smirked.

She already feels safe with me, Drake thought with happiness. Drake brushed his thumb across the top of her hand. Carla shivered, and Drake knew she had desire in her for him. He could tell it was burning her just a bit. Just like for him he craved to touch her, to make her his, but he held back.

Drake guided Carla towards his room which was bigger than the other five medium rooms. Drake’s room had a bathroom, king size bed, and a balcony. When Drake led Carla into his room, she gasped.

“This is my room.”

She looked around the room then back at Drake.

“This is lovely.” Carla let go of Drake’s hand, making Drake feel strangely empty. She walked towards his fluffy bed, and sat down on it testing its springs. “You sleep, don’t you?” She asked slowly, he chuckled.

“Yes, when the sun comes up.” Carla nodded.

Drake walked slowly towards her, looking at her begging her with his eyes to let him come closer. She sat there, and waited. He sat down on the bed, and Carla turned towards him. She leaned closer to Drake. Drake slipped his hand on the nape of her neck. He pulled her gently towards his mouth, and she lifted her eager lips to his. When their lips touched it was like fire slowly burning the layer of skin.

When Carla finally pulled back for a breath, Drake pushed up her shirt. Seeking flesh he found it supported by a flimsy lace bra. Drake pushed his own needs aside; unhooked her bra, pulling her green tee, and the bra off.

Carla laid back on the bed, uncovered from the waist up, and never feeling more at ease. Drake suckled her tight pink nipple, and she moaned in pleasure. Carla lifted her unsteady hands, and unbuttoned his white button down shirt.

Carla’s skin rippled with anticipation, Drake pulled off her worn jeans. Drake noticed her lace underwear matching to her bra, against her creamy white thighs. He nearly ripped them to shreds before controlling himself.

When they were both naked, their needs far too gone to stop, Drake slipped slowly inside her unsure if he was her first. No I'm not! He thought angrily. She flinched when he moved deeper, he had made her uncomfortable with his angry movement. She was tight enough to tell him she only had it once. With that thought in his mind, his anger was pushed aside, and her needs put first.

He mated with Carla fast, and hard. Her hips went with his, still not an expert with making love, but knowing enough of how to please him. She released without warning, and screamed in ecstasy, as colors in a bright, and radiate pattern flew across her vision.

Drake muffled her voice with his lips, but knew it was too late. He released, a moment later, with stars exploding, and with a hot fire blazing through his body as he was sated. He could hear Rain, his Master outside the door making sure Carla was all right.

Drake knew he had to deal with her impetuous self soon. Carla’s breathing regulated, and she turned towards Drake. Smiling, and looking just as appealing as before, she cuddle next to Drake. She had never felt so relaxed, and contented before.

“I’m not much of an expert, sorry Drake.” Looking apologetic, Drake smiled.

“That’s okay, I’d like to make you one.” Her eyes lit up that light violet again. “I have something to explain to you, but it won‘t be easy for you to understand.” She kicked her eyebrows up.

“Okay go on.”

“Carla your a Halfling, do you know what that means?”

Carla’s eyes went wide, and then all emotion wiped from her face.

She laid there thinking then finally spoke again.

“My Father’s a vampire?” Drake shook his head.

“You Mother’s a vampire.”

“That’s impossible, my Mom died.” Denial lit her eyes.

“No she didn’t, I know her.” Carla’s mouth dropped, and she shook her head in amazement.

“She’s alive?” Drake slowly nodded. “I want to see her now.” Drake smiled at her impatience. Just like her mother, he thought with a sigh she was the woman of his dreams, she was his now, his Carla.

“All right, but you better get dressed first.” Carla gave him an impish grin, and kissed him on the mouth. She pulled on her bra, underwear, tee, and jeans. When she turned around Drake was already dressed.

“Not, fair to use your vampire speed.” Drake laughed, his eyes crinkled slightly.

“All’s fair in love and war.” He said simply. Carla smiled, she took a deep breath, and touch both sides of her neck. Her eyes went wide in shock, there were no bites. She turned towards him, shocked.

“Why did you ask me to come if you weren’t thirsty?” Drake grinned lovingly.

“Because I don’t want you just for a snack.”

“What do you want me as?”

“A Mate.” Carla blushed crimson.

“How is that suppose to work, if I’m not full human, or full vampire?”

