Where We Belong

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Then

Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 28, 2016



Chapter Two

I was fifteen years old, overly naive, and a total virgin the first time I met Cal Cross.

I was dressed unusually sexy for me, thanks to Michelle Leighton, the head cheerleader who had decided in the past couple weeks that I was worth befriending. A skirt that barely covered my butt and the tightest halter top I've ever worn, my hair in a high brunette ponytail, and I looked good that night, but at what cost?

Our first football game had just ended after we beat the other team by two touchdowns, and everyone was having their own little small celebrations in their own groups of friends on the bleachers. The players and cheerleaders, though, we were on the field still. 

"Cal Cross hasn't been able to keep his eyes off you all night," Michelle told me, looking over my shoulder and giving who I could only guess was him a small wave.

I turned around slowly to see if she was telling the truth. She had a way of messing with people, so who was I to think this wasn't one of her little jokes? But true to her word, he stood a few yards away looking at me like ... well, like he wanted me or something. Too shy to stare for too long, I swung my head back around and pretended I imagined it. "No he was not," I told her.

She gave me that mischievous grin she sometimes wore when she was up to something, "Don't look now, but he's coming over here."

My lips formed a frown before I could stop them. Back then, I wasn't the confident girl I had grown into yet (or better put, the bitch I would become). I didn't know that a little mascara and lip gloss could go a long way, or what a difference it made to get your eyebrows threaded every few weeks. And I certainly didn't know what it was like to have more than a three minute converstation with a boy without finding a way out of it.

"Cal," Michelle pushed out her chest and did this weird pouting thing that made guys swoon. "To what to we owe the pleasure of your company, all star?"

He laughed, shaking his head slightly and running his hands through his dark, sweaty hair. It was really hot, that all I could do was stare with my mouth open for a second before I was able to compose myself. Thankfully, he missed that. "Who's your friend?" 

Cal turned to me, and it took me a second to realize that even though he technically asked Michelle the question, I should have answered him. "Rebecca Holbrooke." The last name was totally unnecessary. It wasn't like I was a high-school household name like he or Michelle was.

"Nice to meet you, Rebecca," He held out a hand, and I took it in mine a little too quickly. He held onto me for a little longer than was appropriate for a friendly handshake, but it's not like I cared. Cal Cross was touching me for crying out loud. "You know Jimmy Hoden, right?"

Just that he was right before me on the roll sheet in the two out of six classes we had together this year. Well, and that he was hosting this party at his house after the game because his parents were away on some yearly cruise they never took him on. "Yeah, totally."

He threw me this heartbreakingly handsome smile that seemed to light up his whole face and made my knees weak. "You're coming to his party, right?"

My eyes went wide and I bit my lip, because of course I wanted to say yes, but my parents told me to have Michelle drop me off at home right after the game. My older sister, Kayle, always went to these after parties and stumbled home drunk at four in the morning, and I guess they didn't want me to be that girl, even though I think she turned out pretty okay.

But before I could politely decline, Michelle practically punctured one of my ribs and went, "Of course we are. See you there?"

"Hopefully," He winked at me, actually winked, and went back to talking to his group of friends.

"What is wrong is you? You were going to say no?"

I just shrugged. "My parents want me home."

"Your parents clearly want you to die alone as a total loser." A bit dramatic, yes, but that was Michelle, and she also had a way of convincing others to do whatever she wanted them to do, which is how I ended up at the party where I got both wasted and kissed for the first time, both with Cal Cross, the hottest, sweetest, and funniest boy I had ever met up until then. I just wish I had thought of him like that the whole time we were together.

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