Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Six

November 1st

?:?? ?M

Ally was getting restless. It seemed that they have been locked in this cell forever. God, she wished she were wearing a watch. It was difficult to determine how many hours have passed since she awoke from unconsciousness. Plus, who knew how long she was out.

However, to make matters worse, she knew that she needed something. Something, she refused to admit wholeheartedly to herself. With each and every moment, she felt weaker, sicker and more tired than ever. Do vampires even get tired? Don’t they stay up all night chasing humans around, she asked herself. Instantly, she imagined herself in the woods running after human prey. Hmmm, warm, bloody humans— No! She shook herself. She did not need it. It will pass, she reassured herself. It was probably just the transformation making it seem that she was hungrier than she felt. Yet, no matter how hard she tried to push those morbid thoughts out of her mind, Ally realized that the cravings would not go away.

She wondered if her friends were hungry. How long have they been in here? She guessed longer than she did, since her friends watched as Moira dragged her to the cell. They probably have not eaten since last night. Geez, if only she had some candy bars with her. All of a sudden, a thought came into her mind. Was Moira planning to starve them all to death? Dreadfully, she had a vision of Pam and Trish. They were famished, dehydrated, and waiting for death to take them. Ally cringed.

More than ever, she wanted to break down the iron bars that were confining her and hug her friends. But, would they let her? After revealing herself as a vampire, her friends fell silent. She heard them scuffle in their cell, but conversation definitely came to a halt. How she wished they were not here. Both should be waking up in their own apartments, looking forward to what the day was going to bring. Not dreading yet another encounter with a vampire. Ally hated this. She wasn’t going to allow it. The second Moira decided to grace them with her damn appearance; she was going to ask her to let her friends go. No matter what the cost.

Pam finally broke the lengthy silence. If they were to be locked in this dungeon, Pam wanted to get all the facts straight. What had been done was done. There really was no use crying over spilt milk. Plus, the sooner they come up with some sort of a plan the better. If Ally was truly a vampire, than she must have some super power. Pam was convinced of this notion.  If Moira could morph herself into whomever she liked, than Ally must be able to do something cool, too. Hopefully, something really useful. Like laser beams, permitting her to carve out a hole so they could escape this dungeon!

“Ally, are you certain that you’re, um, a vampire?” Pam inquired.


“D-Did he, like, bite you?”

Ally smiled, amused by Pam’s question. Leave it to Pam to conjure images of Ben sinking his sharp, lethal fangs on her small, fragile neck. Good grief! She probably thought that an obscene amount of blood gushed out of her jugular, presumably to be lapped up by him. Did Pam think Ben was some bloodsucking bastard who transformed her against her will? Ally groaned. Wasn’t this how it was always depicted on the silver screen? Well, Ally was no damsel in distress, and she was certainly no victim. She made her choice. She wanted this.

She straightened up within her cell and began telling how things truly occurred. She told her friends how she unabashedly stalked Benedict from Flambé. How she spied on him while he did a secret gesture to enter a private pub called The Silver Bullet.

Trish sucked in her breath. “Wait, you were stalking him?” She asked in a disapproved tone. “Were do you get such crazy ideas?”

Ally wondered the same thing. “I know it seems a bit out there, but it was like I was being pulled by a strong force. I really can’t explain it, but turning around wasn’t an option for me.”

“Love at first sight?” Trish suggested.

Pam rolled her eyes. “More like lust at first sight, if you ask me.”

Ally shrugged. It could be lust but she had a deep feeling it was more than that. She decided to continue with her story and explained how she encountered a real life Banshee. Again, it took some time for her friends to come around with this new tidbit of information.

Yes, Banshees also exist in this world.

No, she had no idea what other mythical creature they could meet next.

Pam was astounded by her story. Vampires and Banshees? Would Santa Claus make an appearance as well? She snorted. Despite all the dangers, she could not believe that Ally continued to follow Benedict. Could infatuation this intense exist? She thought this kind of passion was fictional. Something that was made-up for girls who were bored with their mundane lives. Was it even safe? By the way she was describing him, it seemed that Ally was addicted to Benedict. God! Pam wanted to shake Ally until her teeth rattled.

“Honestly, Ally, I would have dropped the chase after meeting that banshee. Even so, you continued to follow him. Why? You don’t even fucking know him.”

Ally narrowed her eyes. The last thing she needed was a lecture from her shortsighted friend. Perhaps, their relationship started on the wrong foot, but she knew what Ben and her shared was real. Was it absurd? Hell, yes. Can she deny the feelings she had for Ben? No. A BIG resounding NO. Sometimes life worked out that way.

“I know it sounds and looks crazy, but you know what? I do not care! My only regret was getting you two involved.” Ally replied.

“So, um, how exactly did he turn you?” Trish asked sheepishly. She was not sure if she was ready to hear it, but might as well get all the facts out.

Ally blushed and bit her lower lip. Being turned by Benedict was probably the most intimate and exciting experience, she had ever felt. If she had to relive that moment again, she would do so with no hesitation.

“Well, just so we’re clear, Ben didn’t force his hand on me. In fact, on many occasions, he offered to take me home.”

She began by telling the girls how Ben had been searching for his human mate for centuries. How despite being in an arranged marriage, he was determined to spend the rest of this long life with someone he loved. That night, at Flambé, he found her. It was Ally Korman.

At first, Ally knew that he did not trust his luck. Perhaps, he thought it was a fluke. It was Halloween after all; maybe he concluded that Ally did not know that he was a real vampire. Maybe he concluded that she was intoxicated. Either way, Benedict was determined to test Ally, and he did so by leaving the bar. He knew that no human would willingly follow a vampire, unaware of it or not, unless she was truly mated for him.