“Halfling’s don’t stay, half and half all there lives. They either learn the truth, and they turn into a vampire. Or if they never find out by there twenty first birthday they turn human.”

“But I’m twenty-one, now.” Confusion flooded her voice.

“Yes, but you just turned it a few hours ago. If you get bit before the sun rises, you turn.”

“Is that why you didn’t bite me?” Drake gave a nod.

“If I bit you, you would turn into a vampire. It’s different with Halfling. And then you become my Mate. But before that can happen I have to ask permission.”

“From who? Aren’t you the oldest vampire around?”

“Only one vampire is older than me that is in the city.”

“Who?” Drake smirked.

“Your Mom.” Carla threw up her hands.

“Oh, that’s great! When I was seven, she wouldn’t even let me cut bananas with a plastic fork. What makes you think she’ll give you permission?” Carla announced quiet dramatically.

“If it’s what you want, she’ll give it to me.” Drake paused a moment, “is this what you want?”

“What does being your Mate exactly entail?”

“We live forever, we live with each other, and we make love.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Not to demanding.”

Carla gave Drake an impish grin. “Oh making love to you, how demanding!” Drake laughed. Using his vampire speed he was across the room in an instant. Drake put his hand in the back of Carla’s neck.

“I can show you how demanding, it can be.” Carla’s violet eyes darkened. “So, do you want to be my Mate?” Carla’s smile as her eyes went dreamy like.

“I have a question, If a human and a vampire can have a baby can a vampire, and another vampire have” Her voice pleading to some unknown force, to make it true. Drake chuckled, leaning forward to kissed her.

“Yes, some times it takes years, other times only weeks to conceive. It all depends.” Carla grinned, happy.

“Let’s go see my Mom. Where is she?” Asking excited, her voice pitched higher.

“She’s here. Probably listening to what we are saying. When you screamed, I felt her presents outside the door, making sure I didn’t hurt you.” Carla blushed lightly.

“I didn’t know I was so...loud.”

“Yes, very loud.” He slanted his mouth on her neck, licking the sweat there. He nipped her light enough so he didn’t break the skin. “I want you again, so let’s go see your Mom.” Carla licked her lips, as her nose detected something honey smelling.

“That’s good because I want you too, again, and again.” Drake took a deep breath, pulling her to him, he kissed her lips until they were swollen, and Carla’s breath was short.

While Drake let Carla catch her breath, he twinned his finger in her hair. When her breathing was better, he pulled her hips to his. Carla gave an animal like growl, and tackled him to the floor. He knew he triggered her vampire half when her vampire teeth grew out half way. She ripped Drake’s pants, his button and zipper broke, having metal fly across the room with pings.

Drake looked like he loved being restrained. She pinned Drakes hips to the ground as Drake relinquished his pants, and underwear to her demanding hands. His white button down shirt was pulled from his chest. She slowed down enough to take her own clothes off.

She lowered herself on his arouse, and moaned when it penetrated her. Drake was enjoying himself, not just in the mating but in her peeked mood for him. Carla’s so inexperienced, but she’s driving me nuts with passion, and pleasure, Drake thought giddily.

Carla’s breasts pushed to Drake’s sweaty chest. She bit his neck, as the blood pored into her mouth she tasted an iron honey taste. So that’s where that honey smell was coming from she thought. She pulled back, and licked her lips, delighted.

He smiled up at her; tenderly he pushed a fallen lock of hair behind her ear. God he wanted to kiss her. He took her face between his hands, and sweetly kissed her, slowly. She screamed into his mouth as she orgasmed on top of him.

He grabbed her hips, and pumped into her, once, twice, and then he groaned and shuddered as the relief came. Carla slipped off of him, not able to do more than that. She laid next to Drake on the cool floor against her flushed flesh.

She was breathing hard, threw her nose.

“I can’t believe I just did that, I’m sorry. That must happen when I get aroused. ” Drake laughed, and rolled to face Carla.

“Carla, that was amazing. Don’t be sorry, you’re more in tune with your vampire half than I thought. Now all I want to do is drink your blood.” He licked his lips.

“You smell good. Is that normal?”

“What is normal?” He asked, then admitted, “yes, it is. What do I smell like to you?”

“Honey, roses, and mint.”

“How romantic, you smell like rosemary, lemons, and chocolate. Though your scent will change when you turn into a full vampire. Maybe instead of lemons, something more sweet smelling.” Carla frowned, unpleased.

