The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Christmas Surprise

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Submitted: December 21, 2010



Here it is, CHRISTMAS!!!! hahaha something big happens here, but there is a CLIFHANGER hahahahahahha :P sorry had to do it

Chapter Twenty Five
Three days later, Christmas Eve.

I was jumping up and down with excitement it was Christmas Eve and I couldn’t wait to give Trent his presents. I rearranged the presents under the tree again and looked down at them making sure they were ‘perfect’.?

“Babe they look fine, come on before we are late.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, they are beautifully wrapped and arranged with care, now come on so I don’t get yelled at for keeping you.”

“But the stockings...”

“Do I have to throw you over my shoulder?” That brought our first meeting to my mind.

“No, lets go then.” I sighed. I was becoming insane I just knew it. We went to my moms house, we walked up to the door and walked in with Trent trailing after me. Sadie was sitting at the table with Sara and Josh coloring, and Josh was bad at coloring. Josh looked up at me and jumped.

“Whoa Trenton what are you doing in my house with my sister?” *Oops! I forgot to tell Josh about me and Trent.* I looked up sheepishly at Trent and he rolled his eyes.

“Ella has forgotten to inform you that we’re dating.” Josh’s face hardened in fury.

“You are not dating my little sister, end of discussion.”

“Joshua! You keep your manners, what would your mother think?!” Dad came up behind us giving me a kiss on the forehead and Trent’s shoulder a pat.

“Dad, I don’t want that slim ball dating my sister.” I got mad and my face flushed in angry and I stomped up to him.

“You Josh can’t tell me who I can and can’t date, I may be your little sister but I am a grown woman and I do not appreciate you calling Trent a slim ball, and if you insult him or me again I will punch you.” Trent groaned, wrapped an arm around my waist and tugged me back.

“You need to stop hanging out with Kira if her aggressiveness is rubbing off on you.”

“He has no right!”

“Yes and you really shouldn’t threaten him, he’s your brother for one and is over six feet tall and could easily throw you if he wished it. Also your little sister is in the room.” I sighed, frustrated and plopped myself down on a chair and proceeded to pout.

“Moody much Elly?” Sara asked, highly amused. Tugging Josh back down to sit.

“A little.” I admitted, wirily. “What are you drawing Sadie?”

“I’m Emma.” She sighed.

“Ha funny ‘Em’. If your Emma then what did I say when Bobby picked on you?”

“That he should be put in a pit?”

“Good try Sadie, but I said that to you not Emma. I said to Emma to beat him up and she did. I got in trouble for telling her that.”

“Well, of course you did Emma was five.” I laughed, and leaned back.

“She needs to learn to be a true woman. And she did a pretty good job of it for a five year old.”

“You being her sixteen year old sister should have known better.”

“Eh, same result the kid stopped picking on Emma didn't he?”

“Not the point Ella Mae.” I laughed and looked over at Trent, he was just smiling. My Mom came in the room.

“Hi baby, hi Trenton.”

“Hello Jovi you look lovely today.” Mom giggled.

“Thank you Trenton, I think my little man missed you.” Dayton looked at Trent laughed and retched over for him. Trent smiled, and picked him up,

“You been good, you little trouble maker?”

“No.” I laughed, and ruffled his hair.

“Can you say Trent, yet?”

“Ta!” Dayton said tugging on Trent’s hair and everyone laughed at Dayton.


“Yes, Emma?” Mom said to Emma who was at the door way.

“When do we get to open our first Christmas Eve present?” Emma asked, impatient. 

“Ya mom when?” I asked, laughing.

“Well it is five o’clock, so I suppose we’ll eat then open the presents.” Mom went over to the stove and pulled out a ham with pineapples and honey. My mouth watered at it, and Trent smiled at me.

We ate the food like we did at Thanksgiving, bringing out the big table to hold everyone into the living room and Trent was again the amazing gentleman helping Sadie and Emma cut their food and getting up for me to get me seconds and embarrassingly thirds. I was hungry and everything looked good from the ham right down to a biscuit.

Trent fed Dayton all his food helped him with drinking his bottle of milk and played with him while we finished our food. Dayton fell asleep in Trent’s arms and Mom said she’d put him to sleep and Trent offered to. She agreed and thanked him. We all gathered around the Christmas tree and waited for Trent to come back.

Josh had a scowl on his face, and his hand was constantly holding Sara’s trying to calm himself down. Sara patted his hand trying to sooth her moody love and rubbed her protruding tummy as I’m sure the baby was restless. Trent came back smiling and sat down next to me giving me a kiss on the forehead and hugged my waist.

