Origami Hearts and Superman Sheets

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Maris Lee Jackson doesn't know why she likes the geeky guy she saw in the cafe, but she's drawn to him, even if he's not her typical guy. A sweet love story of the beauty and the geek.

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Origami Hearts and Superman Sheets

Maris Lee Jackson liked to come to this little café on the other side of town because she liked the people. They were interesting to look at and for the most part, they left her alone and didn’t question her while she sat at the corner table with headphones in her ears watching campy vampire television and folded origami.
But today was different. Today, she had been unexpectedly surprised. He had come in to the café, brining the wind with him, it was, after all, the windy city. His hair was long and shaggy, a ten dollar hair cut covering a slightly pudgy face, which rested above a Green Lantern t-shirt. He was tall and geeky. And for some reason, she couldn’t help but stare at him.
What is your issue, girl? She muttered to herself, possibly out loud. Shaking her head she went back to slayage and a young David Boreanaz. But Maris couldn’t help but keep glancing back at him. He was sitting at a table just three away from her, she could look right into his eyes if he just happened to glance up-
Crap! She thought, jumping as he looked up at her and caught her eye. Oh, gosh, now he thinks I’ve been staring at him!
But despite the fact that he had caught her, Maris just couldn’t stop looking up at him. There was something about him that kept drawing her gaze. He wasn’t like any of the other guys she had dated. He wasn’t suave, well put together, well dressed, or handsome, but she couldn’t help but look at him. What on earth is your problem? She yelled at herself.
As she continued watching the evaporation of vamps and the teen drama she had so gladly left behind, Maris couldn’t help but think that it would be fun to try something new, something different. Just because he’s not handsome, doesn’t mean he’s off limits.
With the decision made to have a bit of an adventure with a guy that wasn’t her typical type, she began to told a bit of origami for the nerdy guy. She folded an origami heart that could be easily opened and refolded by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Before she folded it she wrote her name and number on the white part and wrote, “Call me sometime!”
Folding the heart she wrote on the outside, “Open Me.” Smiling she closed her computer and put it away in her bag and put away all of her paper and headphones. When everything was put away she looked up and caught the eye of the nerd. She smiled widely as she held up the heart and put it back on the table, stood up and walked out of the café.
When she headed outside, her hair blown by the wind, temporarily blinding her. But she gained her sight in time to see the guy pick up the heart and look out at her. Not wanting to catch his eye again, Maris hurried along toward her car so she could get home and call Rennie George, her good friend from college.
Jordan Richards was surprised that the pretty woman, Maris as it said on the folded paper, had left her number for him. He had noticed her when he had come in, and had been confused when he’d looked up to see her looking at him. And now this! What had prompted her to leave this message?
He’d been debating about what to do for an entire day. He supposed that the only thing he could do was call her, see what she wanted. With his hands shaking from lack of experience  Jordan dialed the number on the crinkled paper.
It rang three times before it was answered by a perky voice, “Hello?”
“Uh, hi,” Jordan said, suddenly tongue tied. “Um, it’s Jordan, from the café yesterday…” He felt like he should have said something more, or something different completely.
“Oh hey!” The voice on the other end of the line was enthusiastic and she seemed to be genuinely excited to hear from him. “I’m so glad you called!”
He was thrown for a loop for a moment. “Really?” He asked incredulous.
“Of course! I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime!” She said enthusiastically.
His mind raced, a woman, a beautiful one at that was asking him out on a date? There was something seriously wrong with this picture. “Um…” Was all he could think to say, or rather, it was the product of his brain being unable to process what was happening. “Like a date?” He asked, feeling stupid.
Maris laughed, “Of course like a date! You and me in a restaurant or something similar! That kind of date.” He could hear the smile in her voice and wondered if it was coming from the same place of humor as the high school grief he had experienced when he’d liked the prettiest girl in school. But this woman was much more beautiful than Mary Anne Gunn.
“Uh,” His brain was still racing, trying to understand the situation. “Where would you like to go?” He asked, finally deciding it would be better to just let it happen, rather than trying to understand it.
“Do you know where Giordano’s is on North Rush?” She asked.
Jordan sighed in relief. Pizza! He could handle pizza! It was one of the simplest things. “Yeah, I know it.” He said.
“Great! How about Saturday at 6?” She asked.
“I’ll be there!”
