Chapter 12:

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Chapter Twelve

November 4th

2:33 AM

Ally was slowly starting to lose hope. It was becoming difficult for her to disguise her despair. She knew that she had less than 24 hours to stop Moira from marrying Benedict, but to her horror, she no longer truly cared about the forthcoming event. All she was obsessed about was the blood running through the veins of her friends. She feared that she would no longer be able to fight her cravings.

 As the goons shoved them inside the shack, Ally realized that the quarters were in worse shape than she imagined. It was a small, highly neglected, one-room house.  Mercifully, it was heated with a small stone fireplace. All the furniture aside from the broken wooden chairs, which littered the floor, had probably been removed a long time ago. It was also apparent that the grass was swallowing the house from within.

Moira walked over to the corner of the room and hunched over a pile of rope. Unlike everything else here, the heap seem quite new, as if someone had recently placed it in the cabin. The idea struck Ally. Did Moira order someone to drop off the bundle of ropes? How many people were involved in this scheme? Geez Louise! Did she not worry that someone could alert the authorities? Ally was baffled on how fearless Moira was. It could only mean that her family had powerful ties and the only wildcard in her plans was Gabriel or Benedict finding them.

As she finished examining the ropes, Moira headed towards the single post that held and supported the cabin.  At the center of the room, the sturdy post was the last strong piece of timber located inside the fragile lodging.

“Tie them up around this post.” Moira indicated to the goons. “Make sure they’re strapped up tightly altogether.”

Pam and Trish gasped. Did Moira really intend to tie them so closely together? In Ally’s state of mind? It was a ludicrous!

“I refuse to be in such close proximity with my friends!” Ally shouted, terrified by the idea.

Moira laughed. “What makes you think that you have any say in this?”

“Then you have to feed me!”

Moira tilted her head mockingly, “I don’t think so.” She hissed softly.

“Moira, please, Ally’s thirst for blood is too great. She might inadvertently hurt us.” Trish pleaded.

Ally knew how uneasy both of her friends felt around her. Though she tried her best to keep her cravings at bay, their human instincts had to be kicking in. Every time Ally glanced in their direction, unbeknown to them, she realized they would quickly return her stare. She knew they could feel her threat to them. Yet, Moira was willing to risk their lives. Why?

“You cannot do this!” Ally snarled.

Moira shrugged. “I can and I will. You see, if you decide to consume your friends, and let us face it, you will in the end, than perhaps you would take care of the little evidence against me. It is illegal to slaughter humans without permission, so by killing Pam and Trish, you will be tried and arrested, or live your life in exile. Either way, you will never bother Benedict and me again. We will finally be the most powerful couple in our realm, like it was meant to be.”

Ally’s heart sank at this revelation. She could not deny that all of this was well thought out. Of course, she would eventually give in to her cravings. She was already on the verge of committing the act. She was too weak to fight off the goons and escape. Her friends lacked the inhumane strength needed to flee their captors.  If Gabriel or Benedict did not come soon to their rescue, than all was lost and Moira will have won.

 Once again, Moira shouted her command to the goons, who hastily tried to tie up the girls.

The three of them attempted to fight the goons off with everything they had, but it was to no avail. The mercenaries easily plucked the girls from the floor and quickly tied all three of them together. Pam, Trish and Ally struggled but could not free themselves. They were roped tightly and closely side by side.

“Good.” Moira said, satisfied with the goons’ work. “Keep an eye on them.”

In a low, guttural voice, the larger goon spoke. “What if an intruder should come to aid them?”

Moira stuck her hand inside her hoodie’s pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “You see this picture? Do NOT kill this man. Restrain him fast and call me on this cell phone. Kill anyone else.” She instructed as she handed the device to the goon.

“Will do, mistress.”

Moira turned to the girls and smiled. “I’m so sorry but I cannot stay any longer. My big day awaits! See you soon.” She waved as she walked out the door.

Silence descended upon the room. The goons, making the most of their time, played diced in the corner of the room, hooting and laughing at their game. They even enjoyed a few drinks. Ally was distressed. She was so close to blood. She could hear the sanguine fluid as it gushed through the veins of her friends. She listened as their hearts pumped the fresh, warm liquid into their vital organs. Her mouth watered. No! She would not attack them. She loved Pam and Trish. They were closer to her than any sister would have been. In pure agony she howled, knowing it would be only a matter of moments before she sunk her fangs into one of them.


Gabriel stopped dead in his tracks. He heard the awful howl. Ally was caving. She could no longer fight the battle. Shit! He needed more time! Panicked, he knew he had to act fast or else he could lose her, his mate. He would not allow it. He could not permit his true match to die. However, Ally’s hunger was too great; she would not be able to help herself.

Quickly and stealthy, Gabe moved towards the shack. He crept towards the cabin’s single window and spied within. The three girls were tied closely together near a recently installed fireplace. Gabe was shock. What the hell was going on? Was this some sort of a joke? Moira, that conniving little bitch, was pushing Ally to the edge. It was a real wonder how Ally still managed not to plunge her fangs into one of them.

How could Ally stand it? Gabriel wondered. He knew that newly transformed vampires had a hard time controlling their hunger. It would take several blood bags to quench their thirst, especially if there was no human flesh to spare. Here she was, hungry, sitting inches away from her close friends.

Gabriel spotted the goons at the opposite side of the room, drinking and playing with dice. Moira was nowhere in sight. He checked his watch and smiled. Moira must have returned to her estate. If he could get the girls out of this cabin, he might have enough time to stop the wedding.

Gabriel could cast a spell in the goons’ drinks. A potent sleeping spell would do the trick. With his relics, it would easily be possible. Finally! It seemed that Lady Luck was finally smiling in his direction. It was about damn time, too. Could it be that he was finally within reach to expose the Verdons?

Without a moment to lose, he reached for his relic inside his pack. He withdrew a small yellowish stone, etched with ancient runes. Ah, he had not used this stone in ages, but it felt good in his hands. He felt its power growing inside his palms.

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.”

Gabe spun around and faced Moira. He cursed himself. Had he not let his guard down, he would have sensed her approaching.

Visibly angry, she held a pole arm to his face. Stunned, he noticed that she was not holding any ordinary pole arm, but the unique Harlan House Halberd! It had gone missing a few millennia ago! Even before the Harlan’s demise. How did she or her family obtain it? HOW!?

“That is not yours to wield.” Gabriel said, motioning at the weapon.

Moira grinned; amused that he noticed her weapon of choice. “How did you find us?”

“None of your fucking business.”

“My father should have exiled the lot of you. Your household is an embarrassment to our realm.”

In a flash, Gabriel backed away from the sharp blade and lunged towards Moira, drawing back his fangs. Moira shrieked and stepped away, raising the butt of the Halberd as she hit Gabriel square in the face.

Gabriel staggered back and slumped to the cold moist ground. Before, passing out he heard Moira’s laughter. “I’m going to make sure you’ll cause no more problems for me, half-bred.”




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Merrill Gemus is an indie writer who creates short stories and novels on her spare time.

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Submitted: August 22, 2011

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