The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Frank and Queen Athena

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some bad stuff is going down

Chapter Twenty Seven
Just as Trent came back with my drink and I had taken a sip of it, the door opened and in stepped Josh with Sara behind him. Sara’s face brightened.

  “Ella!” I smiled stood up, ignoring Josh and gave Sara a hug.

  “Hey, you had a good Christmas Eve right?”

  “It was alright.” Sara said glaring at Josh’s scowl. He was looking at Trent like he wanted to kill him, sighed.

  “Josh, would you stop it, it’s not polite to scowl at someone nor be rude in front of everyone, yes you hate Trent. Good for you.” I said and back slapped the back of his head. Josh turned to me. His scowl was still in place, I raised my eyebrow at him and crossed my arms. “Get out Josh, leave Sara and go for a walk before I do something I’m gonna regret and you too.” I said, grabbing Sara’s arm and pulled her towards the group. I looked back at him and he was still there. “Joshua why the hell are you acting like this?” Josh’s gaze went to Trent’s.

  “I want you out of my sisters life, starting now.” Trent, looked at me and back at Josh.

  “I don’t think so.” Josh growled, went up to Trent grabbed his shirt and pulled him up. I got up and shoved Josh away from Trent with ease.

  “Joshua what is going on? Why do you hate Trent? He’s never done anything to you!”

  “I don’t want him anywhere near you Ella, you’ve heard about him being a player and asshole why the hell are you staying by him? He’s just gonna use you.” I took a deep breath, but angry flew in me. I raised my hand and slapped Josh across the face. He fell on the ground holding his cheek. “How the hell did you do that? Your human!” I looked around surprised. I looked at Rain.

  “Oh, um well this happens with humans when they are having halfling’s they sorta become more powerful kinda like there a halfling them selfs. You just have more power because of the baby.” I blinked, and gasped as I heard crashing. I looked over Josh had tackled Trent and was punching him in the face.

  “Josh what the hell?!” Drake sprung up and yanked Josh away as he got a punch to his own face.

  “You ass, you got my little sister pregnant!” I ran over to Trent and dropped to him, ignoring Josh’s screaming. 

  “Are you alright?” Trent nodded as blood gushed out of his nose. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

  “It’s ok butterfly I’ve been through worse.”  Sara went over to Josh and look him up and down.

  “Your an idiot, he’s way older than you and you take him on. That is not fair Joshua he wouldn't fight back cause your Ella’s brother. I have no idea where you went, but you can’t control Ella’s life its not fair and she is old enough. Now go sit down before I drag you there.” Josh nodded and held his jaw while Drake said.

  “I will not except fighting in my club nor in front of my children and wife, you will apologies and soon. Understood?” Josh sighed.

  “Yes, my maker.” All the noise woke Daniella up, and she started crying. Carla rushed over to Dani and held her.

  “It’s alright Elly.” Carla said soothing her, Josh looked up at Drake.

  “You named your daughter after my sister?”

  “Yes, she’s part of my family like you are. She is your sister, my kids Aunt and Trent’s mate. She is family.” Josh looked up at Trent.

  “You actually took my sister as your mate?” Trent nodded. “Oh. Well I guess I am sorry, if you took her for a mate, perhaps your not a bad guy after all.” Trent chuckled, and wiped the blood off.

  “Little to late, but that’s alright.” The door opened again, and in stepped Thea.

  “What happened?” Thea asked, when she saw Josh and Trent hurt. I shook my head.

  “Male fighting, what else. Can you heal Trent, Thea?” Thea nodded, and came up to Trent waving her hand over Trent nose. It glowed and was good as new. She went over to Josh and ran her fingers along his jaw and it glowed healed.

  “You did a number on my brother, did her deserve it?” Josh’s eyes flashed.

  “Trenton’s your brother?”

  “Yup, my twin, I’m assuming by the way you look he didn’t deserve his beating, but he does need a good fight once in awhile.” Thea laughed and stood up. “There all healed.” Thea smiled and went up to Trent.

  “Guess what?” She asked, excited. Trent looked at his sister.

  “You got laid?” Thea laughed.

  “Well, for once no, guess again?” Trent thought for a moment.

  “Met a girl you like?” Thea eyes danced. “You did?” Thea nodded.

  “The thing is she’s a Were.” Trent groaned.

  “Why, must you always go for the hard to get?”

  “She’s not a push over, I love it!” Everyone laughed, and Sam got up.

