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It all started with me. A normal teen who attended Millbrook highschool. A highschool popular for fights. I was a nerd. Science fascinated me. People called me Mike the science whiz. I had two friends: Ryein Farlow and Drake benette. Ryein has blonde hair and hazelnut eyes. She has light skin. Drake has black wavy hair and light skin.s They were my closests friends. But I secretly had a crush on ryein. But she and Drake were dating. That made things awkward. But we still were good friends. They were like family to me. I was an only child. My mom and dad died in an accident. They were millionaires. Joseph and Mary Fletcher. They invented the Itouch. It was a phone device that could turn into a motorcycle and a weapon. It sold quickly. My parents left money for me in my will. They left $500 Million Dollars. I didnt tell anyone because Im afraid people will go after me. But enough of me. My life changed drastically one day.....


"Get me some antibiotics!", yelled a nurse.

I was in the hospital. Lightning struck me. I dont know how it happened. I was walking downthe street at nine at night returning from a party. The party was awesome. Many people showed up. It was ryeins birthday. She just turned 17. Things were good. But lightning just hit me out of the blue on my way home.

"His body temperature is rising. Get me some ice".

My head was spinning. Sweat rolled down my face. My body glowed white.

"I've never seen anything like this!", said a panicked nurse aid.

Everything became white. The light was blinding. Everyone vanished.

I sat up. My body felt fine. No pain. No heat.

"What just happened?", I said.

The door to the room burst open. 

The room was small. I was in a bed that was in the middle of the room. Medical supplies and devices surrounded me. Terror filled my body. 

"Did I just-"

Kill a person? Yes. Yes you did.

"Who said that?", I asked

I did.

I looked around. No one was in the room. I knew something was up. But couldn't figure it out. Things were about to get weird...

Submitted: October 07, 2015

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