“Awesome! I’m really looking forward to talking to you Jordan.” Maris said before she hung up.
Still in shock over the turn of events, Jordan stared at the phone long after he had placed it in the cradle.
Maris felt invigorated after she hung up the phone after talking with Jordan. He was so nice! But he was a little shy. She would have to be prepared for that on their date. She didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable around her.
Regardless of how shy Jordan was or how extremely different from all the other men she had dated, she couldn’t help but feel drawn to him. And after talking with him she felt incredibly giddy. It was a type of giddy she had not felt since she was in high school and in love with the president of the debate team. Wait a minute, she thought, maybe he is the kind of guy I gravitate toward… but this was instantly rejected after remembering the string of boyfriends since she entered college. Trust fund kids with plenty of money and the feeling of invincibility that often got them in to trouble, which simply melted away when daddy came into the picture to smooth the ‘misunderstandings’ over.
She blushed remembering how she had been a part of that group rather enthusiastically at the beginning. It had been a rush to know that she could do anything she wanted and not get in trouble for it because money could buy anything.
But one thing money couldn’t buy, was this crazy giddy feeling in her stomach. She hoped it would never end!
Giordano’s sat on a corner in a brick building with an orange neon sign proclaiming its name. It had been voted as one of the top ten pizza places in Chicago last year. It was Maris’s favorite place to get pizza and it had been popular with her friends as well. But tonight, it was just her and Jordan. She hoped the poor guy wouldn’t be too nervous.
Walking into the pizza place at exactly 6 PM, Maris spotted Jordan immediately where he already had a table. She waved and smiled and headed over to meet him, pushing through the incredible crowd, where he was examining the menu. “Have you ever been here before?” She asked.
“Um…” Jordan paused, looking at his feet before quickly glancing up back at her face. “I’ve been here once. I enjoyed it.” His ears turned red and he smiled nervously, fidgeting with the hem of his t-shirt.
“Yeah? I think it’s the best pizza place in Chicago.” She said, “So how are you?” Maris asked, touching his arm on the bicep. It was a trick she had learned long ago. It not only made your male companion more comfortable with you, but it also showed him that you were more interested.
“I,” He paused again, “I’m doing well.” He said, his ears turning red again, the blush creeping into his face. “And you?”
Maris smiled, “I’m great! I was really excited for tonight so I’m glad I’m here.”
“Really? That’s…that’s great.”
Jordan just couldn’t seem to make his tongue work the way it was supposed to. It kept getting stuck along the way to form a word. But Maris didn’t seem to mind. Instead she seemed to be genuinely interested in being here. Even after nearly thirty minutes of listening to his clumsy tongue.
 “So, where do you work?” Maris asked him, looking up at him, her eyes making direct and steady contact with his. He was surprised at the color of her eyes, they were green in the middle but slowly moved more toward brown father from the pupil.
He mentally shook himself and replayed what she said in his mind, “I work at a computer software company. I design software and make sure that it works properly. It’s not very exciting.” He said, not wanting to bore her on their first date. Not that he expected there to be a second one. She would endure tonight and then realize that she really didn’t want to go out with him any more and they would never speak again.
“No!” She said smiling at him, “It sounds really interesting! Do you design software for companies or for individuals?” She took a bite of her pizza while waiting for his answer. Every time she took a bite her nose crinkled as she tried to keep the sauce off her lips.
“Companies. I design a lot of collaborative software.” He said. Jordan realized that he should probably explain what it was so that she wouldn’t feel in the dark. But she beat him to it.
“So, software that would allow everyone in the company to share files and information internally without using email?” She asked, cocking her head to the side.
Surprised, he nodded, “Yeah, that’s exactly right.” She smiled and took another bite of pizza. “What do you do?”
Maris chewed her pizza around a small smile, “I work for a clothing company.” She said vaguely.
“That sounds exciting.” Jordan said, trying to sound interested. Working as a sales associate didn’t sound very exciting, and he was reassured to know that they both had fairly boring jobs.
“Eh, it has its moments.” She said smiling.
Maris almost choked on her pizza when Jordan asked her about her job. She had wanted to avoid answering this question because she was too embarrassed by it. She wanted to date a guy that didn’t know about her financial situation. That was the hardest thing about dating; telling a guy that she not only worked for a clothing company, but she owned it. In her previous dating fiascos the guys had known her family and the wealth they carried and many times they had been interested in her simply because of the money.