  “Well, that’s good Thea you need someone that give you a good work out to have.” Thea nodded.

  “How’s Lila doing?” Sam laughed.

  “Just fine, over there playing with Deon with the blocks.” Thea looked over, nodded and when over to play. Trent looked hard at Thea and back at me. He whispered in my ear,

  “She’s in love, I can tell.” I looked over at Thea and nodded, so she was. Another vampire ran into the club gasping he looked scared.

  “Drake, Carla we have a problem. Frank has declared another War!” The whole club was silent, and Drake growled.

  “That bastard if he wants a war he will have one, Carla notify the packs in the area, Sam tell every vamp in our kingdom to prepare, we are on the roll.” He took a deep breath. “Anything else?”

  “He’s working with Queen Athena, and has been for so long he helped her breach us last time and he is determined to have this kingdom and some human named Ella Makyla.” My eyes popped open and for the first time in my life, I fainted.
Trent’s POV

  NO! My mind screamed and I saw Ella looked surprised, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and I knew she was fainting, I caught her before she hit the ground. Ned looked down at me.

  “Is she Ella?” I nodded, and looked down at my butterfly, she was breathing, but in quite a shock, she must be so afraid. I slid my arms around her, picked her up and carried her to the couch, Josh got up and I laid her down. I got down on my knees and sighed brushing her hair out of her face, everyone was in a rush and their concern for Ella was obvious. Sara came over and kneeled down with me.

  “She’ll be alright Trenton, she’s tough and everyone will protect her, look she’s coming to.” Ella groaned, her arm had slung over her stomach in her faint and she stretched.

  “I fainted, didn’t I?”

  “Yes, but everything is alright babe. We should stay here the night just in case though.”

  “That’s fine.” Just then baby Ella cried out, she was in her crib thrashing. Drake ran to his baby girl.

  “Dani, whats wrong.” He picked her up and soothed her, she was still thrashing a bit. He placed a hand on her head and felt it, his eyes widened. Ella sat up.

  “Drake whats going on.” Drake bit his lip and looked over to Ella.

  “My little babe has gotten her sisters powers, but a little different she can show them.”

  “Is it something bad?” I asked, worried. 

  “No, just some images of us running around and yelling nothing really.” Ella seemed to relax, but I knew Drake was lying.

  “Drake bring Dani we will feed her and talk about tactics.” He nodded, held his babe to him and walked over to the bar away from Ella. I looked back at her, she was talking to Sara. “Alright Drake, spill what did Dani really see?” Drake sigh, giving baby Ella her bottle.

  “A few good things and a possible bad thing that may happen. The good things will happen the bad thing, maybe.”

  “Ok, spill!”

  “Ella is going to have a baby boy, he’s going to be named after someone you love. Two Ella is going to be turned into vampire in a few years, and three last thing if we lose this war you will die in front of Ella and it will forever be in her mind.”
Ella’s POV

  I watched Trent and Drake talk at the bar while Drake fed baby Ella her bottle of blood. I sighed, and looked around Sara came over with my cup of blood not being disgusted by it and I took it sipping on it gently as my stomach was spinning again.

  “Ella, this war, it sounds very serious.”

  “It is, no one in five millenniums have tried to over take another’s kingdom. This is gonna be bad.” Sara bit her lip worried, and gave her stomach a gentle rub. “Baby upset?” Sara nodded, and curled her feet under her butt.

  “She gets easily upset when the atmosphere is tense.”

  “She?” Sara smiled.

  “Yes, doctor Malcolm told me that I was having a girl last week, cause I’m five months he could tell.” I smiled brightly.

  “Good, I’m getting another niece.” Sara laughed.

  “Yes, plus all the other bundles in this room.” Sara looked around Molly and the others had been put down for a nap. Rain was talking on her cellphone holding Zane rocking him to sleep, he was cuddled to her his face in the crock of her neck and on her hip. She closed her cell and walked over to me.

  “Why don’t you grabbed Trenton over there and come with me so we can get your check up done?” I nodded, stood up ruffled Zane’s sleeping head and walked up to Trent.

  “Babe, Rain wants to get the check up done.” Trent looked over at me and smiled.

  “Ok, I’ll talk to you later Drake.” Drake nodded, Trent wrapped an arm around my waist squeezed me and walked up the stairs. Rain was in an room I assumed was used as the medical room, there was two twin beds, a tray of scissors, needles, scalps,and antiseptic pads. Right next to that was a portable x-ray machine and a ultrasound.

