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Chapter 4 (v.1) - A Kidnapping

Submitted: December 19, 2010

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Submitted: December 19, 2010



Daniella woke in a cold sweat. She just lay in her bed for about ten minutes before she rolled over to look at the clock. Her alarm clock said it was 3 a.m. She couldn’t believe it, she never woke up before it was time to get up. She kept staring at the clock till her vision went bleary and she dozed back to sleep.
This time when she woke it was because of her alarm, it was set for 6 a.m. It was Saturday. She got up and went to the bathroom. She started the water in the shower and undressed. The shower walls started to steam up when Daniella stepped in to the glass shower. She stepped under the hot water and woke up a little bit more. She got her hair wet and shampooed it. She let the shampoo rest in her hair as she shaved her right leg. She rinsed the shampoo out and washed the shaving cream off her leg. She conditioned her hair and shaved her other leg and washed her body and face. She was almost done rinsing everything off when the door opened and the lights turned off.
“HEY! Not funny, Christina!! Turn on the light again!” Daniella screamed. She finished rinsing in the dark and turned the water off as she opened the glass door to get her towel. “Christina, I mean it! Turn on the light.” The door to the bathroom was still open a crack and shone a little light but Daniella wasn’t able to make out Christina’s figure because of the steam on the mirror. She wrapped her towel around her wet, naked body. As Daniella took her first step to the light switch by the door, the door closed and she could hear it being locked. She stepped backwards till she was practically back in the shower.
The light turned on and there were two men in her bathroom with her. She screamed and clutched the towel around her body. The men just stayed where they were. One was standing by the door leaning on the wall; the other was sitting on the toilet.
“What do you want!?” Daniella asked in an alarmed voice. “Whatever it is I can get it. Just don’t touch me.” At this comment the men look at each other and Daniella had a feeling that she was what they came for. “Please don’t hurt me!”
“You think we are here to hurt you?” The man on the toilet asked her as the one leaning on the wall chuckled. “That’s not what we are here for Antoinette. Or should I say Daniella.”
“How do you know my name? I never told you. And there isn’t anything lying around with my name on it,” Daniella said. She was standing up a little straighter now but still holding onto her towel with a tight grip. “Why did you call me Antoinette?”
The men look at each other again and the one on the toilet closed his eyes and shook his head. “You don’t remember do you?” he asks in a smooth calm voice.
“Remember what?”
“Everything from the past nine years,” said the man leaning on the wall.
“Jimmy, unlock the door. And go into the other room and get ready for her.” The man on the toilet said to the one on the wall. “Close the door behind you.”
‘This can’t be good. They must be getting ready to double rape me.’ Daniella thought. She watched as the men linked eyes and then as Jimmy unlocked the door. ‘I can make that. I’ll get out and get Christina to call the police. Maybe Seth is still here, maybe he can help me!’ Jimmy opened the door to leave and Daniella jumped back to life. She started to run to the door as Jimmy was half way out.
She was faster than either man thought she would be after a year not being in the service. The man on the toilet reached out and grabbed her towel.
‘If they are going to rape me then they’ll see me naked so I might as well let them see me now,’ Daniella thought as she let the towel fall out of her hands. The towel fell around her and was in the man on the toilet’s hands. Jimmy turned to see what his partner was doing and saw Daniella in her naked flesh instead. She was almost at the door when he opened the door the rest of the way to grab her, to stop her. She pushed his hands away from her and squeezed past him in the doorway. She was in her room now, but only by a foot. Jimmy was a quick thinker and grabbed her arms from behind when she got past him in the door.
Daniella’s body was slim and very muscular for a woman her age. Jimmy wasn’t like any rapist that she had ever heard about. Normally they would start to feel her up and down and squeeze her in the most uncomfortable places. Daniella knew that she was irresistible. She was hit on everyday everywhere she went. She was shaking in Jimmy’s hands as he pulled her back into the bathroom.
