Chapter 5:

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Chapter Five

November 1st

7:41 AM

Benedict was glad to hear from Moira. Despite what Gabe thought, he was sure that she had nothing to do with Ally’s disappearance. He was absolutely convinced. He remained unsure about her father and the rest of the Verdons’ family, but Moira truly wanted him to be happy. She was like this ever since they were kids.

Eight decades ago, while they were strolling the grounds of his parent’s estate, Benedict confessed to Moira that he wanted to find his mate. Initially, he thought this revelation would upset her. Her family was looking forward to the union. Benedict recalled her father proudly announcing that the two powerful households in their realm would finally be reunited. Instead, he was surprised when she smiled at him, resting her right hand softly on his arm.

“Benedict, you know that I love you like a cherished brother. Nothing would please me more than to see you happy.” She kissed him softly on his lips. She tasted so sweet. She whispered that it was all right and that she would wait for him if ever he were to be unsuccessful in his search. Benedict was mildly surprise how he almost decided that perhaps Moira would make a better mate than any other women.

Recently, Moira even became inspired with Benedict’s dedication and started reading up on vampire and human interrelationships. She told Ben, unbeknownst to her own family, that she, too, was trying to seek her match. It was for this reason why she went to visit her friend in Argentina. Moira was certain that in order to find one’s mate, it was important to visit every major city in the world. To increase one’s odds, she said cheerfully. Benedict remembered how amused he was when he saw the maps of places she visited and would soon go.

“Hi, Benny!” Moira greeted with gusto. Ben irked. He hated that childhood nickname she imposed on him, but never really bothered to correct her. Now was not the time to talk about it.

“Moira.” Benedict replied coolly. Should he broach the topic of his missing fiancée?

The decision was taken out of his hands when Moira started chatting about her Argentinean friend, Anabella, and how she managed to get pregnant with her true-blooded husband.

Benedict sighed inwardly. He was glad to receive this confirmation. Moira was not in town or in the country when Ally was kidnapped. He would not have to face and probably destroy one of his closest friends since childhood. A huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

“You wouldn’t believe how happy she looks. I’m thinking of planning another visit next month. You should come! Argentina is such a beautiful place…”


Moira frowned at his comments. It was rather lackluster. She realized that perhaps something was wrong. If she didn’t know any better Benedict seemed distant.

“What’s wrong, Benny? You seem distracted.”

Benedict smiled. It was funny, how well Moira could sense his moods without being bonded to him. If he never had met Ally, Moira would have made an excellent wife. She was considerate to his needs, even though she should be putting her efforts on another man.

“Nothing, Moira, I guess I have a few things on my mind.”

“Well, let’s hear it. You know it’s not good to bottle things up.”

“I found her.”

“Her? Oh, my God, do you mean your match?” She asked bewildered.


“Really?!” Moira laughed happily. “I can’t believe it! And just in a nick of time! Wow, Ben, that’s wonderful.”

Benedict stared out the window. The first rays of sunlight were breaking through the sky. Daybreak, so soon? He turned away from the awakening landscape. He would not torture himself by remembering that a new day would begin without Ally. He turned his full attention to the conversation he was having with his fiancée.

“Thanks, Moira. I knew you would share in my joy.”

Benedict was not surprised by Moira’s reaction. It was just as he expected; she was thrilled and excited for him. Where did Gabe get off blaming her? What was his obsession with the Verdons Household? Ben reminded himself that he would have to get to the bottom of this. He was getting afraid that his friend needed some dire help before his fixation got out of hand.

“Listen, Benny, should I announce the news to daddy? Maybe if I were to let it down to him gently, he won’t have a complete mental breakdown.”

“No, Moira, not yet. Let’s keep this between us for now.”

“But Benny, the wedding is in THREE days! We need to get it annulled before it’s too late.”

Benedict was well aware of the time crunch he was in. He leaned back against the window, shaking his head.  If he did not find Ally before the wedding date, than he would have no choice but to marry Moira.

“Our wedding will continue to take place as planned.”

She gasped. “Why?”

Benedict narrowed his eyes. Had Moira lost interest in marrying him? Did she manage to find her own mate? Was there someone else in the picture? Ben shook himself. What did it matter, anyway? Even if she was against their union, it was not as if she had any choice in the matter. None of them did.

“Look, Moira, I have a lot of things to deal with at the moment. As of now, my mate is missing and I haven’t the faintest idea where she is. If I can’t find her in 3 days, than I’m afraid that I will have to move on without her.”

Moira was silent for a while. “Gosh, do you think daddy is involved in this?”

“I verified his whereabouts and he was working on a few urgent cases at the High Court yesterday.”

“Oh, good.” She replied, relieved that her father had an alibi. “Oh, Benny, I’m so sorry to hear about this. What rotten luck! Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Keep your eyes open. If you hear anything about a morphed named Ally or Alice, call me ASAP.”

“You got it!”

Benedict hung up the phone and returned his gaze to his family’s grounds. The sun was fully out and the land was wide-awake. The weather, blissfully ignorant to Benedict’s state of affairs, did not bother to match his mood. The bright cloudless sky promised a day full of warmth and fun. Bitterly, Benedict wished he could block the sun. Darkness was all he could tolerate right now. He wondered if he was doomed to a life of gloom without Ally. If time ran out and he had to wed Moira, would he eventually, once again, find the light in his life?

Shrugging, he knew better than to procrastinate with pitiful questions. He frowned and mulled over the conversation he recently had with Moira. She mentioned Anabella and her pregnancy. Anabella, one of the most beautiful Argentinean vampires he had ever seen. It seem like only a few days ago, he saw her and asked how she was doing now that she moved back to Argentina.

In fact, it WAS a few days ago. He saw her at the high court. Anabella was applying for some sort of document before passing in front of his office. Her exotic beauty and the darker tinge of her skin always took Benedict aback. Smiling, she mentioned how she was excited to be in town for the Halloween festivities.

Benedict whirled around and stared at his phone. How could Moira have seen Anabella, if she was here in town? More importantly, why would Moira fabricate such a lie? Was it a slip of the tongue? Did she mean to name someone else?

“You’re acting paranoid. Don’t let Gabe influence you.” Benedict whispered to himself.

Still… Something was not sitting right. Benedict decreed that it would not hurt to look further into matters.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

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