The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Healing

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



“Thea you got here fast.”

“I sensed your relive so I knew you found her, also Carla called me telling me that I needed to heal Ella.” I nodded, Thea opened the door and I carried my butterfly up the stairs to our room. I laid her down on the bed, and followed suit. I gently shook her shoulder until she woke up.

“I’m sorry to wake you sweetie.” Ella blinked, and looked up at me with trusting eyes.

“It’s fine, I meant to tell you something before I passed out, but I can’t remember what it was.” Panic wanted to crawl over me swallowing me whole, but I pushed it away for Ella’s sake.

“Thea is gonna heal you babe, but you need to tell us where.” Ella hiccuped.

“Every where.” I brushed my lips softly against hers.

“You have to be more specific than that.” A tear slipped down her face.

“My ribs.” Thea came closer, sitting her butt beside Ella, she coughed.

“I can’t heal covered flesh.” I bit my lip, looking at Ella. She sighed, and nodded having enough energy to blush. I felt for a zipper but there wasn’t one, so I gently as possible tugged off her dress. Thea’s hands hovered over Ella’s ribs and when she pulled away Ella sighed in relief.

“My back.” I rolled Ella’s front on my arms as Thea healed her huge bruise. Then I put her back on her back.

“Much better, um my....” She blushed and tried again. “Bitten my breasts, they hurt.” Thea nodded, and I tugged her bra off. Thea hover a mite too close to her breasts, but I looked at her breasts they were bruised with blood welling in spots.

“There, anywhere else?” Thea asked.

“My thighs and my wrist again.” Ella sighed. “I always seem to get my wrist hurt.” I smiled a little and brushed her face.

“Don’t you want your face heal too?”

“Oh, I can’t feel my face it’s numb. Is it bad?” I nodded.

“There’s nothing on your thighs Ella.” Ella coughed.

“The inside of my thighs, sorry.” Ella pushed her thighs apart a bit and there were finger marks, nails bitten in and bruises. Thea healed her thighs, her wrist and lastly her face.

“Try to sleep and you should be ok.” Ella nodded. I kissed Thea on the cheek.

“Thank you little sis, I own you one.” She looked down at Ella.

“Just take good care of her always and I’ll call us even.” I nodded once, and she was gone.

Ella’s Pov

I knew when Thea left, I heard the wind blow and it was silent.

“Trent?” I felt Trent next to me in a second.

“Yes, butterfly?” I licked my lips and swallowed.

“I’m sorry.” Trent brushed my face and I opened my eyes.

“For what Ella?”

“For what I said, before this all happened. I was just upset, I went to the bathroom and cried.” Trent shushed me gently.

“There is nothing for you to be sorry for.” I saw pain and pity in his eyes.

“I remember what I was gonna tell you, he didn’t rape me. He was close, but you saved the day. I felt so helpless, I promised myself if I got out untouched that I’d tell you things, but it’s easier thought than done.” Trent smiled.

“What things butterfly?” I shook my head.

“I would never know your touch, never get to really know you, and for losing my virginity to somebody besides you. That’s what I was thinking.” Trent looked at me.

“Your holding something back.” I bit my lip.

“I can’t tell you right now, maybe some other time.” Trent looked somewhat disappointed. 

“You should sleep.” I grabbed Trent as he started to step away.

“Stay with me.” He nodded. I looked down at myself I was practically naked, I sighed and pulled the blanket over my cold body. He stripped down to his underwear and slid under the covers, I rolled over to him and his warmth. “Hold me?” Trent kissed me lightly and pulled me to his chest, I heard his light intake of breath as my naked breasts made contact with him. It felt nice and I snuggled down more.

It took a minute, but I fell back into oblivion with Trent’s warm and safe arms around me.
* * *
I woke up on top of something warm and hard, I felt safe and I curled closer to the thing. I felt prodding in my left inner thigh and my eyes popped open as I remembered where I was.

“Don’t move you’ll bother my friend.” 