“Jimmy, bring her to me.” The man on the toilet said in a calm voice that sounded like he was angry at his child. As Jimmy pushed Daniella gently towards the toilet she started to struggle. Digging her heals into the smooth tiled floor didn’t do her any good. At anything that helped Jimmy. She shook herself violently, trying to get free. Her C-cupped breast bounced from side to side as she rubbed her butt against Jimmy’s rising jean zipper flap. She knew what he was thinking because she felt the rise. She looked up at the other man, who still didn’t have a real name in her mind other than Toilet man. He was watching closely but he kept averting his eyes has Daniella shook.
‘These guys are so weird!’ Daniella thought to herself as she struggled and resisted. “STOP IT! I DON’T WANT THIS! LET ME GO!” Daniella screamed at the top of her lungs. Jimmy was holding Daniella’s hands with one hand and he grabbed something out of his pants pocket. He tied her hands together behind her back and then continued to push her towards Toilet man’s open hands. They were almost to the toilet when Daniella pushed herself backwards into Jimmy to avoid Toilet man’s grip. He reached out and grabbed her struggling body out from Jimmy’s hands. Jimmy let him take her. When he knew that Toilet man had her, he backed away and walked out of the bathroom.
“Daniella! Stop struggling. I’m not going to hurt you.” She was sitting on Toilet man’s lap shaking herself trying to get free from his strong grasp. He shook her but she didn’t respond so he bounced her hard on his knee like he would a child. That stopped her, and hurt her a little too. “STOP THIS FIGHTING!”
“Not till you let me go you FUCKING BASTARD!” Daniella screamed. She stomped her bare foot on his booted one. “AWW! FUCK! Let me GO!” He bounced her once more and she stopped fighting but then she started to wale.
“Now I’m going to let you go. And you are going to stay here, and be the good girl you are.” Toilet man said to her loosening his grip on her arms. When he let her go she just sat on his lap shivering. He pulled the towel out from under Daniella’s naked butt, the only thing separating her nakedness and his jeaned legs, and wrapped it around her naked shoulders. Pulling her a little closer to his warm body she stiffened. He put his hands around her waist and pulled and leaned her closer still, till her head was in front of his face. He put his nose to the back of her neck that was covered by long, wet, tangled burgundy hair. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling deeply the scent of her conditioner. Daniella shivered as he let out his breath. She finally gave in to the pain in her neck from holding it in that position, and laid her head down on Toilet man’s shoulder. Jimmy walked back in to the bathroom with a needle and syringe. Daniella stiffened again, and Toilet man’s arms wrapped themselves around her body and tightened their hold.
“Jimmy, not now. It won’t work on her right now. Her body will reject it ‘cause she’s stiffening and tightening her muscles.”
 “We don’t have that much time, Grant, and you know it.  We have to go NOW! The others are going to wake up soon and then they are going to call the cops and you know that we can’t get caught with them like the rest of the crew.” Jimmy came closer to where Daniella and ‘Grant’ were sitting.
‘So that’s his name. Grant… he must be the one from my dream and vision. I still don’t know why he would be in my dream. He is kind of cute…’ Daniella thought as Jimmy kept getting closer with the syringe. ‘He smells good too.’ She closes her eyes and takes the first deep breath she has taken since she woke.
“I think she is calm enough for this stuff to knock her out long enough to get her to car and start driving.” Jimmy was standing in front of the toilet. “She’ll be fine, Grant. You said it yourself. She’s a strong girl. If anything this stuff will wear off by the time we get to the interstate.”
Grant, as it turned out was his name, let out a deep sign and tightened his grip again. “Do it, Jimmy. In the breast. It’s the softest place on her body. It will start being effective sooner there.” Daniella opened her eyes quickly as Grant pulled her towel down off her shoulder to show her full right breast. She shook but didn’t scream.
‘Not yet. I’ll scream right before he touches me.’ She watched Jimmy get closer to her naked breast with an intensive hard laser gaze. One of Jimmy’s hands was holding the syringe and the other was reaching out to grab and hold her breast so he wouldn’t kill her when he stuck the needle in. She shook and Grant tightened his hold even more too where if she was anyone else he would have broken bones. Since she couldn’t move her upper body she pulled her legs up. Jimmy saw the movement and backed away just in time before her two feet made contact with his ball sack.
“Watch it! This is for your own good Antoinette. Grant wrap your legs around hers so she doesn’t kick at me again.” Grant pulled her legs in, around, and under his own as Jimmy closed the space between him and Daniella’s breast.
