Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 2

Black smoke could be seen from miles away as news copters circled the skies and sirens polluted the sound barrier with their wails and whistles. From the patio of Croissants douce Clémentine, a two story cafe building with an apartment on top made to look like a French bakery from the 1980’s. Anne-Martin watched the plume of black smoke taint the blue skies with it’s contagious disease. Her dark violet eyes seemed to be hypnotized as she stared at the black column with out blinking with her short brunette hair flowing in the slight breeze, if the smoke had eyes it was sure to lose in a staring contest with her.
“I wonder whats happening over there?” A male voice spoke out and caught Anne off guard.
“Huh?” she snapped out of the trance. She turned her head to see her father who seemed to have been standing there the whole time, he has a tendency to sneak up on people unintentionally. He was the owner of the cafe as he wore a brown apron on his body for proof and a fairly large black mustache on his upper lip. Anne works at her family’s cafe as a waitress so she could collect enough earnings to keep herself in school, what Anne wanted to do when she grew up was unknown to her as she couldn’t decide what she was good at. Until then she was a 15 year old girl serving pastries to her father’s customers, not really the life Anne had hoped for but its not like she had much choice.
“That smoke, it looks like some one’s house is in trouble. hopefully no one got hurt” he said in a worried tone.
Anne looked back to the smoke with a slight frown as her eyes flickered before her eyelids slid shut. From the darkness that blocked her vision she began to see a feint violet that faded into view. Soon she began to see the buildings around her as different tones and shades of purple defined walls, windows and people who were walking by. It was like watching a picture develop right before your eyes but you could see the cars driving in the street and the birds flying onto the telephone wires to rest their tired wings. The picture then began to move as her mental camera began to pan away from corner of the street and flew into the air like a bird taking off from a perched ledge. City blocks passed by below as the park came into view with fire trucks and police cruisers crowding the area as they had evacuated the civilians from the woods. Anne could see the charred remains of a devastating forrest fire with fallen, blacken trees and clouds of ash blowing into the wind. From the birds eye view she could see that the burnt section of the trees formed a circle, as if a fire bomb had detonated and left its mark.
*Hmm, what could have caused that?* she thought to her self *Lets take a look*
With that thought, the cars on the street slowed down on open roads before coming to a complete stop. Pedestrians became mannequins as they were trapped in mid walk, the flow of time was halted as not one soul took another step. Moments later people began to walk backwards and cars drove in reverse, soon it was like hitting the rewind button on the VC-R as Anne watched the backwards world she had made. All the events that happened in the park was shown in reverse as she saw fire trucks backing away from the park and people running backwards into the memorial. It wasn’t long until she saw flames rise from the ashes and ate at the dead forrest to leave behind healthy foliage. The fire then flew from the trees and gathered at the vertex of the fire while the orange flames turned cyan blue, the flames then uncovered 4 people standing around a fire ball before the last blaze vanished to reveal a bald man in the center. Time then paused and played as Anne witnessed the horrible explosion as if she was there when it happened, Vex’s face was instantly recognized as she gasped in reaction.
*Whats Vex doing here?*
She never met him before but she knew him enough from reading newspaper articles and information posted on the internet, she did not know whether to feel frightened or surprised. Perhaps it was both as his power spread terror into her mind as the inferno that emitted from his body had disintegrated four human beings in the matter of seconds with out leaving a single burn on his own body.
Suddenly everything shook violently with a light voice calling her name “Anne....Anne?”
Her world darkened before all she could see is the dark void created from the back of her eyelids. Anne opened her eyes as she returned to her own time with her father’s hand on her shoulder. He had no idea that his daughter had possessed a god-like power, he only thought of her as a perfectly healthy human girl even though he did catch her in similar trances like this one.
“What were you thinking about?” he asked in curiosity, he tried to have her brush up on her social skills as she did not have many friends or a boyfriend in that matter. Anne’s eyes looked in the opposite direction so think of a story to make up.
“Its just...its just reminds me of the fire that destroyed Uncle Peter’s apartment. He lost cousin Chris while working at the super market. Thinking about it just makes me miss Chris even more.” she answered with a remorseful tone. She kept her special abilities secret from her father and everyone else because she didn’t know how they would react. It was since she was ten years old that her powers began to develop as she was able to see past events in time with out even being there. Anne was also able to see things during the present with out being physically being there as she used it to help her cheat on tests that she forgot to study for. Her biggest fear was that her father wouldn’t love her anymore if he had found out that she wasn’t human, he was the only person left in the world who cared about her. Since her mother mysteriously disappeared one night when she was 5 years old, the year when the war had ended.
Mr. Martin grunted softly as he remembered losing his nephew as well, he felt some pressure build up in his gut as emotional tension manifested in his soul. He patted her shoulder to provide some comfort.
“I miss him too, Anne.” He told her as he lifted his hand off of her. “I miss him too”
Multiple rings could be heard from inside the cafe as a customer rang the bell for service at the counter. Mr. Martin turned to see the women inside then back at Anne.
“Come on, a busy day at work will help you take your mind off it”
Anne looked back at her father as he turned to walk back inside to answer the bell then she returned her gaze the smoke one last time. The image of Vex’s face was burned into her mind as she discovered that he was near by, nobody would have thought that Vex would even set foot outside the psychic city of Vexus. She sighed and turned to the nearest table with a man reading a newspaper and returned to her duties as she cleared his table of all plates and silverware.

Submitted: January 11, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Mephistan. All rights reserved.


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Steve Fettinger

Be careful not get to discriptive that it distracts from your story. One sentence should lead into the next like a song. good luck.

Sat, January 22nd, 2011 11:48pm

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