Once they reached The Silver Bullet, Benedict had the confirmation he needed. He watched as she strolled across the floor to meet him. Suddenly, she was yanked away from him. A screaming Banshee warned her to stay away from the man she was following. Confused, Ally tried to get away from her but she was too strong. Incredibly, she was slowly being dragged away… until Benedict showed up and stopped her.

Ally opted to omit the part when he gave the Banshee red welts on her arm; she thought her friends had enough on their plate.

She went on to explain how he drove his slick, black mustang to his condominium, and once at his place, Benedict told her about his people and their history. She admitted that she thought he was joking around. Surely, he was one of the best role-playing actors in town. However, he proved to be different.

“How?” Trish asked.

“He made me see a vision, but that’s a story for another time.”

Ally pressed on. She was alarmed at how tired she felt. She hoped to get to the end of her tale before she collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. She told them that Benedict eventually asked to be his mate and that she accepted. She deliberately skipped over the details of their lovemaking. She kept it concise. She was afraid that if she had to re-live those moments, without being sure that she would see him again, it would undo her. She needed to stay strong and focused.

“Finally, when we both climaxed, he pierced my wrist with his fangs.”

Trish gasped, concerned. “Did it hurt?”

“It’s not as bad as you’re making out to be. Honestly, it was pure bliss.”

“How do you feel now?” Trish questioned.

Before Ally had the chance to say how tired and depleted she was feeling, the metallic door at the end of the hall flew open. Ally heard the muffled cry of Trish and the gasp of Pam.

Instantly, Ally stood and tried to peer through the dim light. Was it Moira? If so, she had a huge bone to pick with her. As she focused harder, narrowing her eyes, the room became clearer, lighter. Ally smiled smugly. Night vision? Awesome! I’m fucking superwoman.

A silhouette started to form, and to her delight, it was Moira. Finally! She was garbed in a casual manner: Hiking boots, tight-fitting black jeans, topped with a black hoodie. Her platinum massive curls were enviously tied up into a high ponytail. Her eyes held the same expression as the last time she saw her: disdain, disapproval, and a hint of jealousy.

Ally did not care and no longer wanted to play nice. She needed to know what time (or day!) it was. It was important that she knew how long she had been locked here. How much time had she before their wedding? She also wanted to let Moira know that she made a big mistake and should free her and her friends RIGHT NOW!

As if reading her mind, Moira passed by Pam and Trish’s cell, and headed straight for Ally’s compartment. Standing in front of her cell, the two women stared at one another. Without saying a word, they had a brief conversation:

- I didn’t want to lock you in here, but you left me no choice.

- You’re insane, you know that, right?

- He belongs to me.

- He doesn’t love you. He loves me.

- Irrelevant.

- He’ll find me.

- It’ll be too late.

- He won’t marry you!

- He has no choice.


- Not until I am wedded to him.

Ally turned away from her. How was she going to get out of here? Would it really be too late when Benedict found her? What did Moira mean about “He had no choice”? Plus, how the hell did Ally manage to have that type of discussion?

Moira tilted her head and watched Ally. This was not good. Alice was stronger than she assumed. Shit! Moira spent the last few hours trying to discern the risks of jailing a newly transformed vampire. With what little information she found on the subject, she realized that they could be erratic, hungry, and homicidal. Ally seemed to have her emotions in checked. Odd. Moira was hoping to see a frantic animal jailed within that cell.

“How are you feeling, Alice? Be honest, now.” She asked sweetly.

Without turning, Ally ignored her.

“How’s the bump? I did hit you quite hard.”

Ally turned and snarled at Moira, revealing fully developed fangs.

“Oh.” Moira muttered. Shit! Her fangs were developed! Was she fully transformed? That’s impossible! Quickly, she masked her face from the horror she just witnessed. Better, she not realized how fearful she was about this whole situation.

“You know, Alice, this isn’t my fault. If you were not such a whore to sleep with a stranger, none of this would have ever happened. Why didn’t you heed the advice of your good friends?”

“Fuck you, lady.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s your area of expertise. If you hadn’t felt the urge to sneak off and seduce Benedict, all of you would be home right now.”

“I hate to break it to you, but it’s only a matter of time before Ben puts two and two together and realizes that you’re my abductor!”

Moira laughed. Unlike the first time, it was melodious. It sounded like wind chimes tinkling in the breeze.

“Do you think I have not come prepared? Oh, wait! Are you assuming that this is some rushed, random act? Dearest Alice, I did my homework. I have the perfect alibi. At this very moment, Benedict thinks that I, too, am looking for my human mate in Argentina!” She laughed again.

“Maybe you should.”

Moira scowled, not appreciating the rebuke. “Though I do not like you, I will care for you and your friends. A servant should be in here shortly to serve to your needs.”

“What about me? I don’t feel like having scrambled eggs right now.”

“Oh? What does the missus fancy?”


Pam and Trish gasped in horror. Shit! They could have really gone without knowing that, Ally thought.

Moira was beaming. She liked the look of shame on Ally’s face. Good. She did not want to deal with a heartless, avenging monster. If she still cared about her friends, she was not a threat… yet.

“I’m sorry, but we just ran out.” Moira said as she approached the bars of her cell. “Besides,” she whispered, “you won’t be getting a drop under my watch.”

“Why not?”

Moira ignored her question, and sauntered off towards the exit.

“Wait,” Pam cried, “when are you going to free us?”


“He’ll never marry you! He’s bonded to me!” Ally shouted.

“Benedict has responsibilities that he cannot disregard.” Moira replied, turning to leave the chamber.

“Where are you going?!” Ally cried.

“To celebrate, my dear.”

Submitted: August 22, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Merilly. All rights reserved.


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