Chapter 5: Sud and Howls

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: supernatural romance

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"Ann wake up! said Moon ex shaking the heck out of me.

"What..w..what happened? I asked and trying to process everything.

"Ann you have wings? how? when? you never told me you had that side of you? asked Moon ex very excited.

"I don't know where they came from? and I swear I don't know anything about  the wings I said very lost.

"Your a angel! screamed Moon ex holding my shoulders with excitement.

"Wait Moon I thought you can foresee everything? asked Slash.

"No only little things but I knew you are special said Moon ex happy.

"Hey where's Sam? I asked looking around.

"Who's Sam? asked Slash.

"Stupid, Sam is the little girl that Ann was holding in her arms said Moon ex.

"Oh that little girl she went into the woods hours ago said Slash.

"Are you kidding we need to keep her save I said anxious.

"Don't worry Ann  we will find Sam said Moon trying to comfort me.

We searched almost every corner of the woods. and Sam did not turn up. even though I knew her only for two days I feel like I should protect her. and then I hear.

"Ann! help! a scream that sounded like Sam.

Weirdly my white wings came out and I took Slash and Moon with me and flew as fast as I could.

"Sam! where are you? I screamed.

"Over there look said Moon.

"Slash! wait screamed Moon.

I saw Slash rush to get the man away from Sam pulling her away from him. I run to Sam and I start hugging her.

"Crazy girl where were you? you know your parents must be worried.  there gonna kill me I said scared.

"Slash! screamed Moon with tears falling down her face so shocked.

We rush over to him. and the man ran off. I was so worried about Sam that I forgot Slash was fighting with a bad man.

"That's no man I tried to tell Slash the man is a werewolf. oh my god Slash your losing a lot of blood. Slash you got bitten said Moon terrified.

"I am sorry Ann It's all my fault if I didn't  leave you. I only wanted to help you like you did to me said Sam blaming herself.

"No it's not your fault don't blame yourself I said.

"Ann! give me something to hold his blood screamed Moon ex very scared of losing him.

"Okay wait I will be right back I said and flew away.

"Can I do something? asked Sam sad.

"Yea umm where are your parents? asked Moon ex.

"There dead mam said Sam.

"Sorry for your loss, but that does not mean you can be reckless okay said Moon ex very serious.

"And that stunt you pulled out yesterday was very dangerous you know you could have died and Master Golch could have killed you double times than death. so listen to me think before you act. even though your parents are not in this world you still should respect and not be reckless they care for you okay said Moon scolding Sam very mad.

"Okay here I found rope I said swishing in fast.

"Okay thank you said Moon tying Slash's leg.

"Hey why are you sad Sam? I asked.

"Because I scold her said Moon serious.

"Why did you do that? I asked.

"Because she needs to keep her head on straight you are never too young to protect yourself and just so you know in this world you have to be tough said Moon getting more mad.

"Okay its true Sam you should be more careful. and Moon don't be too harsh okay we are all friends okay I said trying to keep peace between us.

"Guys! shut up! I hear someone coming screamed Slash in pain.

"Sam quick! hide with Slash behind that bush I said pointing at it.

"Are you ready Moon I said serious and ready for anything.

"Ready said Moon looking at me and back at the direction Slash said something is coming.

And then we hear taps like a animal walking toward us. and I was right and we see a white wolf.

"Wolf! screamed Moon signaling to Sam and Slash to keep hiding.

Right when we were gonna start fighting the wolf it turns into a man. with short dark brown hair,light brown eyes and muscular white skin.

"Miss are you okay ? asked the man.

"Your a werewolf  why are you not attacking us? asked Moon.

"Because I am a guardian werewolf. and my name is Wes Kent nice to meet you. do you need help? asked  Wes.

"What is a guardian wolf? I never heard of it. oh and I am Ann Pire I said.

"I do know, they are like dog knights to angels. and I am Moon ex. and yes we need your help are friend has been bitten can you help him? asked Moon desperate.

"Yes please bring him I will take you guys to the Sud cave said Wes.

"Sud cave? asked Sam coming out of the bush.

"yea you guys do know you are in the land of Sud said Wes.

"Sud? I asked.

"The land of wolfs said Moon ex.

"Oh, but are you sure we should trust him. we might be walking into a trap I said worried to Moon.

"No we are not I know guardian wolves I met one before. Its okay don't worry Ann okay said Moon so sure of herself.

Wes turned back into wolf and carried injured Slash onto his back.

On our way to the Sud cave.


Submitted: May 10, 2016

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