After nearly two hours of talking, the conversation had lightened up a bit and gotten easier as the conversation was somehow steered in the direction of the zoo and their favorite animals, Maris announced that she should start heading home.
“Okay, I’ll walk you out to your car.” Jordan said and they headed out into the street. Crap! Maris internally yelled at herself,  you CANNOT let him see your car! He’ll know immediately! But she couldn’t think of any way to get out of the situation.
“Um, you know, let’s go for a little walk, it’s nice out here and the fresh air is always nice!” She couldn’t believe she was using a walk as an excuse, especially since it was freezing outside and the wind had picked up.
Jordan looked at her oddly, but nodded, “Okay,” He said.
“Great!” She said, “But first I need to use the restroom really fast.” Hurrying away from her date she rushed into the bathroom to call her friend Samantha,
“Hey! How’d your date go?” She asked. Maris imagined her curled up on the couch with her boyfriend Chris, watching a movie.
Maris laughed, “It’s still happening, but I’m kind of in a jam! I don’t want him to see my car! Do you think you could bring yours over here?”
Laughter erupted from the other end of the phone. “You want to use my junker just so he doesn’t find out you have money?”
“Pretty much, yeah.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes. Giordano’s right?”
“Yeah, I’ll leave the keys to my car in the planter by the statues at the front entrance okay? Just dig around in the dirt for them. And leave the keys there too.”
Once she had the car situation figured out, Maris skipped out to meet Jordan again. As they walked, they continued to talk, and she was grateful that he had gotten over his initial nervousness. He was funny and very intelligent and he was one of the few genuine people she had met over the years.
She only hoped he liked her just as much.
Three weeks later…
Maris’ eyes popped open as the sun shone brightly through the full wall of glass windows facing the east. She had purchased this apartment because of those windows. It was a great way to wake up in the morning. But this morning was different. She was giddy and excited because of her date with Jordan. This date was going to be different than their others as Jordan’s friends would be coming to dinner. It had been her idea, she wanted to meet his friends to dissolve any possible negative preconceptions resting in their minds.  
The excitement was enough to pull her out of bed at seven in the morning with a smile on her face. She pulled down the Superman t-shit she had slept in last night, finding humor in it as Jordan was obsessed with the superhero. In addition to the shirt, she had a pair of boys underwear sporting the popular ‘S’ emblazoned on her butt as well. With a glint in her eye she turned her ipod on and tugged a red sheet from the linen closet and began to dance around her apartment, the speakers from the walls blasting Jessie J. providing what would be immense entertainment for anyone looking out their windows in the accompanying building next to her own apartment featuring walls of glass windows.
Laughing and running, Maris made her cape fly out behind her, jumping on furniture, attempting to avoid falling to the floor where the busy streets waited in her imagination. It was with quite a bit of skill that she made it from her bedroom to the small chair beside the door and out to the loveseat in the living room. The piano bench wobbled under her weight as she put her arms out for balance and jumped to the couch and then to the coffee table and jumped to the rug in the middle of the floor.
On the rug she seemed to be at a bit of an impasse. The closet piece of furniture was a bar stool pulled out from her kitchen island. But she cheated and scooted the carpet closer to the stool to pull herself onto the counter and leap to the glasses cabinet, grasping on with desperation. Carefully placing her feet on the inch of granite by the sink she balanced her, thankfully, narrow feet and found herself by the stove.
Pulling out a bowl from the cupboard, Maris decided she would have to end her flight there, as it would be difficult to even fix a bowl of cereal without the ability to move around her kitchen more. But as her feet touched the floor, she was struck by a mass of inspiration. “My office chair!” She yelled and ran, full tilt, toward her office and pulled the leather rolly chair away from the desk and pushed herself backward through her apartment.
It was a wonderful benefit of having wood floors, but she hoped the wheels wouldn’t scratch the finish. Regardless of whatever damage it might have done, she had a morning that left her laughing and, if independent human flight had been possible, the butterflies in her stomach would have had her floating mid-air.
5 PM…
On her way to Jordan’s apartment, which was on the other side of the city, Maris turned up her radio and began to dance wildly and fantastically, laughing when individuals in other cars noticed her dance and began to comment to other passengers. One such instance was a car of three men who were stopped at the stoplight with her. She danced and waved and took off faster than their little smartcar could go.
The car she drove had been a huge moment of excitement for her. The Audi R8 had been a bit of a spoil for her when she had seen the specs for the vehicle. She’d always liked Audis because of their sporty feel and she didn’t mind sometimes showing off. This was the reason she didn’t want Jordan seeing her car, she had purposely avoided talking about how much money she had because she wanted him to like her for, well, her. It didn’t matter how clichéd the statement was, it was true.