“Alright we are all here, were gonna go in alphabetical order this year from A-Z.” Mom said and Dad groaned.

“Great I’m last.”

“Hey, can we use nicknames?”

“No, that’s cheating butterfly.” Trent said shaking his head, I shrugged my shoulders. I tried.

“I think you go first anyways Ella, then its Emma.” I smiled, and looked about. There was three presents, one from Sara, one from Mom and Dad and one from the twins and Dayton. I decided Sara’s. Sara smiled, evil when I picked up hers.

“Omg, Sara what did you buy me, I’m very scared.”

“As you should be, I do have another present for you, but it’s not appropriate for the kids.” I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t wanna know.” Sara and I have this Christmas presents war going on, we tried to embarrass each other and the one time I ever embarrassed her was when I gave her a whip for Christmas. *OMG is that the other present?* I shuttered and unwrapped her present. I pulled the top of and found a cute pair of earrings, a celtic necklace and a charm for my anklet.

“OMG! Sara theses are perfect!” I squealed and gave her a hug.

“Thanks babe.”

“No prob.”

“I just realized something, Dayton goes before Ella, but we can look that over since he’s not here.”

“Yes, little bugger. He’ll get all his present tomorrow. Ok Emma your turn.” And so it went Emma, Josh, Mom, Sadie, Sara, and even Trent! My mom got him a book he wanted. He smiled at my mom thanking her, saying that he better not start to read it till after Christmas because he may be such into it. The Dad went, and Mom got him an empty coupon book where he can get anything he wants for free, but he only had ten. Oh what images that put to my mind.

He smiled evil at Mom and gave her a kiss on the lips. It was eight o’clock and time for us to leave.

“I’d like to stay, but I have to get my presents from Trent oh and he may want his too.” Trent laughed, got hugs from everyone and left with Josh even madder for even Sara gave Trent a goodbye hug. We got in the car and drove slowly home in the snow, it was so nice just floating down to earth. We pulled up to the drive way and I got out I was walking and I stepped on black ice. I slipped and Trent swopped in and caught me before I hit the ground.

“Be more careful, love.”

“Sorry, and thank you.” He nodded, and held my hand as we walked from the driveway to the door. He opened it up and let me pass him. He shut the door and turned the lights on and plugged the Christmas tree in. “Trent, can you build the fire up and set a few blankets and pillows down by the fireplace?”

“Sure can babe.”

“Thank you, I’ll be right back.” I climbed the stair and to the bed room I grabbed a black box from my draw, wrapped it up in Christmas paper, and went to go get changed. When I was in a new nightgown I bought I knew Trent would be drooling. I threw on a new robe and tucked the black box in my pocket. When I came down the stairs, Trent had the fire ready, the blankets down, pillows and was laying down sipping white wine.

“Would you like a glass, butterfly?”

“No, thank you. I’m fine for tonight.” He looked up at me.

“New robe?”

“New nightgown too, wanna see?” Trent nodded, enthusiastically. I pulled out the rectangular wrapped box, put it down by the tree and untied my robe. I slipped it down to the ground and I sat on it. A red night gown with lace trimming the cleavage, spaghetti straps and just barley covering my ass.

“I like the new gown babe.” He said, brushing a piece of hair out of my face.

“I’m sure you do, so what did you get me?” Trent chucked and grabbed a box, he handed it to me it wrapped and with a bow. I opened it up and inside was a set of keys, I looked at him confused.

“Look in the envelope.” I saw the envelope under the keys and opened it up. Inside was a picture of a green version of Trent’s car, my mouth dropped open.

“You got me a car!” Trent smiled and nodded.

“Do you like the color, I remember you saying it was your favorite color.”

“Yes, I love the color, the present and everything! Oh thank you.” I said throwing myself at Trent giving him a kiss.

“Well, I’m glad. So what’s my present?” I pulled away and looked at him.

“I hope you like it.” I whispered, blushing. I felt for the box and got it. I handed it to him and sat back. He looked intently at it and smiled.

“Let’s see what my mate got me.”

He murmured, I felt shy, afraid he wouldn’t like it and that he didn’t want it. He unwrapped the paper, putting it aside and looked up at me. He smiled and kissed me. He pulled off the top without looking set it down and looked inside, his face was completely shocked and he dropped the box looking at me thrown.

HAHAHAH CILFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHA its alright don't panic I'm updating tomorrow... jeez u guys are not fun :P

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