“Who in the hell is your friend and why the fuck is he or she here in our bed?”

“My buddy is always in the bed with us.” I squinted at him and looked around, no one was in the bed or the room.

“Who the hell are you talking about?” But then I got it. I blushed he meant his friend downstairs. It poke me again.

“DAMN IT, YOU MEAN YOUR PENIS!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, and sprang away only to remember that I was naked from the waist up. I hugged my chest and blushed scarlet. I closed my eyes.

“Don’t look at me.” I begged. Trent got up and walked to me, he caressed my lip and I looked up at him.

“Why? Your so beautiful, lovely, ravishing.”

“Are you making a complement or asking?”

“I’m trying to find the word that will give you enough courage and open your eyes.”

“Try your the most exquisite woman I’ve ever met in my five hundred years alive.”  Trent smiled and repeated the sentence with sincerity. I opened my eyes.

“You meant that!”

“I never say anything I don’t mean, so is my little human hungry?” A second later my stomach growled. I nodded, dropping my arms to my side. “You are lovely.” I looked up at him and smiled.

“You really think so?”

“Yes.” I blushed again, and kissed Trent sweetly. I quivered as Trent kissed me back, I grabbed his hair and tugged him closer. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to give Trent my one gift I reframed from anyone. I was desperate to have him to myself, to have him love me, to have him take my innocents, and to give him all my love. I knew it then. *I’m in love with Trent. (Yes, you are :D)* For once I didn’t mind the truth telling commentary.

“Trent.” I moaned his name out loud and I inched his hand to my breast, when his hand engulfed my breast I felt triumphant. I pulled him towards the bed and fell on it bringing him down. I needed him to be so wanting of me that he will take me and quickly. I kissed him more tugging on his lip, and brushing his back. He pulled away from me and look me in the eyes.

“Why are you doing this Ella, I can tell your hearts not in it, your every move is thought through like with Thea. Why?” I shook my head and brought him back down, I brushed his stomach and I felt his penis twitch. I was nibbling on his neck when he pulled back and stood up. “Answer me, Ella.” I felt detached and rejected, tears swiftly came to my eyes and my face fell into my hands as I let the tears slip.

He came down almost instantly and he pulled me into his embrace. Shushing me until I stopped crying. “Is this what the psych did to you, did he make you feel this way? Desperate?” I nodded and pulled him closer.

“If you had just let things go the way I needed them to, I wouldn’t feel this way.” He pulled back to look at me as more tears fell.

“Why, why do you need me to make love to you?” I sobbed out.

“So you have what I saved for you, so I can feel better, so I can known you before something else happens. Something that will take me away from you.” He shook his head.

“Nothing else is gonna happen, nothing will take you away from me. Is that what he told you that he would take you away?” I nodded.

“So I would be his and I’d never get to see you again.” Trent spit out a curse. “But I do want you to love me not just because of Frank.” Trent looked into my face and saw I was telling the truth.

“I can’t take you today not like this. I want it to be special even with everything that has happened. Can you wait till tomorrow? I’ll make it very romantic.”

“You promise?” Trent nodded. I smiled and swiped my face. “I’m sorry I’m acting all weird. By the way what is today?” Trent’s eyes went back in forth in thought.

“Tomorrows Thanksgiving.”

“Oh shoot! I promised to be with my mom today!” Trent’s face contracted in thought.

“You wanna see her?”

“Yes, do you wanna come along?” Trent’s face lifted.

“If you don’t think she’ll mind.”

“Pff my mom’s been on my back about getting a boyfriend. We will have to pretend we’re dating, but it shouldn’t be that hard.”

“With the way we act, not at all. So what time do you have to be there?”

“Twelve pm.” Trent looked at the clock.

“Well if we leave now we can make it.”

“Can you go out in the sun?”

“Yes love, it’s just a wee bit bright. So lets go.” I nodded happy my mother and my vampire soon to be lover was gonna met. *This is gonna be interesting.*

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