Chapter 11:

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Chapter Eleven

November 4th

1:14 AM

Ally could not have thought of things getting any worst. Truly, this had to be the ultimate low point. Here she was, in the middle of the woods, being dragged by two goons.  She could only hope they were not yanking her and her friends’ towards their death.

The larger one, who was 8 feet tall, maintained a steady grip on Ally’s shoulders as he guided her across the muddy grass. They were ugly beings: Gray, elephant-skinned monsters that were strong and massively built. She didn’t know the proper name of their kind, and did not care to learn it one bit.

The other one, smaller at 7 feet, held both Pam and Trish’s elbows firmly, as they, too, were dragged on. Geez! Where were they going? Why had they had to leave Moira’s estate? Was she really that spooked by Gabriel? Could it be possible to escape to wherever they were heading? Instantly, Ally dismissed that notion. Fleeing was out of the question; she did not have the strength. She barely was able to keep up with the goon. Yet, perhaps her friends could find a way…

As they reached a clearing, the goon released and pushed her away.  Ally whirled around to face a smiling Moira. That cold smile sent chills up Ally’s spine. More than anything, she hated seeing that grin on her face. It could only mean that her plans were going exactly as she intended. And, if things were going her as she intended, that was really, really bad news for Ally.

Moira looked radiant. She knew this was the safest place to be. Anticipating the weather, she changed back into her hiking boots, a black hoodie and tight black jeans. A thick fog was rapidly engulfing the clearing while a light drizzle began to fall, dampening Pam, Trish and Ally’s spirits. She shrugged at the thought of their discomfort. Soon it will be all over and really, they could suck it up in the meantime. Today was all that mattered to her. It was going to be her big day, and she was now sure that nothing and no one was going to sabotage it.

“We will be staying here.” She announced sweetly, still smiling.

Pam looked around, bewildered. “W-what?! We’re staying here? Why? Why did we have to leave our cells?” Pam asked, shivering almost uncontrollably.

Despite giving each of the girls a warm sweater, gloves and scarves, Pam and Trish’s teeth chattered. The bone-chilling November’s wind descended upon them, causing them to tremble and whimper.

Moira tilted her head at Pam. “Aw, were you getting comfortable in your little cells?” She asked mockingly.

Pam shrugged. “It was warmer.”

Moira tossed her curls back and continued to smile. Surprisingly, it, too, was a bit warmer this time. “I sensed an intruder at home, in the dungeon, and I’m not going to risk staying put. Therefore, I decided that we should all temporarily relocate.” She responded casually.

“We’ll freeze if we’re exposed any longer to the elements.” Trish pointed out.

“Yeah, Trish and I are humans, you know.” Pam added.

“As if I would forget. Obviously, I cannot have you perish on my watch that is why you won’t be staying outdoors.” She motioned, to the right, at an abandoned cottage that was heavily camouflage with overgrown grass. “You will be tied up in there and after tomorrow, I will set you free. The finish line is within my reach, ladies. This will all be over soon.”

Pam sighed. At least this horror show will soon end. She wanted to go home. She needed to get back to reality; her reality! Where no vampires were rampant and on the loose! God, she ached to put some normalcy back into her life.

She turned slightly to Ally who remained silent throughout this conversation. Pam caught her breath. Her friend was so pale and looked so weak. Leaning heavily on the goon who dragged her, Pam noticed that she was barely able to stand. Her exhausted and practically crippled state angered Pam. That bastard did this to her. The asshole, Benedict, transformed her into this monster and freaking abandoned her. Where the hell was he? She gave up her life for him, and now she could never come back home with them. This, whatever it was, was her home. God! It was so unfair.

If Benedict loved Ally, as she constantly claimed, then why had he not checked Moira’s estate? This point absolutely baffled Pam. He should have already been here. He should have saved her by now before Moira even had the chance to bring them here.

What would become of Ally after this whole sordid mess? She was a vampire now. She could never be just a normal human girl, hanging out with her friends. No more shopping trips, no more cheesy romantic movies to giggle at… Geez, no more late night chats with a bucket of ice cream. Their happy days as the three musketeers were outnumbered. Hell, Pam was already getting uncomfortable with Ally. She caught Ally staring at her numerous times. Pam knew that the vamp inside of Ally was unceasingly demanding her to devour her friends. Ally needed blood. When Pam returned her gaze, Ally would hastily turn away, blatantly, pushing her thoughts aside.

Gosh, this was a mess! Pam blew a few golden strands from her face and caught a glimpse of something moving a dozen of yards away.  If she did not know any better, she could have sworn that a man, camouflaged by the dense foliage of the woods, was staring at their group. She immediately closed her eyes. Maybe she was imagining things. She re-opened them and saw nothing. Although, she knew that she now nothing was visible, she definitely still felt a presence. Damn it, someone was there, over by those bushes. She hoped fervently that it would not be any more vampires. She swore that if she ever lived to tell about this, she would never scoff at another fairy tale for the rest of her life.


Gabe took notice of the three girls, the two goons, and a smiling Moira. They were all standing in the clearing and Moira seem to be indicating where they would be holed up. Viewing the size of the goons, Gabe mentally kicked himself. Shit, he should have brought some backup. There was no way he could take on Moira and the goons at the same time. He would have to figure out a way to sneak the girls out.

