The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Quine and The Pack

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Hey People, this is the last chapter before CHRISTMAS and no i mean in the story not in real life. Sorry :P Anyways you learn more about Quine her parents and how wolfs mate! And yes this is just so you know what im talking about for the next book which I am gonna write after i finish the first book in my seirs for some reason I did this one before the other one was done... oh well.

Chapter Twenty Four
Four more days later
I sat on the couch, curled in a ball waiting for Trent to get back from the store, I would have gone, but my flu had gotten worse. So here I was sicker than a dog, three days from Christmas, and looking like crap. I sighed as it couldn’t be helped, and slipped another spoonful of my favorite ice cream I like to eat when I was sick. Blackberry.

  I moaned a little, my throat raw, and my body weak. I was sick and tiered of well being sick, and I needed to get out for some air. Trent pulled up in our drive way and opened the door about a minute later carrying two bags of groceries, he smiled at me. I just wanted to throw my blanket over my head, for I felt gross, and probably looked worse, reading my thoughts Trent shook his head.

  “You look fine babe, absolutely stunning.” My lip twitched.

  “Liar but it sweet of you to say so.” Trent just leaned down to give me a kiss on my head and went off to the kitchen to put the food away, once that was done he carried out a few wrapped presents and set them under the tree, I looked at them by eyes brightening.

  “Such childlike wonder you have with things wrapped in christmas paper.”

  “Well, duh. I have really bad curiosity, do you think we could stop in with the pack or TVC?” Trent frowned, and looked me up and down.

  “You don’t seem up for it.”

  “I know, but if I stay any longer here I’m gonna die of boredom. I’m too sick to clean, exercise or go outside to play in the snow. The only things I can do here is play on your X-box, nap and eat everything in the house. And no matter how much I love to eat it gets boring.”

  “So you eat when your bored?” He asked, highly amused.

  “Yes, that’s why I work out, do get rid of boredom and to work out the bad calories I had eaten. Come on take me to the pack grounds.” Trent groaned.

  “I don’t want to go anywhere I do have things to do, I have work around the house and more shopping to do.” I smirked.

  “Trent you sound like my mother.” Trent stuck his tongue out at me.

  “Well, that sucks, but I do have all this stuff I need to do, so your gonna have to be bored.”

  “Trent.” I said, stressing his name. “I’m fucking bored, tried, sick and grumpy. I want to visit the pack and I don’t need your constant protection. I am a big girl, and I can handle myself. So if you won’t take me to the pack I’m going by myself.” Trent smirked at my curse, and his face became emotionless as he went into thought.

  “Fine. You win, I’ll take you, but first I have to call Kira first to make sure its alright, then I have to make sure if something happens that she would protect you, those’s are my rules and if you don’t like them then you are staying home.” I growled, unpleased that he thought I couldn’t protect myself. Trent shook his head at my stubbornness. “Agree?” I nodded my head and he flipped open his cell, dialing Kira’s number it rang three times before she answered it.

  “Hey, Trenton. Is something up?”

  “Not really just a bored, stubborn, sick and growly woman. You?” Kira laughed.

  “Ella bothering you? Good.” Trent rolled his eyes.

  “Look, Ella wants to visit, but I don’t have time. She’s been kinda sick so she can’t really do anything, do you mind if she visits by herself?”

  “Nope not at all, the rest of the pack’s been wanting to met her anyways.”

  “Good, I’ll bring her right over, but promise me two things.”

  “Sure, shot.”

  “That you make sure she doesn’t wear herself out too much she is still not well, and if something happens protect her.”

  “Trenton she part of the pack now, I will protect her with my life as I would for my pack mates.”

  “Thank you, we will be right over.” Trent shut his phone and looked at me, smiling. “You sure do know how to instal loyalty, butterfly.” Trent hadn’t called me butterfly for a few days and his sweet nickname has always given me a happy feeling. I smiled at him and hugged him tightly.

  “Thank you, babe.” I said, and gave him a quick kissed. I pulled back and looked down at myself. I’ve been taking a shower everyday so I was clean, but I needed to change. Once I was done with that, I came back down stairs to Trent sitting on the floor playing his fav game. GTA4, such a boy. I patted his head and motioned for the door, he put his game on pause, got up and went over to the door sliding his leather jacket on and he helped me in mine.


