Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Three

November 1st

6:16 AM

Great, just great, Ally thought to herself. Moira told her friends that she was a vampire. Ally wanted to be the one to inform her friends of the reality of things. Of what Ben was and what she was turning out to be. She wanted to state to Pam and Trish that things were getting quite weird in their small city, and that it would be in their best interest if they could keep a very open mind.

Yet, Moira had beaten her to it. Her friends already thought that their abductor was crazy. Pam and Trish would never believe in vampires! Gosh, how was Ally to explain what was really going on? Hell, Ally barely believed it herself!

Sitting in her cold cell, her costume torn in numerous places, she realized that Moira must have been stalking Ben ever since he postponed their nuptials. Obviously, Moira was aware that he must have been more aggressive in his search for his mate. Determined, she would not have let any human stand in her way. As soon as Moira learnt that Ally was indeed Ben’s mate, she laid her trap and kidnapped her.

Ally cursed herself for being on that stupid balcony. Why did she felt the need to leave Benedict’s side? He told her that she was in danger. Wouldn’t that proclamation be enough to keep her near Ben? Still, even if she stayed beside him, and was never taken away, Moira would still have held Pam and Trish as hostages. Why did she have to abduct her friends? Wasn’t this creepy dungeon with its iron shackles enough? But, Ally knew the answer to that question. It wasn’t. Ally would have found any and every way possible to escape. She would have been damned to allow Moira to marry Benedict; to have their marriage officiate by the high councils. But, what now? What was she to do about her friends?

Ally smiled weakly to herself. That bitch knew exactly how to keep her in check. Though her chains and shackles would never have been enough to prevent Ally from trying to flee out of this prison, the lives of her friends undeniably were. The stakes were too high. She could not imagine risking their livelihoods.


Trish became restless under Ally’s silence. She assumed that Pam’s “vampire” comment pushed Ally to the edge. Gosh, why were they here? Who exactly was Moira? Trish asked herself these questions over and over again. It made no sense; it was as if Moira had a vendetta against them. But, a vendetta over what?

“Ally, are you ok? You’ve been pretty quiet.” Trish asked.

“Yeah, Ally, don’t be afraid. Moira is not really a vamp... just a lunatic,” Pam added, nervous that she might have upset Ally with her news. Trish glared at her. As if, Moira being a lunatic was any better! Good grief!

“Are you sure, Pam? Look, I don’t know what she is or isn’t, but how do you suppose she was able to transform herself?” Trish asked.

Pam was visibly shocked. “So being a vampire is the logical reason?”

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. What other explanation can it be?”

“Ever heard of David Copperfield? He could fly, you know.”

“What?! So it makes logical sense to assume that Moira is a magician?” Trish demanded.

“I’ll take magician over a vampire any day of the week!” Pam retorted.

As the two bicker over the plausible reason as to what Moira was, Ally realized that now would be a good time to set both of them straight. Things were only about to get weirder, and she should take this opportunity to explain what was going on before Moira showed her face. Or, before Ally was completely transformed…

Looking down at her wrist, Ally gazed at her punctured wounds. The small red dots glowed on her delicate pale skin.

God, Ben, where are you? Ally was disturbed how much she missed and needed him. Would she ever see him again? How long had she been apart from him?

For god’s sake, get a grip, Ally! She chastised herself. She was no damsel in distress and she knew how to take care of herself. She just needed a game plan. Wallowing and wishing would get her nowhere. Her friends depended on her and so did Ben.

“Would you two quiet down?” Ally yelled.

The room fell silent. Ally was not used to yelling at her friends, but now it was time for action. They needed to be united against Moira. Bickering was futile.

“Ok, you two are going to listen to me. We are in grave danger. I mean it! We are in deep shit.”

“Okay…How so?” Pam asked.

“Because Moira IS a vampire!”

“What! Ally, vampires do not exist! It’s Halloween for crying out loud! It’s a stupid costume!” Pam exclaimed.