Tonight, however, was going to change that. She needed to tell him that she had money, mostly because she wanted to take him to meet her family as well as her friends and she couldn’t do that with him in the dark. Especially since she was going to buy him a suit for the party she intended to take him to, that is, of course, if he still wanted to go.
At Jordan’s apartment she parked her car in the back of the lot, hoping that it wouldn’t be spotted by anyone and ran to the building. She was giddy and smiling when he opened the door and pulled him in and kissed him on the mouth. She could sense the surprise he always felt when she was openly affectionate toward him. She understood that he was shy, but hoped he’d get over the shyness soon. She wanted to be the one pulled in for a kiss, not be the one initiating it.
“Dinner’s almost ready.” Jordan said as he pulled her into the apartment. He always got nervous whenever she kissed him or touched him in open affection. He didn’t know how to respond or what cues he was supposed to be picking up from her that would direct his action. There were times he wanted to kiss her himself, but didn’t know if she would be repulsed by that because of the inappropriate timing.
Maris slid into a bar stool at the small island covered with the scratched linoleum top and smiled, because it seemed so much more homey than hers. Her apartment was nice, but nothing more intricate than macaroni and cheese had been cooked there. Nothing like this meal of chicken cordon bleu Jordan was making. A good cook and a good guy? What more could a girl want? She thought. All of her other boyfriends didn’t know how to cook, they only knew how to take her out to a nice restaurant, they knew what to say to keep the conversation going and to stay polite as they had been taught and groomed all their life, as she had been groomed.
The elite form of society she had grown up in was exclusive in that the people bred from it were the well behaved and socially gifted individuals. Her parents had been good people, fun to be around, and had always been there for her and her sister, she had been taught all the appropriate manners for every situation. Which was perhaps why she was so attracted to a man who, may not have possessed the same social graces, the man who, dropped sauce on his shirt and smeared it down his front, but was more of a man than any of those she had dated in the past. With a dang cute butt too.
Her last thought was interrupted by the door opening and the loud crowd of three men pouring into the room. She turned around to smile and greet those who were undoubtedly Jordan’s friends and realized with shock that they were the same three men she had waved at while dancing in the car on the way over. She was stunned for a brief moment, as were they, but she recovered more quickly.
With the technique her mother would have given her nod of approval to, Maris said, “Hello, I’m Maris. If you would excuse me for one moment, I’d like to speak with Jordan for a few moments.” With that she pulled a startled and confused Jordan out of the kitchen and into his bedroom where she found with a strange delight an unmade bed and Superman sheets adorning his twin size bed.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, running a hand through his hair, a gesture Maris found endearing.
She bit her lip, a habit her mother had tried to break her of for many years, “I have to tell you something.” She said quickly, but remembering that she needed to slow down, spoke in a tone and speed that would be easily heard and understood so as to prevent any future confusion. “I am rich. Filthy dirty, rotten rich! And I didn’t tell you because I wanted to you to like me because I was me.” She said, almost repeating word for word the silly monologue she had given herself hours before.
Jordan‘s brow furrowed. She could see the wheels and gears turning in the brilliant head of his. “But you work at that clothing store.”
“I actually own it. Independently of my parent’s money, I purchased the company and I’m the sole owner.” The look of shock on his face would have been hilarious had it not been such a stressful moment for her. “I was going to tell you tonight after you friends left, I’ve been convinced that you liked me and my money wasn’t going to change your feelings…at least not like I anticipated.” She said with a growing thought of horror that he might actually like her less because she had money. Some people were like that, they didn’t like it when their girlfriend had more money than they, it was some sort of weird masculine psychological thing that she didn’t understand. Probably because of all the estrogen pirouetting through her system. “Are you mad?” She asked, pulling her shoulders up and her head down, a defense mechanism that she quickly overcame.
He sighed, looking at her face, “I’m not mad, just a little shocked.” He frowned again, “Why did you decide to tell me this right as the merry band of losers arrived instead of after they left as you planned?”
Smiling sheepishly, Maris explained that she had seen them on her way here and they had seen her car, which screamed money. It surprised her though, at this confession, that Jordan didn’t push away or go out the door, or even immediately direct that they go back to the group, instead, he pulled her in for a hug on his own-the first time he had done so since they’d met.
The butterflies and giddiness in Maris’ stomach erupted into a full blown hurricane that she felt straight down to her toes. She smiled and squeezed her arms around his body, loving that she felt warm and safe in his arms. He was not hard and toned like many others, instead, he was soft and that brought her more comfort and attraction than she had ever felt with a guy. Huh, she thought to herself, who da thunk?