  “Yup.” More snow was failing on the ground and it was sure to be a white Christmas, Trent got me up in the car and started up the heat, he pulled a blanket from the back of the car and put it around me.

  “There so you don’t freeze at all.”

  “Such a badass vamp you are.”

  “Of course I am.” His eyes twinkled, and he gave me a sweet and tender kiss on my lips, pulling out of the drive way slowly and down the street. About thirty minutes went by in compromise silence, and we pulled up to the pack grounds, Kira jogged towards us smiling. I got out of the car and she pulled me into a hug.

  “So I heard your giving Trenton a hard time. Good for you.” I laughed a little.

  “I try, but I’ve been so bored lately I had to bother him to just bring me here. Besides I want to learn more about your pack when I found out my two best buds are Were’s.”

  “Oh yes, Marla and Quine. They came back home for Christmas break and such. Marla’s mum and dad are from the claw pack, but her dad died so they live here now with her step dad Ukine. A very nice Were.” I nodded.

  “Well butterfly I’ll leave you here in Kira’s hand, you be easy and tell me when your coming home, so I don’t get worried.”

  “Yes, Trent. Are you leaving the car?”

  “Yea I fancy a run, see you at home, love.” He gave me a kiss and my arms a quick rub before dashing off.

  “That mans a handful.”

  “So he is, but you love him.”

  “Yea, its just---” I looked up at Kira surprised. “You tricked that outta me.”

  “I did, but I knew it anyways. Did you?”

  “Yep, pain in the ass man, but you gotta love him.” Kira nodded her agreement. “Do you still like Trent?”

  “Oh god no, I haven’t thought of him more than a friend for a long time, and that’s all we were anyways. I do love him, but as a friend so no fear little one I won’t take him.” I nodded and walked into the grounds with my hands in my pockets.

  “It’s so nice here.”

  “Yes, very peaceful. Sorry to be intruding into your life, but Quine told me you and her were once involved?”

  “Yeah, we were, but it didn’t work out and I love her as a friend. To tell you the truth I think she still in love with me.”

  “I wouldn’t doubt it, Ella. My wolfs already admire you and they haven’t met you yet.”

  “I do that somehow. Don’t mind my intruding, but why don’t you have a mate.” Kira smirked.

  “I can’t find a male who is able to make me submit, and I feel happy doing it. I’m a more dominate wolf, for being a Alpha and just be aggressive, but my wolf craves a dominator that she likes.”

  “You talk like your wolf has a mind of it’s own.”

  “Well, she does kinda we want the same thing and likes the same things its just she is more prone to want what she want right then and there and doesn’t care how she gets it. It’s like have a two split sides of your attitude, just you can have a conversation with your wolf. Kinda hard to describe, but I’m sure a smart girl like you understands.”

  “Huh, I do, weird.” I smiled at Kira. “So how do you guys you know take mates? I do know how vamps take them, just I’m curious.” Kira laughed, her bright honey eyes glistening.

  “I know how you feel. Well to mate with wolfs is very different, first you should try to find whats called your true mate. One wolf can have many mates, but only one true mate. A plain mate is when a wolf likes another wolf and they don’t feel the mating call or only one of them does. They can mate and be happy, it’s kinda like how humans find husbands or wives, they love them, but if they get divorced they find someone else who is better for them and they love twice as more.” I nodded, understanding.

  “If you find a true mate the wolfs both feel a mating call, which is the desire to mate with the wolf as soon as possible. Once they mate in private they have to show the pack that there mated, they do whats called the mated ceremony, they are in human form in the middle of the pack they strip shift and do whats called a submitting show. Who ever is more submissive submits first then the other submits and thats it. Well for everyone in the pack except for the Alpha, when the Alpha mates they do a mated dance. The alpha and its mate are in wolf form they do a pretty dance kinda like jumping back and forth brushing each other, they submit like the normal mated ceremony and they shift back to human form, cut their palms and rub their blood together.”

  “Wow, that sound so pretty.”

  “It’s very pretty, there is such a celebration for having the Alpha take a mate means that the next Alpha will be born soon.”