“I don’t smell sweet to you?” Carla asked, taking offence.

“Baby, that’s not what I mean. Halflings smell differently than humans, and vampires. It’s not a bad smell just a little more citrus.”

“Sorry, I just want to appeal to you.”

“If you appealed to me anymore we wouldn’t leave the bedroom for years.” Carla’s smile brightened the room as she giggled.

“We don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.”

“We have to get permission from your Mom, if you wanna turn into a vampire.” She sighed, annoyed at the interruption.

“Okay let’s get this over with.” Drake went to get new clothes, and when he came back he was dressed. Carla slipped on her shirt as he walked in. He held out his arms for her

“Come, it’d be faster.” She smiled, and walked into his embrace. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and legs around his hips. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips, to keep them on even keel, and they took off.

They were down stairs in less than a second. She smiled at him as she dropped onto the ground like she did this all the time with Drake.

She turned around to a tall light brown haired woman with dark violet eyes. Carla’s Mom looked the same as the last time Carla saw her at seven. Carla’s Mom Rain held out her arms unsure if she would be rejected.

“Mommy?” Carla asked her voice a bit childlike.

“Yes, Carly.” Carla launched into Rain’s arms, nuzzling her face to Rain’s neck.

“Why did you make me believe you were dead? Does Dad know?”

“Yes, your Father knows. We still see each other. We thought it was best if you grew up normally, and you couldn’t with me around being well a vampire. We didn’t want you to become a vampire just because your parents were.”

“Wait, Dad’s a vampire?”

“Now he is, that’s why now he works from six to twelve, that leaves the rest of the night for me, and him.” Carla smiled at her Mom.

“You guys still love each other don’t you?”

“Yes, very much. That’s why your Father never dated. We are still Mates.”

“Why have you guys never gotten married?” Rain shrugged.

“I suppose we will, now that you know I’m alive. I changed him just last week.” Rain paused. “You knew you were a Halfling you just never remembered it after you thought I died. I think it was some sort of child repression.”

Rain looked at Drake, and noticed his bites. She growled, menacingly.

“I thought I told you to wait before you turned her for me to give you permission.” Drake cowered.

“I listened to you my Maker; Carla did that with her half vampire teeth. Smell her, she’s still a Halfling.” Rain took a deep breath threw her nose.

“Sorry Drake, I overreacted.”

“Mom you made Drake?” Carla stepped out of Rain’s hug, and leaned her back against Drake’s chest. Looking at her Mom curiously.

“Yes, sometimes I regret it. He was a good friend so I turned him. He’s thanked me for it every day of his existence. I suppose he’s going too doubly now that he’s found you.” Carla ignored that last part, but couldn't help blushing a bit.

“How old are you Mom?” Rain laughed, shaking her head, before crossing her arms.

“A thousand last month.”

“So you were only half a century when you made Drake.” Drake’s face dropped in shocked.

“And pray tell how do you know how old I am?”

“You’re famous all around, if you know where to go. Your name is on everyone’s lips, ether in envy, or desire.

“Jeez why did you hang out with vampires, and wanna be humans?”

“I always liked vampires, they appeal to me.”

Shaking in laughter, Rain looked at her Carly, and her charge Drake. They meant something to one another, already. She suspected they wouldn’t just be Mates for long.

“Well Carly, I’ll see you tomorrow night. As a vampire I presume.” Carla answered quickly.

“Yes, a vampire. Night or Morning.” Carla gave Rain a hug.

“Tell Dad I said hi, and I’ll see him tomorrow night too. Okay?”

“You reminded me. Yes, I will he’ll be home in fifteen, so I better get over there. Good bye.” Rain kissed Carla on the cheek, and was gone in half a second on her way to Cameron’s house. Carla smile was slow as she turned towards Drake. She wrapped herself around him, and whispered in his ear,

“Let’s go make me a vampire, shall we?” Drake turned towards the stairs.

They were in Drake’s bedroom with the door locked on the bed. He smiled at her she offered her neck, he bit her, drinking her essence a sweet lemon taste. She bit into his neck too, tasting honey. A minute later, they were cuddling. Nothing more, Drake whispered in her ear,

“Next time you wake up you will be a vampire. But for now you are just my Mate, and lover.” Carla drifted off to sleep, content, and feeling safe.

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