As he contemplated how to go about freeing the girls, his heart skipped a beat. The golden-haired girl stared directly at him. Gabriel inhaled sharply. What should he do? Every instinct in his body wanted to run up and declare his love for her; to protect her; to kiss and hold her. Fool! He chastised. He reminded himself that goons were above their laws. They could easily be ordered to snap him in two and Moira, their commander, would go scot-free. She would never be tried even if there were proof of her hiring them. Goons were lawless men and were to be avoided at all cost.

Of course, it was of no surprise to Gabriel that the Verdons were capable of hiring them. How in god’s name did they find them? They were banished for their realm and lands thousands of years ago! How were the Verdons even able to pay them as mercenaries? The vampire’s currency would be meaningless to them, since they could not purchase anything from their kind. Estates, lands were also of little value to Goons. They were nomadic, and did not settle in one place. So, why were they helping Moira?

Gabriel retreated deeper into the woods, so he would go unnoticed to the girl. He hoped she would keep quiet or at the very least believe she imagined what she saw. Gabriel could not afford alerting Moira and her goons before he was ready for them. He wished to keep the element of surprise on his side.

Knowing that he was no longer visible, Gabriel sighed. Fate was sure as hell not making things easy for him. He knew that though killing goons could prove to be quite difficult, it was not impossible. With his relics, he could do it if he separated them from Moira. The goons had no magic ability but they were strong and could crush his skull with their bare hands. Still, the goons must have realized that their presence within the vampire’s realm was a risky move from their part. Gabe knew that Moira had to be compensating them handsomely.

With a narrowed gaze, Gabriel watched Ally.  She was dreadfully pale and weak. Incredibly, she was staying strong. How was it that she was not snapping at her friends, demanding for their blood and flesh? Her love for her friends was strong indeed. However, it was only a matter of time before she cracked.

He continued to watch the group as Moira pointed her fingers towards a small abandoned shack, the same shack that once belonged to his parents. Did she really intend to lock the girls in there? He wondered. The rough cabin was almost choked with overgrown grass and vines. The battered door would be quite easy to break in, but he now understood why the goons were needed. 

“So what now?” Gabe asked himself. “Will Moira get ready for her big day? As the girls most likely freeze to death? That bitch! When I get my hands around her stupid skinny neck, I will snap it in two.”

For a long time, Moira gave instructions to the goons. She would constantly make them repeat her orders until she was satisfied that they knew what was expected of them. Gabe tried to stretch his hearing as far as he can, but he did not dare to stretch it to its maximum potential. He knew the Verdons inherited and stole many relics of the past, so who knew how observant Moira was at the moment. Before creeping inside the jail cell, Gabriel was aware of the extreme precautions he took as he entered Moira’s estate. Nevertheless, she still managed to sense an intruder in her home.

As Moira continued to hand out her orders, Gabriel could not help looking back at the blonde girl. God, she was beautiful. It almost pained him to look at her. The swell of her lower lips, the slow rise and fall of her perky breast, nearly undid him. He wanted no other.

Kneeling, with his fangs exposed, Gabriel nicked his left wrist and allowed a small pool to form. Right there, he vowed that no harm would ever befall her. He let a few blood droplets fall to the wet ground, before licking his wound clean. There, he did it: A blood vow. Without knowing it, Pam had just received her personal guardian angel. Gabriel would never rest easy until she felt safe. Once this ordeal was put behind them, he would always watch over her, but he will never bond with her.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Gabriel saw Ally staring at the blonde girl. Ally tried her damndest to go unnoticed, but he saw plainly that she wished to consume her friend. “Come on Ally, fight it!” Gabriel muttered. Suddenly, she shook her head, fighting the temptation. She looked sharply away and stared at the ground, breathing heavily. Gabe knew there was little time left. Weak or no, Ally will attack her friends. In fact, leaving all three girls together in such close proximity was carelessly dangerous.

His head snapped up, upon realizing this. Was this what Moira had in plan? Was she hoping to entice Ally to kill her friends and get the High Council involved? No vampires could kill any human without the direct approval of the courts. Gabe sucked in his breath. He knew without a doubt that this was exactly what Moira had in plan. The goons were to keep him, or anyone, from approaching the girls, but in the end, Moira had to get rid of Ally. Exiling her would be the perfect solution.

Moira finished giving her instructions to the goons. Delighted that the slow-brained mercenaries finally understood their tasks, she motioned for the goons to get the girls. None of them put up a fight. Ally was slung over the larger goon’s shoulder and Pam and Trish dutifully allowed them to be dragged again. The group silently marched towards the shack.

Upon watching them walk away, Gabriel immediately pulled out one of his most prized relics. His uncle mentioned to him that they were able to keep it from being confiscated by the Verdons, by lying about its existence. It was a richly jeweled dagger studded with rubies, sapphires and other precious stones that were no longer found in the human realm.

Slowly, he began chanting a few words that were handed down from ancient times. It was necessary for each syllable to be pronounced rightly and correctly. An error in his tone or infliction would alter and produced the wrong spell.  As he finished his chant, he slid the dagger back in to his hilt. An aura engulfed him and suddenly he became one with the elements. He was not translucent, like before, but now completely invisible. It was a very potent spell. If Moira would detect him, than he knew not how to avoid her. Invisible, with his sound and odors masked, he stalked towards the shack.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Merilly. All rights reserved.


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