Chapter 4:

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Chapter Four

November 1st

6:41 AM

Benedict stared absentmindedly out the window of his parent’s library. His mind was too preoccupied to appreciate the panoramic view of the gardens laid below. His family’s residence was a three-story, 50-room mansion built between 1897 and 1899. It was his most cherished place and he hoped to bring Ally here, once they were officiated.

Remembering his dilemma, Benedict rubbed his jaw. He was nowhere near at finding her than he was a few hours ago. He called some key people from the council, but bureaucracy had a tendency of moving at a snail pace. In addition, he was loath to get too many people involved. He remained unsure as to whom to trust and he did not want anything or anyone to alert the abductor. He turned and faced Gabriel with a solemn look on his face.

Gabe returned his gaze. Though he had never bonded with another, he knew what it was like, to lose someone you love. He pushed himself off the plush leather armchair and walked over to Ben.

When Benedict realized that Ally was missing, Gabe was the first person he tried to contact. He quickly brought his friend up to speed on everything that recently occurred within the last few hours. Ben explained that, as of now, he does not have any leads on her whereabouts or knew the people who were responsible for her disappearance.

Gabe scoffed. “Honestly, man, you don’t have the faintest idea?”

“It’s not her. She’s not involved.”

“Truly? Don’t you find it interesting that out of everyone, she is the only one with a motive?”

“And what motive would that be?”

“To get married to you! She probably figured out that you met your mate.”

“For the last time, Gabe, Moira is in Argentina. She is visiting one of her friends as we speak.”

“She’s lying. I bet that she’s nowhere near Argentina.”

Benedict shook his head. Once an idea entered Gabe’s skull, it was hard to get it out. He was truly the most stubborn man he had ever met.

“Gabe, don’t you think that I would have sensed her? After knowing her for all this time, I would have noticed her faintest scent. I can assure you that the smell that I detected was not hers. It belonged to someone else.”

Gabe ran his left hand over his short raven hair, visibly frustrated. Even now, Benedict was astonished that his friend had still managed not to find his mate. Was he doing it on purpose? Human or vamp, Gabe refused to settle down with either kind, which was not easy, since he received numerous offers for dates every week. The man was not even betrothed! Benedict really envied him that part.

Gabriel was not quite sure how Moira could be involved if Benedict failed at detecting her scent. Every vampire carried a unique odor. However, those from the same family had similar scents, but each member had their distinct perfume to separate themselves from each other. Could it be that Moira was able to mask her odor? If so, how did she know of the spell?

“Then who do you suggest it could be?” Gabe questioned.

“That’s what I intend to find out.”

“Do you think it’s possible that Ally changed her mind and left by the balcony?”

“Don’t be a fool. We’re bonded. Trying to be apart from one another would prove to be most difficult.”

“Exactly, and it’s also impossible to break, therefore we can deduct that someone has taken her against her will.”

Benedict slowly nodded his head. Yes, she was taken. Of course, he foreseen this, he knew that it was risky to find his mate, but for Ben, it no longer matter who did what. It was imperative to find Ally so he can assure himself that she was safe. The fact that she was also in transformation made their situation a little trickier.

“Will you assist me, Gabe?”

“Ben, you really needn’t ask. Have I not said, since we were lads, that I would always be by your side no matter what?”

“That was after you stole and broke my wooden train set. You know, I cried for days.”

“Yes, and who was there for you?”


“Indeed. Now, where do you want to go with this? And how far do you want to go?”

Benedict shrugged. “I contacted some officials from the High Counc—“

“Right, well, while you go around in circles, I’ll be questioning the Verdons.” Gabe interrupted.

Impatiently, Benedict glared at his friend.

“If you think that I’ll allow you to harass Moira and her family, let me disabuse you from that notion right now.”

The last thing Benedict needed was to upset Moira, who he knew was not involved one way or another. How could she, who was thousands of kilometers away, have known about Ally? She had been visiting her friend for two weeks now.

“I’m telling you, she’s involved!”

“Gabe, what exactly do you have against the Verdons’ House? Why do you have such a grudge against Moira and her family?”­­

Gabe smirked. How many times had he heard this question? It would have been so easy for him to tell Benedict, to have shared his pain with someone who might understand. To expose the Verdons for what they truly were. But, not today. It could wait. Someone dear to Ben was depending on both of them to get a move on.

He walked across the room. As he reached the door, he shot over his shoulder, “All in due time, my friend.”

Benedict was getting mighty tired of hearing that response.


After Gabriel’s departure, Benedict resumed pacing the lavishly garnished room. He felt helpless, and it annoyed him to no end. With every minute that passed, Ben became more restless and fearful. He knew what could happen to Ally if she was not properly taken cared for during her first few several hours as a vampire.

Maybe it was wrong. The tome he plucked from his father’s ancient library could have had errors. Vampire and human interbreeding was a rare occurrence and little documentation was done on the subject. To make matters worse, most of what was documented was written in the Old Language. Who knew if what was translated was even correct. Perhaps, he was making a bigger deal about this than he should. However, Benedict was never much of a risk taker for the things that were important to him.

Damn it, he muttered softly, taking a seat in the armchair that Gabe once preoccupied. He closed his eyes and tried to focus, tried to reach out to Ally and locate her whereabouts. He allowed his senses to spread outwards, to expand beyond its limit to connect with his mate. Once a vampire bonded with another, the pair shared a unique connection. An ability to sense the other’s presence, emotions, and even, in some rare occasions, to know what they were thinking. However, Benedict was not certain that he could attempt a connection with a transformed vampire. Nowhere was it written that they would be able to share this talent. Yet, he had to try.

Shutting everything out, he concentrated on Ally. Ben squeezed images of her beautiful face, of her intoxicating scent, of the feel of her velvety skin and the taste of her sweet lips. He shook with intensity as he tried to stay focused; he pried, poke and tried his hardest to reach Ally, but he kept hitting a black solid wall. Try as he might, he was unable to connect with her. Was it simply because Ally was not pureblooded, therefore could not be reached, or was someone purposely preventing Benedict from connecting with her? If it was the latter, how were they capable of doing such a thing?

Ben stood and walked over to call an old friend. He needed to confirm what he read earlier was correct, and if it was possible to block a signal. If anyone would be able to give him some advice and answers, it would be the former Historian Archivist from the High Council.

As he was about to pick up the phone, it rang. Puzzled, he picked it up and held it to his ear, listening.

It was Moira.


Submitted: August 22, 2011

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