Chapter 4: Free Tragedy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: supernatural romance

Reads: 222

Here in Dama even though I came through here before it still feels like the first.All the women, men and children here always seem happy.

Before starting the show we have to set up and fix everything.Slash is helping the other weird members in are circus.And Moon Ex is stuck in her cage lately she's been more quiet and serious.

And I am in my cage too.After the little thing that happened when I was five now he just locks me up more.


And we are about to start the show, tickets handed out to everyone.Faces with emotions and happiness, I wish I had.Though I do have friendship and that's whats keeping me sane now.

"Hello"....Why are you in there? asked a curious little girl.

"Well I am here because I am different from you I said looking at her cute blonde short hair and blues eyes(how cute I thought).

"How are we different, we both have hair,eyes, a nose we are both the same said the little girl getting a little mad.Funny she looks like the kind of girl who would accept anyone or anything(cute).

"well for one I have white hair and red eyes are not scared of me? I asked her.

"No"....Why should I be because you're a beautiful woman and kind too she replied.

"Oh no you're a beautiful little girl, I am not I said.

"Well I am Sam and you are? asked sam.

"I am Ann Pire, the weird girl in this circus I said.

"Oh I hear someone sam hide I said.

Sam hid, and someone did come Master Golch came for me to show me off in the show.He dragged me out with me inside the cage.Everyone looked at me scared, disgusted and anxious.While Master Golch said a made up story that scared the people more.And in Act two he cuts me on my wrist.I would start to pour white blood.

"HEY YOU DICKWAD!!!, stop your killing Ann! screamed sam in her face it looked like she couldn't watch anymore torture.

"But little girl she's a monster, not real see how she healed said Master Golch a little mad about how the little girl know's Ann's name and is defending her.

"She might be able to heal but her pain doesn't and she's my friend said Sam crying with tears drawing down her face.

I noticed that the little girl named Sam was backing me up and up high on a ledge wooden high up long stick, that Moon Ex would dance on in the circus for Master Golch.

"Sam!"...That's very dangerous get down I screamed.

"Sorry Ann but I wanna save you from that monster said Sam.

"forget about me,I am fine I said.

"Never replied Sam.

Right then one thing led to another an in an instant Sam trips and falls down to her death.

"ANN!" screamed Sam.


And everything was a blur I notice I was holding Sam in my arms.And then I hear screaming and people shouting and running away.I open my eyes and notice I am in the air.

"I am flying" I said.

"Wow Ann you have beautiful wings she said touching them.

I have white big wings but how? and from where? How did I even get out of the cage I thought looking at it up in the air.

I notice the metal bars pushed aside like if an angry monster broke them.

I look down to see Master Golch in shock looking at me.

"Hey" you better come back here or you will roo this day! he screamed.

I flew as fast as I could I broke Moon Ex's cage with my new strength and took Sam,,Moon Ex and Slash hammer even though he was a resistant on leaving.I flew through the tent making a hole in it.

I had Moon Ex on one of my wings and Slash on the other and Sam in my arms.

I flew as far away as possible and landed in a very dark weird forest.

Tired from the flight I fell unconscious.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

© Copyright 2021 melex1997. All rights reserved.


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