Dinner was really an enjoyable time, Jordan’s friends were lighthearted and silly and were genuinely welcoming of her. The ‘merry band of losers’ as Jordan had referred to them fondly as, was made up of Mark, a fellow software producer, Kaden, a website designer, and Kirk, a video game tester.
Maris found that she liked them each very much. Kaden was the talker, with lines he thought were smooth, but only brought bouts of hilarity from her. But he was kind and offered to redesign the website for her company and make it much better and more interactive. He responded well to her idea of a virtual ‘dress up’ portion for online ordering and they made an appointment to talk about other ideas.
Kirk was the jokester but also the family man. He had been married for almost two years and he had a three month old at home with his wife, a pretty Nicaraguan woman who still spoke very little English. The two had met in Southern California where she had difficulty communicating and he had stepped in to help her.
Mark was the best friend. The two had been friends since they were freshman in high school and he had been the hardest to win over. One of her strengths had always been judging how people thought of another person, including herself. It had been invaluable in the past, and now it was helping her to win his approval. She saw the moment she did though. When she touched Jordan’s forearm briefly without necessity she noticed the shift.
At the end of the night she was sad to see them go, but knew that it brought with it an opportunity to be alone with Jordan. And soon enough, she was getting a closer look at those Superman Sheets.
Two weeks later…
Jordan tugged nervously at the suit Maris had dragged him to buy. She had insisted on buying it, despite his insistent protests. The price tag had been well over $2000 and since she was the one dragging him to this event, it was only fair that she dress him for the occasion. “You look great!” She said, smiling at him. “Don’t be intimidated, these people are ruthless, just be yourself and you’ll be fine. They all know you’re here with me and they can just deal with it.”
“What do you mean ‘deal with it’?” He asked, his eyes wide.
She bit her lip, “Well, I kind of dated our host’s son for a few months and we broke up rather…well, rather recently. Actually, just a couple weeks before we met. Some wounds might be a little fresh, and some claws might not be willing to let go. But we’re here now and there’s no turning back.” She smiled at him, hoping he would take her humor lightly even if they were stuck in a tiny elevator to the party.
“Just what I need, a rich jealous ex-boyfriend to contend with.” He said, sarcasm greatly infused in his voice.
“You’ll be fine, just be firm in the fact that we’re in a relationship. You are my boyfriend and I intend to keep it that way for a while.”
Jordan was about to open his mouth when the elevator opened up into a room filled with expensively dressed women and sharply dressed men. Maris was bombarded by people and questions the moment she came out of the elevator, but while she was answering them, she grabbed his arm and dragged him along with her, introducing him as they went.
The amount of people Jordan met in a matter of ten minutes was astonishing. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been introduced to so many individuals. He only hoped there wouldn’t be a test, because at this point, he wouldn’t be able to even remember his own name. “Ah, here are my parents!” Maris whispered into his ear and steered him toward a regal looking couple. The woman looked a bit like Maris, her eyes contained the same glint of mischief that shone in her daughters.
“Mom, Dad, this is who I’ve been telling you about! Jordan Stewart, meet Mom and Dad, Nancy and Keith.” Maris was upbeat and happy, and her parents were smiling.
Jordan held out his hand to her father, “Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson.” He said politely.
“Maris, dear, Nicky Delham is over there, and she was asking about you earlier, why don’t you go see how she’s doing.” Nancy Jackson said, smiling to her daughter who knew exactly why she was being pushed away. Her parents wanted to speak to her beau alone.
And so she left her parents to their prodding and  found the short blond Nicky who had been her go-to girl for these parties. “People have been speculating about you guy.” Nicky said immediately when Maris walked up. “I don’t think they believed that you would find someone who wasn’t really like the others. But it looks like you’ve completely rebelled against your regular M.O.”
Maris smiled. “He might not look like Lucas and he may not have the money, but he’s a much better person than Lucas will ever be. And he’s a surprisingly good kisser.” She laughed, “He admitted to me that he’d only ever kissed one girl briefly before me.”
“One girl?” Nicky asked in astonishment. “And he’s a good kisser? That’s impressive. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable in a suit!”
“I know, poor guy. I wanted him to get a taste of what life is like for me. I really like him and I’m really hoping that it goes further than just a few dates. We’ve only known each other for a month, but I honestly think he’s the one.”
“Really? After one month?”
“Yeah, crazy I know, but it was one of those weird moments you dream about having. I saw him and I couldn’t take my eyes off him and he’s just been so great.”
“Well, it looks like you’re parents are done with him and someone else has got their claws into him. You’d better hurry and stop Lucas from doing too much damage, you don’t know what he’ll say.”
Maris jumped into action, her soul purpose at that moment getting the tall manipulative yet crazy handsome polo player with all the charm of a con man and the intelligence of a potato. But on her way, she was intercepted by the Mrs. Potato, who worshiped her son and still held the grudge against Maris for breaking it off with her son.

