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Chapter 2 (v.1) - At home

Submitted: July 13, 2010

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Submitted: July 13, 2010



When Daniella got home, she parked, locked the car and nearly ran inside the apartment building. She slammed the door and kicked her shoes off half way across the room. She walked to the couch in the middle of the room in the dark. The shades were pulled and curtains drawn so that she could watch a movie without the street lights and car head lights to bother her. She sat down on the remote which was lying on the couch cushion.
“Christina! How many times must I tell you to put the remote back on the table and to open the shades when your done.” Daniella said to the empty air in the apartment as she pulled the remote from under her butt. She turned on the television and turned the channel to a news channel. The weatherman was in the middle of the forecast on that channel so she changed it to another one. This one had a news team interrupting the weatherman’s joke at the end of his forecast.
“Sorry Pete. We need to cut you short here. We have a very interesting top story. Tim you want to start it off?” said the little woman at the edge of the group of five news members.
“Sure. This is indeed the most interesting top story I have seen in years. Today was the graduation of 150 La Conner University of Therapy students. Everything was going great until they got to the S’s. The riot started not long after the name of a student was called to come receive her diploma. Shelly is at the location with eyewitnesses and the rest of the story. Shelly.” The TV screen changed to a picture of the disaster at the University. A little stout lady was standing in front of the camera which was facing the stage.
“Thanks Tim. I am standing in front of the stage where the students would stand and walk up to receive their diplomas from the instructors. I have accounts of several eyewitnesses. ‘Her name was called and she walked to the front. She had the biggest smile I have ever seen on her as she walked up the stairs to the stage. Then someone from the back started screaming and then a gun shot. The instructors had seen the trouble and ran off the stage before she got to them.’ According to the students and the police the student’s body has not been found. One of the other students said that she managed to get out of the chaos without getting hurt. Another eyewitness said ‘I was sitting one row directly behind her so I could see her really well. In the corner of my eye I could see a younger older man. He wasn’t old but he wasn’t young. He was I want to say in his thirty’s it looked like to me. The man stood up and it looked like it was maybe a friend or relation that was happy for her and was going to clap. But then he reached it his jacket and the old woman next to him started screaming. What he did next will haunt me forever.’ The police were called and arrived and there was a gun fight with them. ‘There was more than one shooter. They were stationed all around the area so they all had a good shot at the stage.’ There is not yet a count of dead or injured. The count and names will be released later this week.” She paused and took a breather, as the cameraman turned the camera around the looked at the whole scene. “Back to you Tim.” The TV screen changed back to the news studio with Tim sitting in front of the camera.
“Thanks, Shell…” Tim said before Daniella turned off the TV. Daniella had just a little time to think and let things settle in her brain when the door to her apartment flew open. Daniella jumped when the door slammed into the wall. She turned to see who had just invaded her thinking time and her home.
“Dani, Dani, Dani! Did you hear the news? It’s like the whole city is talking about it! Quick! Turn on the TV!” It was Christina, Daniella’s apartment room mate. She ran across the hard wood floor in her socks and slid till she was passed the couch then she jumped on the couch right next to Daniella. Daniella was still kind of dazed so she really didn’t understand what Christina was doing or really who she was. She didn’t have a tight grip on the remote so Christina was able to take easily. Christina pushed the power button and the TV screen flashed back to life.
“Numbers of the injured are still rising and doctors are thinking it will not cease for while more,” said Tim, the news man, someone off camera gave the lady next to him I piece of paper.
“Tim… The number of injured and dead students, family and faculty are now complete. The number of injured and dead of emergency officers is still rising…” The lady didn’t have a chance to complete her note that was given to her before Daniella snatched back the remote and turned off the TV.
“HEY! I was watching that!” Christina objected. Christina was a 17 year old high school drop out that was running away from her foster parents. When asked about her high school problems and why she dropped out her answer would change a little depending on who was asking. ‘Well I got pregnant with my boyfriend’s kid and I didn’t know whether I could finish school being pregnant.’ Was one answer if a person from the school asked her. ‘None of the teachers liked me and I had no friends there anyway. Plus I knew everything that the teachers were teaching on so I really shouldn’t have been there taking someone’s chance to learn something new.’ Was her answer to almost anyone.
“I don’t need to be reminded just yet. I was there! You can turn the news back on tomorrow. I’m going to bed.” Daniella got up from the couch and walked out of the living room and to the kitchen. As she pasted the door a man walked in, turned on the lights and then closed the door.
“Hi Daniella,” said the man. Daniella just kept walking to the kitchen.
“Hi Seth. Can you keep Christina from turning on the news? I’m going to bed. Night.” Daniella said as she walked through the kitchen into the hallway leading to her room.

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