  Rain turned around to us, smiling.

  “Well, just because of this war doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate, so lets see that little one.” I nodded, as Rain patted one of the close beds, I sat down on it and Rain shook a bottle of gel. I grimaced, it looked cold as hell, Rain just smirked. “Lean back on  the bed, and pull your shirt up and your pants passed your hips.” I rolled up my shirt laid down and pulled my pants down until it was at my panties level. Rain squirted the gel in a circle around my stomach, I squeaked my eyes flashing up to Rain’s. “Everyone does that.”

  “They squeak?” Trent chuckled.

  “No, butterfly just you squeak." Har har

  “So funny, but I’m sure if you felt this stuff you would make some objection to it. It’s cold and weird feeling.” Trent just shook his head and kissed my forehead. Rain smiled, turning on the ultrasound it flicked and came to life, clicking a few buttons Rain grabbed the scanner of sorts and gently placed it on my stomach, rubbing the gross gel around she went lower on my tummy.

  I had a tiny curve on my tummy and right where my stomach mets my pelvis Rain stopped, she ran the scanner along that part and smiled more.

“Ella look.” Rain pointed to the screen, I looked at it and there was a little fetus, cute and very small. I saw the side of the screen counting the beats of my baby’s heart beat per minute. “This little one is doing just fine for being blood deficient, you need to eat and drink blood more.” I nodded, alright with that and took a glance at Trent his face was full of joy and something I envied love. I knew I shouldn’t be jealous of my babe, but I am the little one had been able to capture Trent’s heart with just one look. *Wish I could do that.*

“Hey, butterfly?” I sat up a little and looked over at Trent, he was smiling. “Do you wanna know if the baby is a boy or a girl?”

“Isn’t it too soon?”

“Yes, but thanks to Drake’s enlightening I know.” I shook my head.

“I want it to be a surprise, more fun that way.” Trent’s mouth twitched.

“Wanna make a bet?”

“Now that’s a stupid thing to do, no I don’t.”

“Fine, fine. No fun, but what do you think it is?”

“I don’t care as long as it’s healthy, hell I wouldn’t mind for twins.” Rain snorted.

“Sorry Elly only one little darling in there.” Trent stood back on his heels.

“Shame, oh well next time butterfly we’ll get twins.” I rolled my eyes.

“So certain I’d want another babe with you.” Trent was enjoying our playful banter.

“Of course I am, I’m Trenton Vantenio the hottest guy of Lakewood.”

“Such ego you have.” Trent nodded as his cell rang. He frowned, picking it up. Rain pulled the scanner away from me, wiping the gel off and I pulled my clothes down. Trent started laughing.

“Kira, what in the world do you want me to do about this?” Kira’s voice could be somewhat heard over the phone.

“Run him off? Babe you need to act like the alpha you are and stand up to him, does he tip your unused libido?” Trent was smirking. Her voice grew and I heard her clearly.

“Trenton! That is not funny my libido is used as often as yours is.”

“Every other day more than once?” He asked laughing. I snorted and grabbed the phone from him.

“Ignore him Kira it’s Ella, he gets it once a month if he’s lucky.” Kira laughed.

“I’m sure you use him more than that, do you think your up to visit again today?” I nodded, happily.

“Yea I been feeling better a bit, I’d love to visit, by the way any chance you’ve seen Thea around a lot?”

“Yes, Jason’s sister Kristy is here visiting and Thea and her are glued to the hip.”

“Is this Kristy not part of your pack?”

“Not part of the wolfs either she’s a panther, and so is here annoying younger brother Jason.”

“Is Jason the guy you were talking about?”

“Yes, he’s so I don’t know how to explain it, it’s obvious he wants to sleep together, but he may want more than that and I’m not up for that.”

“What if he’s your mate?”

“I hope not.” I snorted.

“See you in a few.”

“Yup.” And Kira hung up.

“Come on Trent we are visiting the pack and your gonna deal.”

“Whatever I want to check out the dude who’s rattling Kira its unusual for her to be so out of it.”

hope you guys liked the chapter its longer than usaul, I have no idea when im posting next cause its January and its an unstable month for my time tables also I have no idea what im writing next. I'll write it and update as soon as i can, and btw I've changed the formatting so the thoughts are now just italizized, on another site i was critisized for the * * and my like emoticons ^_^. Shame, but i can deal. Peace Out and merry whatever you celibrate -Meg

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