Intimidation was something Jordan didn’t handle well. So when the tall man with the wavy sun bleached hair and perfect smile that could only be Maris’ ex blocked his path to her, his instinct was to back up and move away. But the man wouldn’t let him, instead he glanced toward the beautiful redhead and said, “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”
“Yes, she is. Smart too.” Jordan said, feeling oddly defensive and possibly brave around this man.
A sneer grew on the man’s face, “She also likes to use people to get what she wants. Look at her, chatting away with the blond, they’re probably discussing what to do with you now she’s got my attention.” Before Jordan could get another word in, “She and I were dating but I made her mad and now she’s trying to send me a message. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the first man she’s used, just out of self preservation I would say it’s best to just leave the relationship immediately before you find yourself too far immersed in her charms.” With that, he walked away, leaving Jordan slightly confused.
It was only seconds later that Maris showed up at his side and put her hand through his. “What did he say to you?” She asked.
“He said you were using me to get him back.” Jordan said honestly. He knew he didn’t have anything to worry about, as Maris’ parents had informed him that he need not feel intimidated by Lucas. After only a few minutes of speaking with her parents he had been informed that they approved of him dating their daughter, and asked that he treat her well. While he had been startled and confused by the openness, Jordan accepted it as a good thing.
“Ugh,” She said, the sound forming at the back of her throat, “Don’t listen to him, he’s a jerk.”
“Don’t worry,” He said confidently, “I won’t.”
It was later, after the party that the two were curled up together in a tender embrace in Maris’ apartment. She didn’t want to be apart from him and his apartment was so far away, she was glad he agreed to stay the night.
But, at three AM an insistent banging at her door woke the couple up. Confused at the harsh interruption she slipped out of bed and turned on the bedside lamp. “What’s going on?” Jordan asked.
“I’m not sure. I’m going to go see.” She said while she pulled on a robe.
“Wait, I’ll come with you.” He said and found his suit pants and stumbled out to the front room with her. Opening the door without looking, Maris was surprised by a very angry, very drunk Lucas who shoved his way into her apartment.
“Maris! How could you sleep with this, this loser?” He asked, eyeing Jordan and his less than perfect physic. With this question hanging in the air and no one sure how to answer it, Lucas took a swift at Jordan and cuffed him on the jaw.
“Lucas! Stop!” Maris yelled, trying to step between the two. But Jordan acted faster and delivered a blow straight to Lucas’ face that sent him stumbling backward into a decorative table by the door, smashing it, and sliding to the floor, dazed and bleeding.
Shocked, it took Maris a moment to pull herself together enough to call 911 and explain the situation. It sounded comical later, when the police had arrived as well as the EMTs. The police were also surprised to find her clinging to what some of them obviously thought of as the less likely candidate for her affection.
But after the police were gone and Jordan had pulled her back to bed, Maris still lay awake, looking into the darkness thinking about how she needed to find some bridal magazines to start dropping hints to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.




