The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Perpare for Battle

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No author note besides just enjoy :)

Chapter Thirty One

I was woken up by Trent shaking me awake.

“Babe, wake up.” I bolted up as fast as I could with my stomach bulging, I felt like I was about to pop any second.

“What what is it?” I asked panicked.

“Its time to get up so we can set everything up for the battle.” I sighed.

“Who would look after the kids?”

“Carla, Sam and Julian. They are not much of fighters, Carla and Sam are inexperienced and Julian can’t abhorred any kind of violence.” I nodded, and got up from our temporary bed we’ve been using at TVC. I stretched my arms above my head and sighed. The little one must have understood that I needed as much rest as I could get, for the babe didn’t move much. I went to a dresser we were using and pulled out stretch pants, bra and a very loose blue tee.

I tugged them on, once I was done I felt Trent’s arms wrap around me and rested his arms on my stomach.

“You promise to be careful, and not get in the way of anything. Stay in the medical tent and help Thea heal the vamps and wolfs right?” I sighed.

“Only if you promise to come home safe to me and the baby.” Trent pushed his face into my curls and took a deep sniff of me, swirling into nose was my scent of jasmine, lilic and chocolate. Then there was my babe’s smell.

“Of course I promise, I’ll come back to you two. Do you know what the baby smells like to me?”

“No, tell me.”

“Apples, cinnamon and just a bit of mint. Our baby calms me down and so do you.”

“Your telling me things your never told me before, something is wrong.”

“No, I’m just telling you how much you mean to me, I have something to live for to protect. I will stay alive.” I tried to be calm for the babe’s sake, but it was so hard with Trent treating me like glass, like if he didn’t do it now he may never get a chance. I panicked again, omg he was gonna die. I felt it. I threw myself into his arms and started crying. He was surprised by it, but it didn’t seem to bother him, he held my closely and stroked the back of my head.

“You saying good bye to me. I can tell, please Trent why, why would you be saying bye? Why would you leave me?” I cried harder, and buried my head into his chest.

“I’m not saying good bye, but I want you to know what you mean to me. Just in case, I don’t think it will happen, but you just don’t know when life can end, even an immortal one.” I shook my head ‘no’, I won’t let him go.

“Don’t die, don’t leave me all alone.”

“Even if I do you will still have the babe, you can live here with Carla and Drake you will be safe. Don’t worry about anything I won’t die.” I knew he was sincere, but I just didn’t believe him.

“I-I’ll try not to, Trent.”

“That’s my girl, now lets get downstairs.” I wished this day was over, but then if it was would I ever be happy again. This was a crucial moment, if everything went wrong I would die of heartbreak sooner or later. It sounded so cliché, but it was the truth. We walked down the stairs and everyone was busy getting ready, it was an hour to sunset and that’s when we would head out and make camp fast. We had a huge field to fight in by the cave where the elder’s would be.

We had everything packed up and everyone was slowing down to rest before we had to leave, I sat myself slowly on the couch watching the little ones for a bit till everything was set, they were playing their games in front of the fireplace on the rug, laughing and giggling. Lila crawled over to me gurgling, she tugged on my pant leg, and I smiled down at her as I lifted her up and onto my lap. She retched for my hair and grabbed it tugging it into her mouth. Her locks were changing color from a light blonde to a darker honey brown.

“Is Momma’s baby being good?” I looked up and Lena was looking down at her daughter.

“Yes, little darling. You wanna go to Momma?” Her cheeks pinked and nodded happily. I pulled my hair out of her mouth and handed her to Lena, Lena hugged Lila to her, pressing her face into her soft belly.

“Momma will come back don’t you worry about that Lila she will.” Lila’s eyes flashed, and she laughed.

“Momma!” She shouted. Lena’s eyes widened.

“Did you just say your first word?” Lila giggled, and Sam came up smiling.

“Did baby just call you Momma?”

“Yes.” Her eyes were wide and surprised.

“You look like me when Deon called me Mommy for the first time, the kids are sure smart, they know already even if your not the biological Mom your still their Mom.” I smiled, and stood up, Sam’s hands flashed out and helped me steady myself.

“Thanks Sam.” Thea walked into the room fuming. I looked over at her and she walked to me sighing.

“Damn that Alpha piss head.”

“What did you do?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Caught me in bed with Kristy, but we weren’t even doing anything besides sleeping! Piss head threw me out of the Pack Grounds and told me to try again later when I could be trusted.” I sighed, and patted Thea’s shoulder.

“It’s alright you can try again later, is why your really pissed off is because you guys never got to the fun stuff?”

“That and I was sleeping. You don’t wake a vampire up unless its an emergency or you have a good reason for it like early evening sex.” I laughed and shook my head.

“Is your head always on sex?”

“Most of the time, yes it is.” Thea said, agreeing. I snorted.

“How does Kristy deal with you?”

“No idea.” Trent came in with some weapons and stuff.

“Alright I know you’ve all gone through this drill before, so just bare with me. On the battle field we use the olden methods, one for tradition and two so we aren’t noticed by bullets shooting. Here are the weapons, axes, swords, daggers, bow and arrows, also shields if anyone wants one. Oh Drake our Sire was kind enough to give us malices this time as well, take your pick of them. Thea smiled.

“Trent, I’ll get a chance to kick some vamp ass right?”

“Yes, I will give you break from healing to get out your aggressive side Thea.” She threw her arm up in the air and sprinted over to get a sword.

“Warrior princess here I come!” She looked in her element, Trent strolled over.