“Touch me and I will bit your hand off, you.” Daniella snapped. Jimmy just ignored her comment and quickly rubbed the top of her breast.
“Jimmy, don’t worry about that! She’ll be fine. Just stick the fucking thing in her damn boob!” Grant sounded like he was getting very annoyed with the whole process. Jimmy followed his instructions to the minimum. He held her breast from the bottom and squeezed to gently, making Daniella shiver and give a small sound of pleasure. Then that small sound turned into a scream as Jimmy poked the needle deep in Daniella’s boob. He emptied the syringe faster than he should have.
“FUCK YOU! That FUCKING hurts! You released that shit too fast! It burns!” Daniella started to complain but before she could continue, her speech meshed together and her vision started to blur all as if she had been drinking too much. Her head rolled around in circles before it landed on Grant’s shoulder like it had been before. Grant covered her back up and let loose her legs. Jimmy pulled Daniella’s limp body up enough that Grant could get up off the toilet. Grant picked Daniella up like a bride and carried her into the next room.
“Now let’s go, Grant. The others are already starting to stir.”
“We can’t just throw her in the car butt ass naked!” Grant laid her down on her bed where she had been less than an hour ago. He rummaged through her dresser and picked out a black lacy thong, and a black lacy push-up bra. He threw those on the bed then went to the closet. There he picked out a loose baggy T-shirt and a low-cut V neck shirt too. He grabbed the duffle bag on the floor covering the shoes. He threw the shirts in the bag and threw a pair of tennis shoes in the bag too. Realizing he had forgotten some clothing he went back to the dresser.
“Jimmy go get the SUV ready. And throw some of her pillows in the back.” Grant pulled open a drawer and grabbed a pair of dark pair of jeans that had started to fade and threw those in the bag. He then grabbed a pair of socks from the drawer he was in to get her lingerie. He threw the lingerie in the bag too and zipped it up. Putting the bag in the doorway he remember that her hair was a mess so he raced into the bathroom and grabbed her brush, shoving it in the side pocket of the bag.
Jimmy came running back into the bedroom panting. “Car’s… ready… for her…” Grant flung the bag at him and Jimmy caught it. “Let’s… go now…” And he turned and ran back out. Grant pushed Daniella’s body to the middle of the bed and pulled the covers out of the tuck at the end. Holding the ends of the blankets, he wrapped them around her and picked her up. Instead of bride style he carried her like a sack of potatoes out of her apartment. When he got to the elevator he saw there was a neighbor in the hallway.
“Hi there. Could you please help me hit the buttons to the elevator?” Grant asked the old woman. She looked at his face then at the load on his shoulder. He smiled as she walked over to where he was standing.
“Where do you need to go?” she asked staring at the roll of blankets in his arms.
“Lobby… Main floor I mean.” She hit the button to go down and the doors immediately opened. The elevator was empty. He walked in and the woman followed. She slapped the main floor button and then escaped before the doors closed. “THANK YOU!”
The doors opened at the main floor and Grant walked out. He could see the black SUV in front of the doors, with the hatch open and the Jimmy sitting in the driver’s seat. He walked as quickly as he could with his head down and leaning into the blankets on his shoulder. He hoped that Jimmy remembered to cover his face when he raced out. The doors were not easily opened with a kick so he turned around and pushed open the doors with his ass. When he was out he raced to the waiting SUV and climbed in the back with Daniella in his arms.
“GO Jimmy! GO GO GO!” Grant put Daniella down as Jimmy shifted into reverse and gunned it. “Not so crazy Jimmy!” Jimmy stopped and shifted gears as Grant pulled the hatch door closed. He unwrapped Daniella enough that she could breathe but not so much that she was showing anything but her head. He put a pillow under her head and then sat down across the SUV.
“Hey Grant are you going to come sit up here?”
“No. You can get us to where we need to go. I’ll get the GPS ready for you.” Grant pulled a GPS out of a pocket in the back and set it up then handed it to Jimmy. “I’m going to take a nap. I drove here and I didn’t get any sleep.” He grabbed one of the pillows and laid his head on it. He was out cold like Daniella, only with no drug to make him like that.

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