The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Thea's Mended Heart; Jason's Broken Jaw?

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Chapter Twenty Eight

We pulled up to the pack grounds no thanks to me as I had gotten us lost, twice. I scowled at myself, and got out of my car, Kira met us with her own scowl on her face.

“I swear I’m gonna kill Jason, he wont leave me alone. He thinks I’m gonna give and fuck him. Gods just someone shoot him.” I cracked up laughing.

“So is Thea and this Kristy still glued?”

“You have no idea their over by the woods sitting, laughing and talking giving each other the google eye. It’s sickening.”

“So Kristy is the name of the girl Thea is all over the moon about, I see. We should go met them don’t you think?”

“Don’t leave me alone with Jason, perhaps if I show him my ex lover he’ll go away.” Trent snorted.

“You don’t need me to protect you, kick his ass if you must.” Kira muttered something and stalked off without another word.

“Somebody is afraid of this Jason.” Trent nodded.

“Lets go met Kristy.” We walked towards the woods and there by the big oak tree was Thea and a very pretty girl. She had the bluest eyes, long russet hair, long legs, and decent size breasts. She was wearing a short sleeve green plain shirt, unbutton to show the white tanks underneath for a cleavage view, tight blue ripped jeans, and brown  Ugh boots. Kristy was straddling Thea not sexually, but intimately enough across her upper thighs, she was talking about something trying to get her point across, Thea was immersed in what she was saying to not be able to hear somebody was there.

Kristy leaned forward and brushed her lips against Thea after she finished what she was talking about. I coughed, but they didn’t hear so I did it again. They jumped their lips pulling away from each other and took a look at us. Thea scoffed.

“Following me Ella girl?”

“Oh for sure, you know cause I’m not friends with the pack or anything. Nice of you to introduce us.” I said, motioning at Kristy. Kristy stood up, and walked over holding out her hand.

“Hi it’s nice to met you.” I shook her hand.

“Ella,” Thea said standing up “This is Kristy.” I nodded.

“Jason’s sister, you know your brothers gonna piss off Kira sooner or later.” Trent rolled his eyes.

“I think she’s already there, butterfly.”

“I know, but Jason’s crazy about her so what are you gonna do?” Agreeing I asked.

“So Thea is Kristy a friend, lover, ex, or just a messing around buddy?” Thea growled. Ah she’s protective of her.

“None of your business.”

“I’m being nosey so which is it?” Thea got in my face a growled again, Kristy’s hand shot out and soothed Thea by rubbing her back, she pulled her back.

“I’m Thea’s girlfriend, Ella. I don’t think egging her on is gonna help anything.”

“Oh, but it’s fun. Come on Thea you need to take a teasing, your just as bad as your brother he hates to be egged.” Trent’s eyebrows lifted.

“Since when do you date anyone? You fuck them, and play with them, that’s it. What’s gotten into you?”

“Your annoying mate, you piss head. How can you stand her!?”

“Cause she isn’t annoying at all when your not around she does it on purpose. By the way what’s the number for the day?” Thea rolled her eyes, but answered.

“About a three not even perhaps a two?” Trent nodded.

“Very good, best you’ve had in years.” Kristy cocked her head.

“Thea what is he talking about?” Before Thea could answer there was yelling and cursing. It was coming from the middle of the pack grounds, we all ran that way to see what was up. When we came up to it, a guy with light brown hair, musclier with green eyes was on the ground wiping the blood off his face. Kira was standing above him, with her hands bawled, she was visibly quaking. She backed up growling. The guy threw a quick glance at Kristy.

“Kristy, this isn’t working I’ve tried everything and I just got punched.”

“Stop pissing her off Jason.” Kristy called back, Jason pulled himself up.

“Your mad at me? What want to let this weird anger out? Then do it! Beat the crap out of me and then perhaps you’ll feel better.”

“I’d feel better if you stopped trying to make me so confused. I don’t need you, get out!”

“No, Kira I’m not going anywhere. You will be MINE.” Kira growled and lunged for him punching him again, he shook it off and stayed up right. She kept punching him and kicking him and Jason took it.

“Let it all out and we can talk afterwards.”

“Stop trying to be understanding you don’t know anything!” For the first time In saw true emotion pour from Kira, and a-painful to watch-tear fell from her eye.

“I do understand and we will be happy, you are mine and you know it.” Kira shook her head in denial and she shuttered, she groaned fell to her knee’s and phased.

Her body erupted in fur and there stood her black wolf, with intense honey eyes, she looked so mad and confused. She leaped to him and he dodged her, he kept doing it and I knew something needed to happen and quick. I ran up closer.

“Yo, Jason you don’t know me, but I’m Ella and I think I can help.” He jumped away from Kira’s wolf again and gave me a glance.

“Girl dude, I’m up for anything just shot I’m game for subjection.”

“Now think about this are you sure she is made for you are you sure she is yours?” He kept springing back.

“Yes, I am.”

“Alright then, Kira told me something when I first met her, she said that she would mate with someone if they could make her submit and make her happily do it. She said her wolf craved it.” Jason’s eyes twinkled as he leaped back again yelling out a yes!

“You are a genius, I am now in your debt, stand back and watch the master.” He jumped back avoiding Kira’s claw, he leaped on the grounded and phased.
Sleek black fur appeared and then there stood a panther of mass power, his muscles rippled. Trent came up to me and pulled me back.

“Scare me like that again and I’ll have to lock you away.”

