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A guy named Ryan Abraham was a criminal. He robbed multiple banks. He didn't do it alone. His passe of 4 helped him: Taylor, Trey, Enrique, and Kiki. They called themselves the Freaky 5. Everyone has Powers. Ryan has the power of darkness, Taylor can cause hallucinations that can kill, Trey has telekinisis, Enrique has the powers of a mystic beast, and Kiki has the power of fire. They obtained their powers like I did. Minus the lightning. "When are we going to rob the North Eastern Bank?", Enrique said.

"In a few minutes. We need to wait for it to close", ryan replied.

Both of them were waiting in a blue van outside the bank. The night was calm and cold. Everything was quiet. A security guard in a red uniform left the bank.

"GO!", ryan said.

They both ran out the van.

"HEY!", the guard yelled.

Ryan put his hands out. The guard was lifted off the ground and thrown to the ground. He got up and pulled out his walkie talkie.

"Bank robbery in process. I need back up!"

"You distract the guard. I'll go inside", ryan said to Enrique.

As ryan left, Enrique walked towards the guard.

"Please don't hurt me", the guard said.

Enrique turned into a blue muscular beast. His eyes were black and he had sharp teeth. The guard shrieked in fear. At that moment swat vans arrived. Men in black stealth suits exited their vehicles and began shooting. 

"Those bullets don't hurt me!", Enrique said.

They continued firing. 

Ryan walked around in the darkness of the bank. 

"Where's the safe?", he asked himself.

The bank looked crappy. There were clearly only two tellers who sat behind a small desk. The bank had holes in the wall. Ryan made his way behind the desks. 

"Jackpot!", he said.

The safe was huge. It had a golden lock. Ryan put his hands on the safe and concentrated. A black beam broke the safe door. Inside the safe stored hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ryan grabbed about forty thousand dollars and left. Meanwhile, Enrique was being ambushed with bullets.

He picked up a SWAT Van and threw it at a group of Officers. 

"Call in the Military!", yelled one officer.

"ENRIQUE LETS LEAVE!, Ryan yelled. 

They both hopped in their van and sped away. 

"We did it!", Enrique boasted.

Five police cars followed behind them.

"We're not out of the woods yet!", ryan said.

He rolled down his window and stuck his hand out. A black ball of darkness escaped his hand. The police cars exploded. 

"Now we can boast."

They High-Fived each other and made their way home. Once they arrived, they ran inside their one story house and went inside the living room. Everyone was sitting down. Kiki was smoking. 

"We have $40,000 dollars. We can split it", ryan said.

As ryan began counting, the door of the house burst open. Ryein and Drake were standing there.

"You thought you could get away?", ryein said.

"You're going to 'pay' for your crime", drake said laughing.

Ryan's eyes glowed black. He stood up. Black light escaped his eyes. 

"Dleihs!", ryein chanted.

A purple shield formed around drake and her. Taylor stuck her hands out in front of her. She made a dragon appear.

"How did she-"

The dragon swiped at ryein with its sharp claws. The shield broke and ryein and drake fell back. They had cuts across their chest.

"You're hallucinating!", Taylor stated.

"They can kill?", drake said as he grabbed his chest.

"Yes", ryan said.

The dragon blew green fire out of its mouth. Ryein and Drake jumped out of the way.

"Who are you?", drake asked

"We're the Freaky Five", Kiki said.

"You guys go to Millbrook! I've seen you guys!", ryein stated.

"Very good", ryan said.

He shot a ball of darkness at ryein. She let out a squeal of pain.

Drake jumped up and turned his fists into bronze and swung at ryan. With superhuman speed,ryan dodged the punch and upercutted drake. Drake flew back.

"Leave before you get eliminated!", enrique said.

Ryein and Drake both got up and ran away. 

"Fools!", ryan said with a sinister laugh.


I slowly walked down the street. Noise surrounded me. My personal appearence wasnt bad. I am some what muscular and in good shape. I have black spikey hair. Im thinking about dying it red. Most girls find me attractive. I am five foot eleven. As I walked down the street, it began to rain. Thunder filled the sky. Two men in black uniforms appeared behind me. I walked faster. They continued following. I burst into a run. They ran after me. I lived on Edgetone Drive. The street was fairly quiet. My parents loved this street. The neighborhood was peaceful. Every saturday, there would be a cook out at a certain house. My dad, Robert Flechter, loved to grill steak. He was a carnivor. What he liked to call himself was a meat-a-tarian. My mom, Susan Fletcher, enjoyed making her famous Potato Salad. I wasn't a big fan of it. Mainly because I didn't like potatos or mayo. Once I reached my three story house, I ran into my bed room. I locked the door and ran inside my closet. I closed the door behind me and locked it. There I stayed. My heart pounded in the dark closet. I heard footsteps in my room. They were heavy. 

"He has to be in here", a guy in a deep voice said.

I began panicking. What if they find me? What will they do? 

"I hear noise coming from the closet!"

The footsteps came close to the door. I closed my eyes.

Listen to me. I am in need of you.

The same voice was talking to me. 

"Who are you?", I asked.

Like I'm going to tell you.

"No need for an attitude". 

The door to the closet vanished. There was a guy in a black suit. 

"Come with us", he said as he sprayed a mysterious liquid on me. I blacked out. When I awoke, I was in a room with no windows. It was just a white room. Everything was white. From the ceiling to the floor. A tall, slim lady entered the room.

"Welcome Mr. Fletcher. My name is Pamel Graham. But Most people call me Mrs. Graham. I am here with you today because you have a super human skill", Mrs. Graham said.

I jumped up. 

"Stay away!", I said as I got in a fighting stance.

"Please come with me".

She led me down a hall. Then we took a left, then right, then down ten flight of stairs. Next was an elevator that took us to B12. Everything down there was breath taking. Machines and weapons were everywhere. There was even machine laser blasters 1e20p2. Those weren't even suppose to be out till 2016. Well 2015 has been a strange year. 

"What is this place?", I asked.

"You are at headquarters", Graham explained.

I saw Ryein and Drake. They looked scratched up. I ran over to them.

" What happened to you guys?"

"What are you doing here?", ryein said in suprise 

"He has powers", graham exclaimed

"Dude are you sure you can handle this?", drake asked.

"I guess", I replied.

"He will be with you guys. Train him well", graham said as she left.

"So what's first?", I asked.

Ryein punched me in the chest.

"What's  that about?, i said while rubbing my chest.

"First lesson: Take a hit", drake said.

"Teleport us to the training room", drake said.

All three of us teleported into a gigantic room.

"This is the training room", drake explained.

"We will start you out in a practice fight with a robot", ryein said.

The next minute I was fighting a robot. I threw punches and kicks. The robot wasnt damaged. It picked me up and threw me in the air. It then jumped up and grabbed my leg and threw me to the ground.

"MY BACK!", I yelled in pain.

The robot came at me again. I tried getting up but I couldn't. It picked me up and body slammed me. I punched its face but nothing happened. It then hit me with a series of melee attacks. I flew back into a wall. I was half conscience. 

"You're doing great Michael", drake said.

"Babe, stop lying", ryein said.

I looked at ryein. My heart began beating fast. I looked at the robot. It was coming towards me. I stuck my hands out. Blue light shot out of hands. The robot was hit with it. It came at me again. My body changed. A rush of power coursed throw my veins. The robot came at me again.


Green light escaped my body. The robot was destroyed. Along with the training room. Ryein and Drake stood speechless. They both came running at me. With lightning speed, i tripped them. They fell to the ground. 

"Are you seriously stronger than us?", ryein asked.

"Right on", Drake said.

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