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The wind blew gently through the city of Raleigh. The moon was full and had a golden glow to it. Tall buildings touched the sky. On top of a roof set a man. He had a pipe in his hand. Possessor was his name. The emperor of Darkness. The Master of Demons. He had escaped from hell. 

"Good night for a little fun", possessor said with a laugh.

He flew from the building into the busy street. Cars came to a halt. Several crashed into one another. One red BMW caught on fire. Possessor ran over to a yellow taxi cab. He opened the door and grabbed the driver.

"THIS IS MY WORLD!", he yelled as he drained the life out of the man.

The man turned into a pile of bones.

People screamed and ran around like ants escaping an ant hill. Possessor stuck his hands out. Black lightning zapped two teenage boys. They vanished. A mom and her two year old daughter were trapped inside their car. Possessor walked over to them. He was grinning with his sharp yellow teeth.

"Get away!", the mom said as she pulled out mace.

"That crap won't hurt me!", possessor said grinning. 


Possessor let out an evil laugh. Helifted the car off the ground. Police cars arrived. They were wearing titanium armor. Possessor turned around. With his free hand, he set all their vehicles on fire. 

"Their going to explode!", yelled the officers as they fles the area.

"Now ma'am,prepare to vanish!", possessor said snickering.

He ripped the door off and frabbed her.

"Mommy!", yelled the kid.

"Silence!", possessor said.

"You're not my dad!", the kid exclaimed.

"I said silence!"

"You're just mad that you look like a pile of buttcheeks".

Possessor had two forms: human and demon. His demon form looks horrific. He looked decent in his human form. He was six feet two inches. His skin was pale. His eyes were red. His heart pure of evil. Nothing good came from him.

"You're first lady!", possessor said.

"MOMMY!", the kid said

"John Mommy loves you", the lady said.

"No mommy. The doctor is calling!"

"Can I take this call?", she asked

Possessor looked around. There was no phone.

He grabbed her right arm and squeezed.  The lady began aging.


The lady began falling to the ground.



"Get to the city now!", Graham ordered.

Ryein, Drake, and I teleported tothe city. Cars were on fire. Some where toppled over. Others were upside down. There was a man wearing all black. He was holding a lady by the arm.

"STOP!",I yelled.

The guy turned around. He looked hideous. I almost vomited.

"Hey brah, whats the big idea?", drake asked.

The man threw the lady down. He jumped inthe air. Purple lightning came towards us. We dodged it. 


"More like Lord of the rats and roaches. You should seriouy get your face checked out. What happened? You sat too close to the oven?", drake taubted.

Possessor lifted drake off the ground.

"How dare you mock me!", possessor said in anger. 

He threw drake into a car. The car erupted in flames.

"DRAKE!", Ryein yelled

I shot three balls of blue light at possessor. He absorbed it. He created a gigantic red and black energy ball. He threw it at ryein and I. We were too slow. It hit us. All I saw was red light. Ryein looked suprised. Smoked filled the air. Ryein and I were laying in a hole. My clothes were ripped. So were Ryeins. Drake walked up to us.

"GUYS!", he said.

"LET THIS BE A LESSON IDIOTIC FOOLS! THE WORLD IS MINE!", possessor said as he vanished.

"Go get that lady!", I said.

Drake ran to check on the lady.


"Mhh", she mumbled.

I slowly stood up. My body ached all over. I walked over to her. She looked terrible. I picked her up and left the hole. Paramedics arrived. The lady was driven to the hospital. Police men arrived at the scene.

"We need to leave. If the police find out about us, the organization will be destroyed", drake said.

"Take ryein. I can handle this", I assured.

"Are you sure?" 


Drake grabbed ryein and flew away.

"HELP ME! I'M IN PAIN!", I cried out as I fell to the ground. 

Paramedics ran over to me.

"I was hit with some sort of energy ball!", I said.

"Don't worry kid", said a paramedic with black curly hair. 

I was picked up and put on a stretcher. I then was carried away. I honestly was in pain. That energy blast was so powerful. Why did it not kill me? I was put in an ambulance and driven to the hospital. 

I felt liquid rolling down my stomach. It was blood. I had a slash on my chest.

"He's losing blood! Step on it!", yelled the paramedic. 

The ambulance shot forward. I blacked out. 


"Babe?", drake said to ryein.

Ryein was laying on a couch back at headquarters. She opened her eyes.

"What?", she said.

"You were almost killed", drake said in a whisper tone.

She looked at drake.

"I thought you died".

Ryein looked drained. Herface was pale. She was sweating.

"I feel weak", she whispered.

Drake held her hand. She was shivering.

"Ryein you look terrible", drake exclaimed.

"I feel so weak", she said.

Ryein's eyes glowed pink. Her hair turned white.

"He drained me. That energy ball drained my energy", she said.

Drake kissed her. 

"Don't die on me!", drake said.

"I'm not dying. I just need rest", ryein exclaimed.

Drake got up and left.

I have drained her energy.

"Who said that?", drake asked.

I know you Drake. You are pathetic. You will obey me! Do as I say!

"You would have thought!"

I am needing you. Release me!

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!", drake yelled.

Sooner or later you will obey me. I am Possessor. King of Demons!

"No shi-"

Do as I say or Ryein dies.

"What do I have to do?"

Release my ancient demon army.

"I'll take a raincheck on that", drake said with a laugh.

He left headquarters. 

C me!

"Dude shutup!", drake said.

How dare you talk to me like that!

"You aren't going to trick me into joining you!"

Your time will come. The world will be mine!

Submitted: March 28, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Michael Eaborn. All rights reserved.


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