“Sorry.” I said back to him and watched Jason’s next move. He purred and ran to Kira knocking her side, her eyes regarded him. He nuzzled her side and then her neck, he was trying to get her to submit willingly. She growled, he leaped on her and grabbed the back of her neck with his jaws gave it a quick shake, got off and repeated the nuzzling, she wined and shook her head. He hissed a tiny bit and grabbed the back of her neck and did it again. She pulled back and shoved him to his side, she did what he did intending to make him submit first if she had to.

He did it willingly rolling on his back and left his neck bare, she cocked her head and nuzzled his under belly and then took a gently hold of his front neck. The other Were’s watching the spectacle were amazed, was the Alpha taking a mate? He stood up and shoved her gently down on her side, she sighed heavily and rolled on her back hanging her tongue out and baring her throat as well. He came closer to her gave her muzzle a lick and rubbed her stomach with his head and took a very soft hold of her throat.

When he pulled back, Kira stood up shaking the dirt off her body and rolled her eyes at Jason’s smug look. She phased back, looking none to pleased. She sent a glare at the panther.

“You’ll get your one day Jay.” And with that Kira headed to her cabin, when she was out of ear shot, Jason phased back, naked as the day he was born. He stretched and laughed.

“Finally, panther Jason is happy. God that bitch is awesome she is gonna be fun to claim.” He turned to face us and I looked away and Thea’s hands flew to her own eyes and Kristy’s.

“Ew! And I thought the first time I saw one of those was bad, but the second time around is worse.”

“Oh honey your just scared at how much bigger it is than the one you saw before.” Thea cracked up laughing.

“The guy was from 1530 and guys were much bigger than men now, your is incredible small compared to Sir Dawson.” Kristy laughed at that and said,

“Yo, put on some pants I rather not have to see you in the all together.” Jason ignored Kristy.

“Your an ass Thea.”

“And your a cock sucker.” Jason growled.

“Pussy licker.” Thea giggled.

“Yes, and do you wanna know who’s I been licking lately?” Kristy’s hand slapped on to Thea’s mouth so fast I was surprised. I laughed.

“I guess we know who’s then.” Trent rubbed my shoulders, enjoying the little verbal scrap. Jason’s mouth dropped open.

“You touched my sister? Oh that’s it come on your like a guy I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Trent stepped up.

“Jason there is no need to try to beat my sister up, why do you seem so surprised that they have been together?” Jason rolled his eyes.

“Cause my sister is straight, duh.” Kristy rubbed the back of her neck nervously.

“For gods sake, Krissy you didn’t tell him?” Kristy shook her head ‘no’.

“Um, Jason, me and Thea are dating. So eh I’m either bi or gay, but I don’t know yet.” Jason’s eyes widen and then he twitched.

“Great my sister is now apart of something that every guy loves lesbian fucking, who the fuck would have guessed.” He sighed and walked off towards Kira’s cabin.

“That went better than expected.”

“Kristy Anna Marts.” Thea said, growling a bit. Kristy’s eyes popped out of her head and she ran off towards the woods laughing as she was tugging off her clothes and throwing them on the ground for Thea to pick up as she chased her.

“Well now that was fun, should we talk to Kira about the Frank problem?”

“Yes, we should, the suns coming up soon, and then its time for bed it’s been a long night.” It sure has been. We started walked towards the direction of Kira’s cabin, I could hear more things and see better now according to Rain it was because of little one here, I brushed my stomach and felt a flutter. I stopped dead and did it again, sure enough another flutter. Was the baby moving?

“Trent?” He stopped and turned around.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, but I think I felt the baby move.” His face lit up and he came closer to me giving me a kiss on the forehead and cupped my slight bump. The baby twitched, but didn’t flutter, I wonder if the baby knew it’s daddy. I brushed the top of my bump and the baby fluttered, Trent’s mouth dropped open.

“Hi, little one.” I laughed, slipped my fingers through Trent’s hair and pulled him down for a kiss. He gave me one gladly, pulling my body closer to him and brushing my backside. I pulled away, grabbing his hand and pulled him towards Kira’s place again. We came up to her cabin and jogged up the stairs, knocking on the door before we opened it. Kira was sitting at her desk typing away on her computer and surprisingly Jason was still there, but asleep in Kira’s bed.

She turned around in her chair to us, she smiled a bit.

“Hey.” She stood up and motioned for us to step outside, we did and she followed us, shutting her door. “I heard about this rouge vamp working for Queen Athena, Frank right?” Trent nodded. “I did some research apparently this ‘Frank’ has done this before stay with a kingdom for a hundred years or so and then sell them out to another kingdom for money. He is very old, but has very little power he’s never advanced his powers, he’s almost two thousand years old.”

“He’s an ancient.”

“Yeah, very very ancient older than Rain, and she’s our oldest in the kingdom. Frank’s real name is Yoni Falcon, he’s from Bulgaria.”

“The assassin? Yoni Falcon? As in Falcon Boy?”

“Yes, the same. He has a seven million dollar reward on his head, alive or dead.”

“He’s gonna be dead, and I’m gonna be the one to kill him.”

Hey ppl hope you liked this chapter this one is longer than usual as well. This story is almost over I don't know how many chapters left but they are numbered. Once this story is done I'll be posting my next story in this seiris for Thea and Kristy's in it and mainly Kira and Jason with shows of our fav ppl of TVC and Ella of course.

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