The End.

A/N: I got the idea for this sweet story when I was listening to the radio and the song 'Marry Me' by train came on. The lyrics Marry me/If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe/ really spoke to me as a great story idea. I hope I did it justice from it's humble beginnings and I hope you guys like it. I'm also submitting it for Rosiejb's contest! Let me know what you think! I love you all so much! ?Meradee

Submitted: March 12, 2012

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wow i read this and i didn't ever want it to end this is just super amazing, i am gonna find it hard to choosing a winner, i love the characters in this story and it is so sweet.
Good luck.

Mon, March 12th, 2012 11:17am


Awe! Thanks!

Mon, March 12th, 2012 8:25am


Thoroughly enjoyed. I specially liked the observation regarding just letting it happen instead of trying to understand it.Whoa!

OHHH! Geek's ears turn red too (i thought it only happens to me) Lovelyyy.. sooo sweeet!

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Oh, I'm so glad! Thanks! hahahaha! Yes! It happens to others!

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awwww... that was super sweet! i loved it!

Mon, March 12th, 2012 12:52pm


I'm so glad! Thanks!

Mon, March 12th, 2012 8:28am


Aweee, i love the title btw.
The story is good as always.
You are an amzing writer,
your writing is so good
And i hope mines could be
as half good as yours.
-Tatianna xoxox

Mon, March 12th, 2012 6:20pm


Awe, thanks Ti! You're so sweet! I'm sure yours is great! ?

Mon, March 12th, 2012 11:30am


This story is really good!!!Your writing is very descriptive,and I can really understand the characters.
I also like how you switch from Maris to Jordans point of view,it was really creative!I lllllooooovvvvveeee it

Mon, March 12th, 2012 7:54pm


Thanks! I really try to make it descriptive! That's awesome! Really? POV changing is really fun.:D Thanks so much! ?

Mon, March 12th, 2012 6:14pm


Aw, that was adorable! Jordan is such a cutie! What a lovely short story. Good luck in the contest! Xoxo

Tue, March 13th, 2012 1:42am


Thanks so much! Oh yeah! thanks!:D

Mon, March 12th, 2012 6:45pm


Great story. I guess that saying is true: "Great guys come in odd packages" and of course the most famous: "Be yourself and all will be what it's meant to be". Love the story idea:)

Tue, March 13th, 2012 11:41pm


hahaha! that's so cute! I've never heard that before! I LOVE it though!Thanks so much! :D ?

Tue, March 13th, 2012 4:59pm


Aww... I loved this short story, especially how she 'flew' around her room, and the comparision of his life to hers, the different presences they uphold and friends they have. And st the ending part where Jordan was all like "She's beautiful and smart." thats so sweet.

Fri, March 16th, 2012 3:46am


Awe! Thanks so much! :D I'm really glad you liked it! :D ?Meradee

Thu, March 15th, 2012 9:23pm


I loved it! I didn't want it to end! lol. You are such a very talented writer. Keep it up!!

Wed, March 21st, 2012 1:32pm


I'm glad! Hahahaha! Yeah, it was hard to end! :D Thanks! I will! :D

Wed, March 21st, 2012 11:50am

Miranda Reyes

Awww! Meradee that was a sweet story I really liked it. I hope those two have a happily ever after. :)

Sat, May 26th, 2012 5:23pm


Thanks so much! I really enjoyed taking a break from my usual style! I shouLd write a sequel soon!

Sat, May 26th, 2012 2:46pm

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