  “You guys don’t seem to concern about getting pregnant without being with your mate.”

  “We could have kids without being mated, but the male wolf has a gene in him which makes his seed impotent until he is either mated or both parties in the sexual act agree about having pups.”

  “Wow like the ultimate contraceptive.”

  “It is.”

  “Do most wolfs mate having never been with someone before?”

  “To tell you the truth, yes a lot have, but the older ones lose it sometime or another before they find their mates, but the pups who find their mates early are untouched.” I nodded, and we were walked side by side when Quine run up to me and threw herself in my hug.

  “Hey babe.”

  “Hey yourself, did you miss me?”

  “Well, duh Elly.” I laughed, and pulled back from Quine.

  “So, your family lives here. Do I get to met them now?”

  “Don’t be disappointed, they are very crazy, by the way don’t tell me my step dads hot cause I’ve heard it way to much and it’s kinda gross.”

  “Sure whatever you say, but if I agree I will say so.” Quine groaned and looked at Kira.

  “Hi Alpha sorry to take Elly away from you.” Her eyes were downcast in a silent submission, she did seem like a submissive wolf.

  “It’s find Quine, tell your mom and Ukine I said my regards to their happy news.” Quine nodded, and pulled me along to one of the smaller cabins.

  “Quine what happy news?”

  “Oh you’ll see.” I gave my friend a special smile I saved just for her before she pulled me up the stairs to the cabin. She opened it up. “Mom, Dad I want you to met Ella.”

  I walked up behind Quine and into the cabin, and there was Quine’s mom. My mouth dropped open.

  “You were one of the elders from the other day.” Martha, laughed.

  “That I am, it’s nice to met you Ella, I’m Martha and this is Ukine.” Ukine looked up from the kitchen sick washing dishes and I gasped. He was another god, his black hair sweeping his face and intense blue eyes regarding me with interest. He was built and sexy as hell.

  “Remember what I said Quine.” Quine groaned.

  “Oh god no! Why does everyone say that.” Ukine chuckled, shaking his head to get his hair out of his eyes.

  “Cause its true Quine.” Martha said, laughing. “I got a very hot man, and I’m not afraid to say it.”

  “Ew mom, that’s just gross.” I smiled and sat myself down in a chair.

  “So Quine what was Kira talking about?”

  “Oh Alpha sends her regards.” Martha smiled.

  “That was nice of her.” Martha went from the room and came back carrying a little bundle with a mop of black hair. Quine smiled and retched for the baby.

  “Hi bud did you miss sisa.” The babe gurgled, throwing his fist out and waving it. She cradled her brother tightly. “Elly this is my little brother Xavier, X this is my best friend Ella.” Xavier gurgled more and turned to his mom, Martha took him back and held him close.

  “Oh wow he’s adorable, just like Dayton.”

  “And how is your cute brother?”

  “Just marvelous, him and Trent get along together so well.” Quine shuffled her feet. “What?”

  “What are you gonna tell your mom dad and siblings? If you are Trent’s mate he’s gonna turn you soon.”

  “You know I haven’t really thought about it, I may convince Trent to let me tell them the truth I mean since my own other brothers a vamp.”

  “He is?!”

  “Yes, Sara was the one to tell me, and I’ve saw him a few days ago. Besides Trent won’t be turning me for a little bit so I have some time.”

  “When is he turning you?”

  “I don’t know, I suppose he hasn’t turned me yet is because well he sorta wants a baby...” I said rubbing the back of my neck.

  “But your only twenty two!”

  “Quine my birthday is coming up in two weeks, and I don’t think its gonna happen anyways to tell you the truth. But the thing is I don’t think he’ll want me around if I can’t have a baby.” Quine rolled her eyes and sat down in the chair next to me.

  “You over think things too much, just relax and let things happen.”
Trent’s POV

I was sitting on the floor after a long day playing GTA4 when I heard Ella pull up, I still was sitting there when she came in with a bag.

“What’s in there?” I asked lazily.

“N-nothing.” Ella stammered, blushing she ran up stairs. *Hmm me thinks little butterfly has gotten me my present.* I didn’t know how right I was.

Thanks for reading what do you ella got him.... Evil sexual things??? O.o (oh that sounds like a good idea... ;) )

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