“She was in a battle and was mistaken as the princess she fought like a hero and received the nicknames Warrior Princess or Leaping Tigress, but her shorten form is just warrior princess. She’s very good a battle she was a great warrior back in the day. Everybody thought she was small and not worth to much attention, that’s Thea’s advantage. You will have to ask her sometime to relay the battle of the Greek’s.”

Huh, Thea a warrior princess not hard to imagine.

“I bet you she has already told Kristy of her battle time.”

“Probably. Come it’s time to go to the field, your not heavy even with the babe I’d carry you there.” He lifted me up and I held onto him like our first night together, how that brought memories, how could that seem like such a long time ago? We ran out of the back of TVC with some of the others trailing us with haste.

We arrived on the field and Trent set me down gently, he helped Thea pitch the medical tent it was decent size just a more like a white tarp held by a frame. The wheeled in some medical stuff like gauze, casts, and cleaning stuff. Thea was suppose to save her healing abilities for the more disable vamps, like inner bleeding and limbs being detached.

We set a huge fire to keep us, well mostly me warm, Josh jogged up to us.

“Hey I’m here to help I know I’m not aloud to fight unless I need to, but I can help around camp and the injured.”

“Good you can keep an eye on the medical tent and Ella when I’m out on the battle field I’m in the mood and heads will roll.” I rolled my eyes at her pun, and saw Kira come up to us, looking excited.

“Hey guys I’m up for the fight and brought my fighter and Kristy as well. She wanted to come and fight. So she’s here.” Kira’s head nodded over to the two only panthers, one of them must be Jason.

“So how are you and Jason doing?” I asked, trying to keep my interest in check.

“Alright I suppose pain the in ass wouldn’t ‘let me’ come and fight unless he came along, like that would have stopped me, so I just let him come along so he wouldn’t bitch.” All the Were’s had their clothes in their mouths, the wolves sat down to rest in the grass beside the fire and the two panthers came up the first one was Jason by the color of his more green eyes in panther form and the other Kristy by her icy blue eyes, she trotted over to Thea and phased.

“Hey.” Thea smiled, and didn’t hide the fact she was totally checking Kristy out. Kristy rolled her eyes and tugged on her pants and shirt. “Be good babe, hows your butt by the way. Raven didn’t throw you out to hard?” Thea snorted and pulled Kristy to her.

“Hell no my backside is fine, but did you miss me.” Kristy nodded, and snuggled to her.

“You know Thea I trust your brother, but I’m not so sure about you. What do you plan to do with Kristy?” Thea snorted again, and rolled her eyes.

“Throw her behind a tree and take her virginity. What the hell do you think I’m gonna do Kira?”

“Just that. That’s fine I don’t care, I was just wondering if you guys were going out.” Kira shrugged her shoulders and felt a nudge by her hip, she looked down at Jason.

“Yes, Jay?” He wined, and nudged her again. She smiled, and patted his head, he got his head pushed to her hand more. “I’ll be fine Jay, keep an eye on the pack and rest a bit. I’m right here.” His head cocked, and he nodded, rubbing his whiskers on her body and trounced off. “Goon, anyways when are they suppose to be here?” Drake walked up to Kira and smiled he held out a hand and they shook.

“About another fifteen minutes they will be in sight, then they make there demand of Ella we will refuse and the battle will start.”

“Fun, sounds fun. I haven’t had a good battle in over sixty years. I’m ready to go.” I smirked at Kira’s eagerness, she took a look at me.

“So how are you doing, Ella?”

“Eh, alright. Not in my best moods, you know how a army of vamps after you can do that.”

“Yeah, I know. And the little one?”

“Impatient as hell, and never seems to sleep. Except for last night, which I think means little one here knows today is important.” I took a breath and sighed. “How’s our pack doing?” Kira laughed, at my use of our. She thought it was sweet I thought the pack as my family too.

“Pretty good, Quine and Marla are here with the other fighters, taking a little nap over there. Martha and Ukine are home with X and some of the other tots, and the babes are being looked after by the rest of the pack that are home. I don’t think you have met my two betas?” I shook my head no. “Allen, Elle come here please.” A light red brown wolf stood up and so did a bright white wolf with black spots. They came over and phased. The pulled on their own clothes.

“Hi, I’m Ella.” I said, holding out a hand to Allen with bright blue eyes and white hair.

“I’m Allen, this is Ellen.” He directed to the pretty dark red hair. Her smile erupted in her face and her voice was bubbly.

“Hi, Ella! I like your name is sound like mine! Elle, Ella, he he.” Allen rolled his eyes.

“How can you be so bubbly?”

“I don’t know it’s just a habit, I’m just a happy person besides I don’t hear your mate complaining and she’s been my best friend longer than she’s been your mate so,” She stuck her tongue out at him. “Ha sorry got distracted, oh by the way Allen I have something ask.”

“Go on.”

“Jake would like to ask Belle out, but he’s quite scared you’d try to kill him if he did. That and Belle would turn him down.” Allen laughed.

“Belle doesn’t even talk to Jake she acts like she can’t stand him, but a father knows. She likes him a lot. Tell that boy of yours he had my permission and just ask her she will most certainly say yes. Remember to tell him to be confident, like a true beta.” She nodded.

“Jake will be very happy. So Ella is the baby a girl or a boy?”

“I don’t know I want it to be a surprise.”

“I don’t know how you could wait, I found out what Jake was a soon as possible. After Jake’s mated, or on his way to be, Kevin wants another baby, so I’m like shoving Jake to find a mate. He thinks its funny, but it’s so not. Have you thought of any names?”

“Yes, if its a girl I thought I’d name her after Trent’s Mom Lilly and if its a boy--” I was cut off by one of the wolves howling a warning, I saw the army of Texan vampires march to us with Frank (Yoni Falcon) leading the way. I became suddenly ill.

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