Diagon Duel

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When adventurous Elladora Skylights wonders off into the dark diagon alley, she meets a women from her past. She must do everything to stay alive against her worst enemy...
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Diagon Duel

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



The darkest night of the year. No moon, no stars, only very occasional lamp lights. Elladora Skylights was roaming the streets of Diagon alley. All the stores were closed and the alley was abandoned, or so she thought...

Her hand around her wand, she turned a corner. a single light was on.

\"Expelliarmus!\" she heard a female voice yell. Elladora saw the jet of light but wasn't fast enough to take out her wand. She received the spell right in the chest, sending her flying backwards and her wand flying into the air. Bellatrix Lestrange stepped out from the shadows, in time to catch the mahogany laughed shrilly.

\"What are you doing out here at this time?\" she asked grinning evilly \"Places like this can be... Dangerous.\"

Elladora couldn't move. The women who had killed her sister was standing right in front of her, and she was wand less. Bella approached her pointing Ella's wand at her face.

\"Take your wand.\" Hissed Bella

Ella was confused. Why didn't Bella kill her already?

\"Take you wand\" repeated Bella angrily, know annoyed

Ella took her wand from Bella's scarred and burnt hands.

\"I don't like an easy kill.\" She grinned maliciously \"I want to fight and see the light leave your eyes\"

Ella grasped her wand tightly and backed away four steps. She put her wand at the ready as Bella did the same. She looked straight into Bella's dark and fearless eyes.

\"Crucio!\" Yelled Bella

Ella was fast and blocked the spell \"Stupefy!\" she yelled in return. Ella felt as if her feet had grown roots to the ground. She wanted to turn and run but something was keeping her where she was. Bella had been able to shield herself from Ella's spell and sent a second torture spell towards her. Ella shielded herself once more and gained to courage to take a step forward.

\"Pretty girl has gained a bit of courage. Finally someone who isn't afraid of death.\"

\"I'm not afraid of anything, even less death. I saw it happen to my sister two years ago, and I'm going to watch it happen again, but this time it's going to be you.\" Ella took another step forward. \"Avada Kadavra!\" she yelled. The spell passed two inches away from Bella.

\"You need to mean it when you say it! You wouldn't even want to cause death to your worst enemy.\"

\"Of course I would. I want to kill you.\" Replied Ella coolly

Bella screamed of rage as she shot the death spell just as Ella was shooting the same at her opposite. The two spells came to a collision and created an enormous explosion of bright, vivid white light and dust. It felt like an eternity before the dust cleared and Ella was back in the darkness, the only problem, was that Bella was gone.


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