Chapter 2:

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Chapter Two

November 1st

5:41 AM

Ally awoke in a gasp. Dazed and slightly confused, she tried to grasp the fleeting vivid dream that roused her. Something about a screeching banshee and a small bat? Oh, well, it must have been something she ate. She opened her eyes and realized that she was lying face up on a cold, dank floor. Turning over her stomach, she gasped and became aware that she was in …a jail cell? Where the hell am I? She muttered. What happened?!

The room was dimly lit, and slowly her vision was able to make out her surroundings. She sat and confirmed that she was unbelievably inside a jail cell. How did she get here? Was this a drunk tank? No, there was no way she consumed THAT much alcohol! Yet, here she was. In jail... Arrested! Like some criminal! For the first time ever, Ally really hated Halloween. Honestly, what other holiday would cause you to get so massively drunk that you could be arrested WHILE dressed as a vampire? She rested her case.

Ally turned her head left and right, trying to register as much as possible her situation. She seemed to be locked in a small, stony square room, no bigger than the size of a janitor’s closet. The smell of mold, humidity, and rosemary oil assaulted her nostrils. Damn it! Her mother was going to kill her when she found out about this! Ally knew she did some crazy stunts in the course of her life but never had she been arrested before, and without any recollection of it to boot!

As her vision adjusted, she noticed, through the bars, that she was locked inside the last cell of the room. It faced a small hallway, with an impressive metallic door at the end.

Her head was throbbing. Her mouth was parched. With shaky hands, she lifted them towards what she assumed would be a large bump at the right side of her temple. She stopped mid-way when she heard the clink of her shackles. What the hell was this? They locked me in this cell and felt the need to shackle me on top of that? She fumed.

As she inspected the chains, she saw two small red punctures glistening on her tiny pale wrist.

All at once, her memory came rushing back to her. That bat-shit crazy woman locked her in here! After practically smashing her skull in, Moira must have imprisoned her while she was knocked out. Geez Louise! She was in a much worst situation than she thought. And Ben? Has he noticed her disappearance? Would he think that she changed her mind and ran away? Desperately, Ally rose to her feet. The chains were long enough to allow her to stand and to walk over to the bars.

“Hello? Anyone?” She whispered urgently.

Ally heard a scuffle coming from the adjacent cell. She turned her head to the right and tried to peer at the bars.

“Ally, is that you?”

Ally’s heart sank. Of all the voices, she was hoping to hear, this was definitely not one of them. The voice belonged to Pam, and Ally remembered what Moira had told her before knocking her out. Yes, Moira said that she took Pam and Trish as hostages. Ally promised herself that if she ever got out of this cell, she was truly going to kick Moira’s ass.

“Yes, Pam. It’s me.”

Trish squealed in delight as Pam sighed in relief. The two were deeply worried when they witnessed Moira dragging an unconscious Ally across the room.  Happy that her friend was alive, Trish squeezed her hands through the bars and reached out to her. The gesture moved Ally. She was nearly brought to tears, but she refused to shed one drop. Once she had avenged the wrong that was done to her and her friends, then, and only then, would she weep for them.

Ally took Trish’s hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Are you o.k.?”

“Yes, we’re fine. What about you?” Trish replied.

“Angry, to say the least… Who brought you here?” Ally asked urgently. She already knew the answer to her question, but she wanted to be positive that no other persons were involved in their predicament.

Pam cleared her throat. “The same woman who brought you: Moira.”

Ally straightened up. “Ok, girls, I need to know everything that has happened since you guys were brought here.”

“Well, after I got your text, saying you up and left with that dude at the bar, Trish and I went looking for you.” Pam said. “You know, you’re absolutely out of your mind to have followed that stranger without telling us where you were going! God, Ally, seriously?” Pam said, truly chafed.

“Pam, it’s not like that. I didn’t mean to put us in danger.”

“Well, here we are, Ally! Who knows when, if ever, we’re getting out!” Pam cried. Trish dropped Ally’s hand and immediately went to Pam’s side to put an arm around her. The two have been dreadfully terrified for Ally since Moira abducted them.

“I’m so sorry, Pam. I swear, if I would have foreseen any of this…”

Pam sighed. What was the point? Though she was upset, she knew there was no reason to make Ally feel any guiltier about their circumstances. Shit happens, and now they needed to figure out what to do next. A problem cannot be resolved if one continues to procrastinate at finding its solution.

“No, it’s okay, Ally. Honestly, I’ve been so worried about you. We both were. I’m just relieved that you’re alive and well.” Pam pressed on. “After we left Flambé, Trish and I searched up and down the streets for you. After an hour, we were finally going to give up, when, out of the blue, a car pulled up right beside us. I never saw this type of vehicle before, so I thought it could be someone who needed directions. As the rear window pulled down, there you were sitting and smiling up at us.”

Ally frowned. “What? That’s impossible.”

“Yeah, we know that now. The fake you asked us to hop in, that you wanted to give us a ride back home. We asked who did the car belonged to, and you simply shrugged.”

“I admit this was probably the first sign we missed.” Trish added.

“At any rate, it was too late. Once the imposter opened the door and we stepped in, there was no way we could have escaped. It was so weird, Ally. I had the same feeling of discomfort that I had for that guy you liked.” She informed.

Ally moved away from their cell. Could they now feel the discomfort from her? “That guy I liked is named Benedict.”

“Well, whatever. By the time Trish and I knew something was off, the doors locked and the fake you transformed into Moira. We tried desperately to get out, but the car sped away and oddly enough, we started to drift into sleep. I think she was chanting a spell but I’m not so sure… Once we came to, we knew Moira was off to get you.”

For a moment, the girls were silent in the small room. Ally wondered if Pam and Trish knew the real reason as to why they were lock inside of here. Did Moira tell them that Ally unintentionally stole her fiancée? No, that would have definitely been their first question.

Ally sat back down on the cold floor. Gosh, this was a mess. She needed to figure out a safe way to get her friends out of here. But, how? Would she be able to negotiate their release with Moira?

“Ally?” Pam asked.


“I didn’t want to bring this up, but I thought that you should know that this Moira chick isn’t well. Bluntly speaking, she’s downright crazy.” Pam laughed. “Do you know what she told us? That woman actually believes she is a vampire! Crazy, right?”

Ally only groaned in reply.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

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