Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Seven

November 2nd

5:53 PM

A day had passed since the disappearance of Ally. Not a sighting had been seen; not a word from her had been heard. Gabriel was at a total loss. After leaving Benedict’s presence, he went straight to Flambé and The Silver Bullet to get some answers. He received no leads, not even one measly clue.

He decided to hire some investigators, but they, too, turned up without any information over Ally’s abduction. He met with a few people, who saw the Banshee that accosted Ally, but no one knew the woman personally and his investigators were unsuccessful at relocating her.

Goddamnit, people don’t just disappear out of thin air, he growled. She was in mid-transformation for crying out loud, how can she go unnoticed? Squeezing his eyes shut, he realized that he now had 48 hours before Benedict got married to that witch.

Gabe, without any doubt, knew that Moira was somehow involved. As his uncle used to say, if they didn’t pull the trigger, they definitely bought the ammunition. And, yes, Moira bought a shit load of ammunition for this gun. He was tired of standing around; he wanted answers from her family. He initially sent his investigators to question them, but one by one, they were all turned away. Ultimately, he tried his hands at getting an interview himself, but the family declined once again. His presence was now officially prohibited on their grounds.

When he asked why they were not being cooperative, they simply stated that since this disappearance was not a High Court official matter, they saw no reason in divulging any information. When asked to humor him, they replied that they had better things to do; like prepare for their only child’s wedding.

The household had a myriad of excuses. They knew very well that it was impossible for Benedict to officiate the matter, because it would take too long to commence the process. Vampires, unlike humans, never go missing. It’s unheard of. If they were to disappear, it would be to go into exile. There was no department of officials that Ben or Gabe could count on to react immediately. All in all, this was very convenient for the Verdons Household. A little too convenient.

When Gabriel briefed Benedict over his lack of findings over the phone, Benedict expressly told Gabe not to go lurking on the Verdons’ property without proper consent. This isn’t some damn tea party, Ben! I don’t need their consent nor do I want to give them time to hide your fiancée, he barked. Benedict asked him not to make things more complicated than they already were. As of now, Gabe had no proof that the Verdons were even remotely entangled in Ally’s kidnapping.

In the end, Gabe reluctantly agreed and ended their conversation. Benedict was going through so much that Gabe did not need to add to his grief and anger. But what was he to do? He was now between a rock and a hard place. The Verdons were refusing to cooperate and somehow Moira constantly managed to escape his attempts to question her.

From the hill he was standing on, he reopened his eyes and stared down at the Verdons’ estate. It was dusk, and very soon, he would be able to patrol the area unnoticed. The sight of the immense, turn of the century mansion pained him. He remembered running down its corridors and playing hide and seek in its many rooms.

Now, one of his most beloved Household’s possessions belonged to Moira’s family. He would not get over it; he could not. Their blackmails, their lies and, their manipulations have ruined his family’s name within the social circle. They lost nearly everything. But, was it enough? No, it’s never enough with that lot. While they gained wealth and power, other families became poor and outcasts. Gabe was all too aware of this. His family suffered greatly.

He hunched down and waited for the sun to set. “Sorry, Ben, but I’ve got a solid hunch and I’m going to abide to it.” He muttered under his breath.

If he could, he would spend the rest of his adult life trying to seek revenge. He would never cease until he exposed the Verdons for the wolves they were. The money-hungry bastards who stopped at nothing to accumulate wealth and power. However, the question was always “How?”

Some of the Verdons clan held important key positions within the High Council. Those with that kind of power could easily influence the outcome of another person’s life. He knew without any doubt that he was considered “dangerous” to their household. Surprisingly, they have not yet considered having him followed. In their eyes, Gabe was nothing more than an annoying mosquito.

To make matters worse, his family felt indebted to theirs. They wholeheartedly believed that they could have lost much more. They still retain the cottage, a few cars and thirty percent of their wealth. Most of the relics were confiscated but they still had a few to live by. The fines accrued could have bankrupted his house, but Janelle, Moira’s mother, took mercy on them. Ironically, what his family did not comprehend was that Vincent was the one who orchestrated their demise. If not for his exiled uncle, Gabe, too would probably feel appreciative and grateful for that foul family.

Samuel Harlan told his nephew that their house was falsely accused and harshly judged. It was rumored that the relics they obtained did not belong to their bloodlines. That somehow, one of their deceased ancestors stole them from another prominent family. Bullshit. When Vincent asked to demonstrate how they obtain the sacred relics, Gabriel’s uncle lost the documentation proving that the Harlans were the rightful heirs. Theft of relics was highly frowned upon their realm. Therefore, they were heavily fined. Samuel, incapable of accepting such punishment, lashed out against Vincent, causing him to lose his left eye. Samuel fled the court and was never to be seen or heard of again.

Now, all Gabriel needed was an opportunity to prove the wickedness of the Verdons, and here it was.

The sun was about to set. Gently, he rolled two smooth rocks between his fingers. He no doubt knew that the Verdons would probably have protected the compound with runes, but perhaps they were cocky enough to believe that no one would dare mess with their family. The times he did visit the estates, he realized that there were no wards guarding it. He was banking on that chance. With the inactive stones lying in his palm, he would be able to perceive it. In little more than a minute, he would be able to go undetected, and would instantly notice if any elements were set up to prevent intruders.