“No, Pam, you’re wrong. She is a full-fledge vampire! They exist, I can assure you.”

“How can you be so sure?” Pam demanded.

“Because Benedict is one as well.”

Both girls gasp immediately upon hearing this. So far, this was not exactly how Ally planned to tell her friends about her new love. She was hoping that she would have had more time, and preferably not within the walls of a prison. Everything turned so sour.

“I knew it!” Pam exclaimed. “Didn’t I tell you that something was off with him?”

“God, Pam, he’s a good guy. Forget all the crap that we read in books or saw in movies. It’s all lies!”

“Oh, really? Then what the fuck are we doing here?!”

Ally was taken aback. Shit, did Pam really just cuss her off? Ok, things were totally getting out of control. Ally pondered how to get things back on a better foot.

“Girls, he isn’t the reason why we’re locked here. Moira is the one who imprisoned us.”

“Whatever, Ally. This is getting all too weird for me. You’re probably just mistaken... or drunk out of your mind.” Pam replied sourly.

“No, I was not drunk or have I mistaken anything. Newsflash: you two had better start believing me and listening to what I’m telling you. Things are only going to get worst before we can get ourselves out of this mess.”

Again, all three were quiet. Pam and Trish just received a wallop of information, and right now, it was time for an intermission. Ally decided to give them a few minutes to digest what they just learnt.

Whether they believed her or not, Ally had to come up with a plan. She needed to know just how much time she had. Being locked where she was, did not give her any indication of time. It could have been a full 24 hours since she was knocked out. Perhaps more. Where was Moira? Why hasn’t she come yet? Was she with Benedict? The idea of her with Ben, beside him, talking to him, made Ally grit her teeth.

“Well, I, for one, will consider what you said, Ally.” Trish replied.

Thank God, Ally thought.

Pam cleared her throat. “Ok, let’s say I’ll entertain this crazy notion. If Moira is a vampire, then what does she want with us?”

“Well, if you think they are going to drink our blood, than you’re wrong.” Ally replied.

Both girls sighed in relief. Apparently, this was exactly what they were thinking.

“So, do you think we’ll make it out alive?” Pam asked.

“Yes.” Ally returned. “In short, Moira locked us here so she could marry Ben without any interference from me. I assume she threw you two in the mix as collateral. With both of you here, I dare not do anything foolish.”

“Let me get this straight.” Pam said. “The only reason we’re locked in here is to prevent Moira’s marriage from getting annulled?”


“And once Moira and Benedict are married, we’ll be freed?” Pam asked.

“I can’t see why not.” Ally said.

Pam and Trish stared at one another and squealed excitedly!

“Oh, thank goodness! I thought we were goners!” Trish exclaimed happily.

“Wait a minute.” Pam interjected. “This really doesn’t explain why we need to be locked up. Unless she is one of the most jealous women—err, I mean, vamp lady on this planet, did she really have to go to such lengths? I mean, honestly, Ally, you barely know Benedict. How can you be such a threat in her eyes?”

Ally sighed. “Well, the problem is that Ben has zero intention of marrying Moira now. In fact, he and I, err, had sex and, um, kind of bonded.”

“What?!” Both girls cried in unison.

“You slept with him on the first night? Oh, Ally. You know the rules! No sex on the first date! What will he think of you now?” Trish asked.

Pam stared at Trish in disbelief. “To hell with the dating rules! Didn’t you hear what she just said? The marriage might not take place and we could be stuck in here for a long time.”

Trish eyes widened in fear. How long could they possibly be imprisoned in here? Why would Benedict be so quick not to marry his fiancée? Were Ally and he in love? So soon?

Ally cleared her throat. She needed to get their attention back. Though she knew she just dropped a bomb on her friends, she wasn’t quite finished yet. She had to clarify how serious she and Ben were. How things would never ever be the same again.

“Also, um, I’m in mid-transformation and should soon be a full fledge vampire...”

“HOLY SHIT!” Pam and Trish cried.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Merilly. All rights reserved.


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