“Now or never, Gabe.”

Under his breath, he whispered a countdown from 30 to zero as the blazing sun disappeared behind the horizon. He smiled, it was now dusk; the perfect time to cast his chant.

Oh, how he wished his uncle was here to see him. Would he be proud? Weary? Excited? Unlike his father, upper officials didn’t cow his uncle, Samuel. To this day, Gabe thought it was a shame how he was unable to conceive any child of his own.

Before reciting his chant, he quickly viewed the landscape. Nothing seemed amiss. He return his regard back to the estate, and noticed that only one room was lit; the dining room. Did Moira have guests? He hoped so. Any distractions, even if it meant more Verdons in his proximity, were gladly welcomed.

He turned his gaze to the tiny, almost concealed window at the bottom right of the mansion. From his memories, it was where the wine cellar would be located. As a child, it was one of his favorite hiding places. He also remembered that it led straight to the jail cell.

Before his clan’s downfall, the Harlan’s were respectable guardians and enforcers. Though the jail had not been used over the millennia, it was a good place to contain newly transformed vampires when thing went awry. It was a sort of buffer zone to ensure that the process went smoothly without any casualties.

A weak flickering light was visible. Torches, he guessed. Why? Would Moira be at the wine cellar now? Or was someone standing guard outside the jail’s door?

Gabe shrugged mentally. Either way, he was not going to find out standing out here. If he was lucky, the grounds will not be protected, he would find Ally safe and sound, figure out a way to get her out, and finally have the proof he needed to take back what was rightfully his household’s possession.

Chanting, he twirled, on his left hand, the two colorful stones between his fingers. He placed his right hand over his left wrist, and painfully felt the metamorphosis take shape. Silently, he endured the changes occurring within his body. After a few minutes, a shell of him and a pile of his clothes laid on the grass. He was now transparent and inhumanely flexible.


Ally could not sleep. Try as she might, she could not get Ben out of her mind. The smell of him and their lovemaking still lingered on her skin. Gross as it sounded, she was convinced that she would never shower again until she was with him. She hated feeling like this. What benefits could it bring? It was almost as if she was giving up. Yet, her mind was too full of thoughts and memories. Blasted, stupid, depressing memories.

Turning over, she stared at the ceiling while she listened to her friends sleep. Their small soft snores and the occasional whimpers from Trish were somewhat comforting. Ally needed both of them to be well rested and alert for tomorrow. Too many hours have passed, and time was no longer on their side. (Geez, when was it?)

Even with everything they had to face, Moira was being quite nice to them. Earlier, she brought fashion and gossip magazines with a cooler full of soft drinks. She arranged that a servant delivered pillows, mattresses and even blankets to their cells. Even a laptop (unfortunately, with no WI-FI connection) was given so they could play games.

Though Ally still hated Moira, she was thankful for her efforts. It was nice that her friends were somewhat comfortable. They even seemed to act less grumpy. The food brought to Pam and Trish was succulent and quite appetizing. When asked why Ally was not being fed, she quickly replied that she felt no hunger while she was in mid-transformation. They seemed to have promptly accepted this explanation.

Moira visited the trio, one last time, before heading out for the night. During this occasion, Ally quietly asked her if she would free Pam and Trish now. Moira stood back and, once again, asked how Ally felt. Ally did not understand what this obsession over her feelings meant.

“I feel fine. Answer my question.”

“I need a form of insurance. If you escape, I’ll kill them.”

“What? I thought vampires were banned from killing humans.”

She gave Ally another icy smile. Translation: How would anyone find out? Ally understood that both of her friend’s lives were in her hands.

It didn’t really matter anyway, because even if she could manage to break free from her chains and flee, she was way too weak. She hated to admit it, but she really needed some blood. She asked Moira prudently on each and every occasion, but all she offered was water, wine or other assortment of drinks. Drinks that wouldn’t quite quench her thirst.

To her horror, she realized that she slowly started to fantasize about drinking Pam and Trish’s blood. It was getting harder for Ally to see them as her friends. She would catch herself picturing them as two blood bags waiting to be pierced by her sharp fangs. The image terrified her. It was also exhilarating. Additionally, she knew her friends were feeling more and more uncomfortable being in the same chamber as her. Thank god, they were not in the same cell!

Ally cringed remembering when Trish actually asked Moira for the guard to stand watch inside the dungeon instead of out. Belatedly, Trish added that she wanted this arrangement just in case she needed to use the restrooms. Right… It truly pained Ally to know that her closest friends were now afraid of her.

Predictably, Moira refused her request and assured loudly to Trish that Ally would not hurt them. That she was securely locked and shackled. Moreover, she added, if anything weird started to happen, all Pam and Trish had to do, was let out a good loud scream, and the guard would rush in.

Ally winced at those words. They hurt more than anything did. First, she took Ben, and now she was alienating her friends by starving her. She could not help how she felt! She just needed some blood!

“Damn you Moira,” Ally muttered, shaking off images of her draining Trish’s blood.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Merilly. All rights reserved.


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